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PHP and every framework associated with it are perfect when it comes to developing e-commerce websites. After all, it’s compatible with almost every software program. Also, PHP development specialists can build complex applications within a short period and without putting in too much effort, but that’s not all. PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, and Phalcon, offer a massive list of features that make designing and development easier.

It’s time you accept the fact that the demand for products and services purchasable online is on the rise. E-commerce is nothing less than a new-age fad that’s growing among the general population regardless of the age group. There’s a crazy race taking place in the world of the web in which almost every online business is attempting to grab a piece of the pie. It’s also gaining more traction with every passing day as more entrepreneurs are joining in.

If you’re already in the e-commerce business, you can acknowledge the importance of having a secure, easy-to-update, user-friendly, and flexible website. It also has to adapt to the ever-changing customer preferences rapidly. Only dedicated PHP web programmers can create such feature-rich e-commerce solutions. Now, you may argue that there are other platforms and frameworks suitable for e-commerce sites. So, why should you stick to PHP only?

The reasons

PHP is an exceptionally popular open-source Server Side Scripting language perfectly compatible with most web apps and software solutions. By using this framework, an experienced PHP developers team will find it easier to create e-commerce sites and applications quickly. The following features of PHP speak for the language and its specialities.

  • The features and extensible architecture of PHP simplify source code programming by offering standard plug-ins and templates.
  • PHP frameworks can increase the speed of the development process because they are sharp, lightweight, and boast of having highly secure codes. It’s possible due to the presence of the MVC or Model View Controller architecture that combines HTML coding, database application, and input/output instructions.
  • Every framework of PHP enjoys superb compatibility-related benefits. They work on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows without any restriction.
  • You won’t have to worry about encountering website malfunctions because of unreliable coding if you simply choose to delegate the task to dedicated PHP web programmers. An incredibly large community of developers keeps modifying and enhancing PHP constantly. They solve every issue as soon as it pops its head up.

The best frameworks

PHP: the best frameworks

PHP has several frameworks for developers to use, including Laravel, Zend, Symfony, Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, and more. However, when it comes to building feature-rich e-commerce solutions, the most experienced development specialists choose one of the following.

(1) Laravel: Laravel has loads of features, and it also wears the crown of “the most popular open-source framework.” It’s relatively younger, as it started its journey in 2011. By using Laravel, caching, routing, security, and authentication-related tasks become much easier for developers. This framework comes in handy while developing complicated applications because it has multiple customization features, such as MVC architecture support, data migration, etc.

(2) Symfony: According to specialists, this one is one of the oldest among all PHP frameworks. Developers have been using Symfony since 2005, but with time, it didn’t lose its edge. In reality, the reliability of this framework kept on increasing. Today, an experienced PHP developers team will prefer Symfony over everything else because of its stability. Some of the advantages of Symfony include flexibility, high performance-standards, interoperability, and compatibility with operational systems. However, inexperienced web developers may find understanding the mechanisms of Symfony quite challenging.

(3) Yii: This one appeared in 2008, and its prominence is due to a slow-loading technique, which enables high-speed loading. Developers can easily integrate other PHP frameworks, such as Zend, with Yii. Furthermore, it delivers impeccable performance while consuming very little memory space. It also boasts of having noteworthy security features, including cookie tampering. That’s why Yii is a worthwhile option for every e-commerce project.

The benefits

As already mentioned earlier, open-source communities provide support to PHP frameworks and provide a plethora of services to ease the task of web development and designing. By resorting to PHP developers, you will gain the following benefits.

    • The development and maintenance costs will be significantly lower due to the open-source nature of PHP.
    • PHP frameworks facilitate the development of customizable, scalable, and feature-ridden e-commerce solutions. There’s nothing better than PHP for creating, promoting, and managing an engaging e-commerce site.
    • The in-built security features of PHP make it suitable for e-commerce websites involving financial transactions.
    • Building an e-commerce website that will be compatible across operating systems and can perform on mobile devices seamlessly is possible using PHP.
    • PHP frameworks will allow you to set up sales analytics, which will help you to check where your profits are coming from.

Final words

Using PHP to create something for the online world isn’t a modern phenomenon. As almost every PHP framework is full-to-the-brim with incredible tools, modules, features, and community support, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire PHP development specialists for your e-commerce solution. It will also aid you in developing shopping carts, simplify the checkout process for your customers, establish POS, integrate social channels or admin tools, and build a full-fledged e-commerce solution.

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