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A few weeks ago, many Samsung Galaxy phone users found a new Samsung app that got installed on their handsets the night. Samsung app developers have referred to it as the Deco Pic App, which a few users have already spotted in their existing applications. It initially appears downloaded and installed without the consent of the phone user. However, Samsung does not install the app without a user’s permission. Instead, it only created a shortcut for the Samsung Deco Pic app, which was already present on your Smartphone but remained hidden within the default Camera application. 

What is Deco Pic App in Samsung at a Glance

The Deco Pic app in Samsung Smartphones refers to a set of tools that assist users in designing many creative photos and a few silly posts on their Galaxy handsets. Later, one can share the created photos and posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. An interesting aspect is that the app gives enough opportunity to users to entertain others and give the enjoyment of the respective app on their mobile phones. Hence, app users may create funny videos, photos, or pictures and use various masks, stickers, and frames. It is simply a camera mode available in every updated Samsung Galaxy mobile phone.

Simplified Function of Deco Pic App

The Deco Pic app that appeared on my phone is an outstanding invention of the Samsung Galaxy team. It has many exciting features for all curious to capture photos in diverse looks, feels, and styles. The App users must use simple steps to open the camera. Later, they should click on the application to display unique stickers, masks, and frames and apply them while creating images and videos. Each of these remains present separately in almost every new Samsung Galaxy model. Hence, the selection of a sticker, mask, or GIF depends solely on the users, and they also have a pool of categories to download.

Permission to Use Deco Pic App

The mere Deco Pic App just showed up on your Samsung Galaxy or Android phone does not allow you to use its features. Instead, the app requires specific permissions to deliver services to its customers. The permissions include the following-

Camera, as it provides the necessary graphic effects to your captured photos and videos. 

Audio for recording sound while recording any video

storage space to save your recorded photos, pictures, and videos. 

The app will ask to Allow each permission while you use the application.

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Significant Features of Deco Pic App 

The Pic app on Android or Samsung Galaxy Smartphones has many outstanding features to give enjoyable movements to its users. These features include the following-

1. Frames 

Deco possesses many stunning frames to decorate your photos, and when a user interacts with such pictures, he/she gets many pleasant movements.

2. Masks

Users of the Deco Pic app will get many impressive masks to apply on their faces. The masks highlight interesting effects based on specific facial expressions. They even create a look to view the face of a user impressively. 

3. GIFs 

GIFs are a few enjoyable stickers that users may apply for previewing any image. GIF images may help in retrieving images while searching and utilizing different terms and their respective matches. 

4. Stamps 

stamps will help many letters to decorate photos or pictures. Moreover, they have a vital role in improving the picture level.

5. View More

The View More feature allows Deco Pic users to get many more stickers from the Samsung Galaxy store.  

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Deco Pic App? 

The Cost of App Development varies between $40,000 and $200,000. However, the cost will depend on several other features and the complexity involved in app development. These include the wireframe of the app, its UI/UX, hourly development rate, coding, the size of a development team, and many more. 


Overall, the app has everything you want in a photo or video editing app and converts it into many interesting shapes. What would be more exciting than editing videos and photos of your choice on your favourite Galaxy device?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Deco pic app consists of many creative tools by which Galaxy users may create tons of fun pictures by editing photos and videos on their devices.
Deco Pic creates videos and photos fun with the help of masks and live stickers.
You can get rid of the photo editing Deco pic app by following the steps to Uninstall or remove it.
Whether you have a Galaxy or an Android device, you should follow the below steps to remove or uninstall your Deco pic app. 1. Select the option of Disable and repeat it. 2. Select the option showing Confirm your decision. When you've finished the wizard, the program will be removed from your device. Moreover, the shortcut will remove from your phone screen.
The Deco pic app often starts as an additional mode for your existing Camera app on your Samsung Galaxy or Android phone though you have yet to learn about it.

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