eLearning Apps Revolutionized Education During COVID19

Educational institutions all over the world mostly relied on traditional learning methods before the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. While some educational facilities relied on technological enhancements and innovations, students could access them only inside the classrooms of colleges and schools. However, the contagiousness of COVID-19 forced the governments to enact lockdown measures, and the authorities of educational establishments had to bear with an uncertain fate. Then, out of the blue, educational applications for mobile devices popped up and changed the course of history, just like this pandemic.

Just like the coronavirus, technological enhancements left nothing on this earth untouched. You can feel its presence everywhere. It’s crucial to the lives of almost every person living under the sun. Technological innovations eased the lives of people. One significant application of technology is primarily visible in the sphere of education and learning. It’s safe to say that the coronavirus outbreak would find its place in history. However, the way technology altered the world of students and teachers alike also deserves its own chapter.

Schools, colleges, and every other kind of educational facility are currently utilizing the services provided by on-demand education app development specialists. They are implementing mobile devices and applications in their curriculum to provide high-quality learning experiences to students. The awe-inspiring features of these devices and apps are currently rewriting history.

The role of smartphones

Now, it’s worth mentioning here that the smartphone is the primary reason behind this phenomenal change. Some people went as far as to say that this device lets people create a world of their own. The flexibility and affordability in on-demand eLearning app development affect the future of the student as well the country to which they belong.

The pandemic disrupted the education system as schools and all other educational institutions had to close. The ensuing lockdown measures combined with all the uncertainties brought forward an incredible amount of barriers in the learning process of the students.

Conversely, COVID-19 gave prodigious opportunities to the industry of educational technology. Since youngsters can’t step outdoors, online education applications and learn-from-home technologies came forward acting as an effective solution to all these problems. Here are a few reasons why these applications are revolutionary.


  • Interaction enhancement: If you can create an education app like Udemy, then it can enhance the child’s interaction with their parents as well as teachers. It’s perfect for those who don’t mingle much inside a conventional classroom.


  • Parent-teacher communication: Almost every school is implementing learning technology these days. It enables teachers to educate their pupils from their homes and discuss the progress of the student with their parents. It means that these applications increased the frequency of parent-teacher communication that used to take place once or twice a year previously.


  • Online resources: Online learning applications provide access to an immeasurable library of resources, including digitized versions of books, PDF documents, test papers, etc. These resources accompany the students wherever they go. They remain with the youngsters while empowering them during the entire learning process.


  • Entertainment too: Mobile applications come with entertainment features. According to studies conducted by researchers, if you can convey knowledge via games and fun-filled events, then they would become better learners. In the future, they would be able to absorb complicated concepts easily and effortlessly. Since the advent of e-learning, those who have been using these applications reaped the benefits.


  • Promoting remote learning: Online education introduced the benefit of flexibility in the time and place of studying. Students can lay their hands on study materials and resources at all times. This feature further provides autonomy to them so that they can learn at their own pace.

promote remote learning


  • Personalization too: Personalization accompanies all the other advantages if you can create an education app like Udemy. E-learning platforms provide a personalized form of teaching and learning to cater to the individual requirement of every student. The operator of the app can customize everything, including the lessons, how they want to study, how they recapitulate, whether they want to add a touch of gamification or not, etc.


  • Cost-effectiveness: E-learning technology is much more cost-effective than any other form. At least, it’s much more pocket-friendly than going to a privatized school. Online education is accessible in every part of the world and to all students irrespective of their financial and economical background. The facilities offered by e-learning tools are accessible at relatively low prices, and the best service providers never compromise on the quality of education.


  • Portability: When someone learns through an education application, he/she can study at a place that they find cosy and comfortable. The only problem with online education is the stability of the internet connection. As long as an internet connection is present, one can study undisturbed. Even if the internet is unstable, the user can download the lessons at the right moment and study at his/her own time.


  • Sustainable: The E-learning process is incredibly sustainable. Books have papers, and papers come from trees. For that purpose, people cut hundreds and thousands of trees to produce paper. On the other hand, e-learning has nothing to do with books and pages.


  • Performance reports in real-time: E-learning allows students to measure their performance in real-time. This feedback provides an accurate analysis of the learning process.

Live-streaming and real-time doubt solving

Finally, online learning applications enable students to be part of live-lecture sessions broadcasted by teachers and professors. The learners can also enjoy the benefit of solving their doubts in real-time, just as they did when they used to sit inside a classroom. As you can see, e-learning systems brought the entire school within the palm of the user. What else can be as profound as this event?

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