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Dating App Guide 2022: Increasing The Dating App Downloads In Just 2 Months

Dating App Guide 2022: Increasing The Dating App Downloads In Just 2 Months - Moon Technolabs

Online dating apps have gained strong momentum over the past few years. Gone are the days when you had to ask someone out in person. Today, it can be done with just a few taps on the phone. It has forever changed the way how dating works. And with the COVID-19 striking, the popularity of dating apps has only increased. 

A dating app tends to attract customers when it has been designed to meet the criteria globally. Especially if we talk about the American market, the dating app sector is booming and it would be a great idea to go with the top mobile app development company in the USA.

For now, let’s just take a look at the monthly downloads of dating apps. This figure will give you an idea as to how flourishing this dating industry is. 


Online Dating Marketing Segment

Following is the figure that showcases the global online dating market from 2018-2027. 


App Store Optimization (ASO)

You can have the best effect on the number of downloads of your App beginning right at the App store where your App is in plain view.

The strategies applied in this classification are generally known as App Store Optimization (ASO) and they comprise in causing the App to show up on the primary spot rankings for a look made by users of the App Store. Very much like SEO, it’s likewise critical to know your App’s users so you can recognize which catchphrases are utilized by them to look for your sort of App. Before we get to the variables that influence it, going for the best ASO company is a must to get benefits for your mobile app. 

The 7 most significant factors in App Store Optimization are:

Consists in deciphering the App and its content (screen captures, name, depiction, etc.) adjusting the interpretation to the way of life of the country to which it is tended to, considering customs, weight and estimation frameworks, cash, date, and time designs, enactment, just as whatever other factors that might influence the product. For the most part, companies that limit a rendition of their current App in another nation, quickly see the number of downloads increment impressively in that country.

This is the place where the right watchword can have a significant effect. The app should name has the catchphrase that best portrays your sort of App.

This angle is, in a manner of speaking, recursive, that is, the more downloads the App has, the higher the likelihood of showing up at the highest point of the quest postings for those catchphrases. It’s true that Apps that come to the App store tops, see their downloads increment dramatically while they are remembered for that rundown.

Both stores permit you to show a diminished solution of catchphrases to help the App store web index track down that specific App You ought to do a catchphrase investigation and observe the ones that are generally utilized by your users to track down Apps inside your topic You should continue streamlining this field, trying different things with new keywords and estimating the effect on the number of downloads.

This is the place where, as Milton Hershey said, we can assert that quality is the best marketing! All the plans and development you put into your App will be reflected in the evaluations and audits made by the users who have attempted the app. It is realized that this variable incredibly impacts the general positioning in the App store postings thus it is suggested that you ask the user (non-rudely) to leave an audit at the App store after trying different things with the App.

In this field, we have the chance to list all the App’s features, just as any honors and different references worth focusing on. It is likewise one more freedom to add keywords that you might have recognized as being applicable.

This component alone doesn’t add to positioning in the query products, yet contributes extraordinarily to its download when the App is in the user’s line of vision. It’s the screen captures that “persuade” the user to download: they should represent the app’s principal perspectives and works, and may likewise remember guidelines for how to utilize it. Fill in every one of the accessible spaces for pictures, 5 in the Apple Store and 8 in Google.

The development doesn’t end at the App store, there are numerous altered local ways of marketing the app through some conventional advertising methods, just as others accessible inside digital marketing.

9 Types of Marketing Outside The App Store

There are different limited time exercises that, although with less effect than ASO, whenever applied together, can have extremely critical outcomes. Here are a few thoughts:

A website planned only to advance downloads of the web app and that can likewise fill in as a channel for specialized help. It ought to be improved for web search tools (SEO) for the designated catchphrases and all external link establishment ought to be coordinated to this site. A typical mix-up in such destinations is to not foster the mobile adaptation, albeit this is one of the most well-known types of access. Here is an illustration of good works concerning these sorts of destinations.

The App ought to be advanced among its expected users and, on the interpersonal companies they use, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so on The sort of correspondence and presence ought to be fitting to the company, because every informal community has its eccentricities. If conceivable, the App ought to have social parts in its capacities, for instance, through the straightforward sharing of an outcome on Facebook or Twitter or the likelihood to welcome companions to utilize the App. Facebook has a marketing choice that is explicitly outfitted to marketing the establishment of Apps – Mobile App Install Ads.

