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Mobile App Development
Published On: December 22, 2018

Every startup or enterprise is penetrating into developing a mobile of their business to cater the goods and services to the target audience. However, creating a renowned mobile application requires expertise in a range of skills and different areas of mobile app development.

Moreover, when it comes to the mobile app development process, it is optimally best to process it from an app life-cycle approach. This paves the way in forming a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE) wherein, usually, the CEO plays the part of the mobile visionary and leading the entire team towards the final app creation. Prominently, the structure of a mobile app development team consists of a line of the business manager (LOB), Project Manager, Designers, Developers, QA specialists, Marketing and Sales team and Technical support.

We are going to discuss in detail about each of the above-said app team positions, descriptions and their role in the mobile app development company. But before that, you need to take utmost care while hiring the team of professionals and skilled team members as every role requires different experience evaluations and skill-sets. It is advisable that the app should be developed using agile development practices and a “scrum manager”, who can manage the entire app project with the team and guide them in the further development stages.

Also, it is recommended to use is an iterative model approach. To accomplish this, you’ll need to have a team comprising of:

  • User researcher
  • Interaction designer
  • Visual designer
  • Content strategist
  • Front-end developer
  • Experience lead

The team that you pick has to carry out various tasks through teamwork and joint efforts in order to create a high-end quality mobile app solution. A top mobile app development company can help you to develop a mobile app starting from ideation to app deployment stages.

App Team, Positions, Description & Role

Project Manager: The said person has to look after throughout the entire project implementation and also the collaboration between different departments. Also, on the contrary keeping the communication channel clear with the partner or client regarding the ongoing development. In short, a project manager has to not only take care of product strategy but also have to provide expertise in user experience, long-term planning, customer service, and even marketing.

Designers: For a quality designed app, you’ll need an excellent designer who can create visually attractive user interface as well as build an intuitive user experience so as to have a seamless complete process. The designing aspect of the app also leads to branding, logo creation, website, and other marketing creatives.

Developers: The important aspect of the mobile application comes with its coding, app’s structure, and app’s technical architecture. The app’s code has to integrate it with external data sources and has to mix with the functionalities as well. Among the entire team, the contribution from the developers comes most even at the later stages. The usual duties involve:

  • Convert designs & wire-frames into high-performance code
  • Design, build and maintain high quality, reusable, and reliable Java code
  • Responsible for intuitive & immersive application
  • Identify and fix bugs
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automation

QA Analysts: It is quite important to test the app and verify its performance via rigorous testing. This is the job responsibility of QA engineers to make sure that the app is functioning as per the initial plan and thought. If the app consists of any bugs or required minor/major fixes with any issues then QA analysts can identify and help in the same regards.

Sales & Marketing: The sales team helps to evaluate and provide an estimation to the client regarding the mobile app development requirement. If the cost of the app building is approved by the client then all the necessary requirements are then passed on the project manager to start with the process. Whereas, the marketing personnel derives a different set of strategies to market the product, create and promote advertising collaterals, etc mixing them up to beat the competition.

Concluding Note:

Hiring an entire team for mobile app development is not an easy task. At Moon Technolabs, a top mobile app development company provides you with great assistance for any of your mobile app development project. We can also help with analytics to monitor app usage and then use that feedback to continually improve existing apps, and better design and build new ones.

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Jayanti Katariya is the CEO of Moon Technolabs, a fast-growing IT solutions provider, with 18+ years of experience in the industry. Passionate about developing creative apps from a young age, he pursued an engineering degree to further this interest. Under his leadership, Moon Technolabs has helped numerous brands establish their online presence and he has also launched an invoicing software that assists businesses to streamline their financial operations.

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