Epic Ecommerce Failures Your Should Never Repeat

Starting an eCommerce venture is easy, managing it is what takes a lot of effort and efficiency. And considering the intense competition and flexible market- there is a lot of scope for errors. That is what we’ve here to warn you against.

The rising popularity of web stores has encouraged many a business venture to switch over to the online platform. You get a better, wider market base, get to tap into the global customer base and have more advanced and functional tools for marketing and promoting your brand. However, on the downside, eCommerce also means having to face more competition and take more risks to get an edge over your peers. One wrong move and your website might be shut down or worse lost in the sea of other start-up content that is out there. 

Here are few trends of eCommerce stores in 2020 and the common errors people make that you should know about to make it a successful venture; 

Picking the Right Platform 

First and foremost, you need to pick the right platform to design and launch your eCommerce web store from. There is no dearth of platforms that claim to offer the best of services and the most advanced features. however, you need to be really careful about the kind of interface you choose because it has a huge impact on how well your store will fare once launched 

Currently, there are a few successful mobile applications development for e-commerce like Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Shopify that are trending the market. These platforms come with free themes and templates, and other integrations and extensions for adding new functionalities to your web store. Pick a builder with a WYSIWYG interface that is optimized for mobile devices and allows for a flexible and user-friendly approach for website development. And if you have the technical knowledge and coding skills then you can even pick the code-based platforms for more advanced and in-depth development access. 

Work on The SEO Analytics 

The website builder you pick must offer you a set of tools for monitoring the page analytics and getting a premium SEO services to get high ranking for your page. SEO or search engine optimization is the standard that is used by most search engines when they are evaluating the content of your page to check if it is authentic, relevant and marketable enough to be displayed on their browser. 

Having a high SEO ranking means that you get more web visibility and better chances of being noticed by web browsers. Most eCommerce web stores have an in-built SEO analyzer that allows you to keep a track of the reach and performance of the page. You can even know about the common trends of eCommerce in 2020 via these tools and then incorporate them into your marketing plans for better chances of success. 

Market Testing and Research 

Most successful e-commerce applications are well-established because they have understood the market and the changing trends of the industry. There is no sure shot way to success when you’re running a web market. The internet is a dynamic and volatile space where things change at a rapid pace. You never know what might blow up overnight and become a massive trend. Also, trends have a very temporary and short life online and are easily replaced by others. 

It is with smart market testing projects like A/B testing and other research-oriented techniques that you can really understand the pulse of the market and get better insights into what the customer actually wants and desires. Also, it is mandatory that you have an eCommerce app for your website as most customers prefer the mobile-based version for their browsing 

Having a Dependable Customer Support Team 

Along with an eCommerce app, it is also important that you have a reliable and robust customer support team of tech experts that the clients can reach out to in case of any glitches. This team should be adept at handling customer grievances, managing feedback and giving proactive solutions to help them through the issues. Also, it would be advisable that you have the contact information and a physical address of the store displayed clearly online

Another trend that eCommerce ventures should never avoid it spreading the word on social media and using email marketing and newsletters to approach more leads and convert them into sales. With these simple but effective changes and tweaks, you can surely make a big difference with your business and monetize your content in the best way possible.

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