This is a method of showing the guest of a site a little pennant with the sign that there is an App from that website accessible for download in the store assuming the user doesn’t have it introduced as of now. Until further notice, these are just accessible on iOS, yet can without much of a stretch be carried out with existing modules for Android. The dating app developers need to be prepared for anything. 

If the App is paid, you can make it accessible free of charge during a brief timeframe and advance it with the assistance of services like AppTurbo or AppGratis. 

Pay-per-click is a promoting strategy that works proficiently. Given the clicking, the promoters should pay for the snap, to acquire traffic to your application. This model is very useful in different ways for a business to speed up. Along these lines, there are numerous PPC organizations, however only one out of every organization gets your requirements. Furthermore given the expanding PPC in the USA, it is consistently fitting to go with the top PPC company in the USA.

A customary type of development, yet at the same time figures out how to acquire exceptionally sure outcomes on account of the “novelty” factor related to Apps. Along these lines, it is conceivable that general or even specific media will specify public or potentially the coolest Apps on their pages. Some great events for sending a public statement are the point at which the App arrives at the store’s global tops, just as any huge qualifications or grants.

If you as of now have other Apps accessible, you can utilize them to advance the download of the new App or use Apps having a place with accomplices. There are likewise networks committed solely to this kind of cross-development between Apps – cross-development companies  (CPN) – some are free, while others just proposition a paid rendition. The dating app developers would face a challenge when it comes to ross development but if they are certified, not so much. A few instances of these sorts of companies incorporate TapJoy and Flurry AppCircle.

Participate in fairs or meetings that are pertinent to your App’s topic and exploit them to get your App seen, just as to develop companies. At whatever point you have the chance of genuinely marketing the App (magazine, flyer, banner, and so on) consistently incorporate a QR code with an immediate connection to download the App.

Videos have an incredible capacity to, in only 30 seconds, embody why the App merits the download. Recount a story and with that story shows how the App can take care of that issue. Post this video on the App’s site, YouTube, and so on

Draw in bloggers – Introduce your App to the most powerful bloggers inside the subject of your App. If they like it, they will impart it to every one of their perusers and devotees on informal companies. If the App is paid, give them a coupon for a free preliminary.

Some of these destinations can create many downloads when they do a survey that suggests your App. It additionally fills in as a decent wellspring of connections (Link Building) for the App’s site.

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Landing Page Is Key Element

Regardless of whether we are examining how to advance ASO situating, don’t disregard natural traffic coming from different sources like web indexes.

Users regularly scan the web for something that addresses an issue that they have. Give this an idea. Suppose you have made an application to track down somebody who strolls canines An expected user of this application will most likely look for this assistance in Google rather than the application store. Would this user have the option to find you effectively by utilizing Google?

Make a basic site of the point of arrival kind that contains essential data about your application. It will function as a snare for your users. This will positively give another wellspring of downloads.

Make Sure To Draw Traffic To Your App

Being clear with regards to who you are tending to is fundamental. This is the motivation behind why picking the brand’s tenor is significant. It will be impacted by the sort of situating you pick and by which interpersonal companies you decide to be available in.

Albeit the objective is to build your application’s downloads, you should make a native area around it. Cultivate discussion among your users and divulge additional items on informal communities (or stunts if your application is a game, for example).

By making a native area of adherents, you will produce content as user discussions that will contact more individuals. Also, this will build the odds of your application being downloaded.

Go Worldwide

The possibility of going global will rely upon the sort of application, however here and there we center around a solitary country and dismissal that our application could be utilized in different countries with next to no issues.

Have a go at choosing different business sectors and tracking down specific media to discuss your application. Do you review the adage “No man is a prophet in his property”? You may regularly be very astonished by regards to what you can accomplish in different business sectors.


The above guide, if followed properly will give your app a must needed boost in downloading. So, the ways and ideas should be implemented in order to boost your online dating business. Also, if you’re having anything in your mind regarding developing an online dating app or website, you can contact us and get the free quote to accelerate your business. 

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