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It’s dependably useful to have the option to perceive how E-Commerce trends change over the long haul. We’ve seen a great deal of transition in the business and innovation, and have a ton of information from our clients and different distributions that we accept will truly assist you with anticipating the approaching year. The best eCommerce mobile app development company can help businesses with eCommerce solutions. 

Look at these 7 E-Commerce trends that will influence organizations in 2017!

Revolution in Payments

Making payments from your mobile device is the most efficient way of doing the task.

Apart from being trendy, it has boosted the sales of numerous online businesses that have their m-commerce app. Any top eCommerce mobile app development company can help you with these trends and development. 

All these online brands have been coming up with various deals and discounts attracting customers to make more mobile payments giving rise to the m-commerce payment in 2017.

Increasing market share of Smartphones

Mobile brands have provided a plethora of smartphones having numerous features that appeal to the customers in many ways and the result is an increase in the number of smartphone users all over the world. So, one more trend is the increase in the number of smartphone users for the year 2017.

Rise of eCommerce

Smartphones are the front runner when it comes to the promotion of e-commerce.

Mobile devices are being used heavily by everyone which in turn gives rise to the best e-Commerce mobile app development company.

And this trend will keep increasing this year too.

B2B Mobile Commerce

As per a survey carried out by International Data Group (IDG)

  • three-quarters of B2B tech buyers carried at least two mobile devices,
  • 41% of B2B tech buyers bought a product within six months after watching a mobile ad,
  • 40% sought a product in a retail store after watching an adon their mobile device, and
  • 36% clicked the mobile ad regarding a technology product.

This tells that m-commerce is not just limited to the B2C scenario and has extended its arena to the B2B segment also and it will keep up with this trend.

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Mobile Commerce Apps

M-commerce app development will become challenging in the near future as mobile commerce is constantly evolving through desktops, mobile browsers, and mobile applications.

Mobile devices have almost replaced desktops when it comes to e-commerce.

With the development of mobile technologies, the trend of mobile commerce apps will keep on growing. And the need for a top eCommerce mobile app development company will grow as well. 

Mobile Image Recognition (MIR)

This technology allows users to upload picture of a product on their mobile and MIR-driven app to support comparative shopping.

Video Content

Multimedia advertisements mainly include animations and videos attracting huge user traffic making it one more technology in the rising m-commerce trends list.

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Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality has given an interactive and immersive understanding to its users regarding the products they use, making the best use of wearables and smartphone features for a seamless e-commerce experience.

Near Field Communication (NFC) – Enabled Payments

NFC technologies are promoting the safest and quickest way for smartphone transactions. By utilizing the NFC features of the smartphones buyers can be done with their shopping without waiting in long queues.

Online business Is Growing

Maybe one of the most applicable E-Commerce trends in 2017, is because of better points of interaction, satisfaction, and expanded mobile shopping. Online retail is set to become 16% in 2017 to $462b.

Customary retail deals by correlation is set to develop at 3.5% to $5t. (eMarketer)

By 2021 US online retail is supposed to jump to $789b by 2021, addressing 13.9% of all US retail deals. (WWD)

Apparel And Accessories Captures The Largest Share Of Online Spending In 2017

This E-Commerce trend go on for years past, as Apparel and Accessories will take 19% of internet spending in 2017, followed intently by Computers and Electronics at 17%. (WWD)

Chatbots Will Be Tested

Chatbots with strong capacities are as yet being tried, however, we anticipate that shoppers should begin seeing these go live in 2017. Live talk clients spend a normal of 5-30% more, and the purchaser transformation rate is 5-10 times higher following a visit meeting. These chatbots act as a guide to the customer over the course of their experience on a retailer’s site. This mirrors (and even improves) the experience a customer could get with a partner in a physical area. (Circle Online)

Artificial Intelligence Will Outperform Everyone

Subsequent to banding together with Retention Science, Dollar Shave Club is announcing a 60% diminishing in beat while expanding their resubscribe rate by 5x. BCBG Max Azria expanded their email income by 1.5x in a half year, expanded customer commitment by 20%, and saw a 3x lift in change across lifecycle crusades.

Netflix utilizes AI to give customized proposals to endorsers in light of their streaming propensities.

Under Armor utilizes IBM’s Watson to assist its customers with following their wellbeing and wellness exercises. As indicated by Gartner, 85% of cooperations with a customer will be taken care of without a human by 2020. By 2018, the faces and voices of customers will be perceived by computerized aides. Artificial ntelligence doing what presently can’t seem to be done-make a physical encounter on the web. (Business visionary)

Email Marketing

Email showcasing continually drives a bigger number of transformations than some other promoting channels, including search and social. EConsultancy asked brand side advertisers what the eventual fate of email would be. Their reaction? Personalization, Automation, Data, Devices, and Content.

Organizations like Retention Science are now assisting brands coordinate endorsers with content or the ideal item proposals utilizing AI. Video will go quite far in email showcasing with 30% of advertisers having attempted implanted video in email toward the finish of 2017.

Membership Businesses Will Win… If They Can Figure Out How To Keep Customers On Board

Over the most recent 5 years, the membership economy has been developing by 200% every year (Fast Company.) ReSci predicts membership box income sources will extend to giving remarkable organized items in stores as a method for expanding commitment with supporters and possible customers. Memberships organizations that thrive will zero in on disposing of customer agitate and expanding the life span of the customer lifecycle.

Future of M-Commerce

The future of M-commerce is bright with various technological advancements that are taking place. These advancements are enriching the customer’s overall shopping experience and will continue to do so for the years to come.

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