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powerful app development using iOS 15
Published On: October 13, 2021

Apple is back with a bang. The excitement of Apple lovers knows no bounds ever since Apple officially announced the release of iOS 15(updated). In June 2021 Apple came forward and stated that it would be coming up with its new version of iOS 15. And guess what? It’s already here. The latest update was released on September 20. It wouldn’t be an overstatement when we say that almost every techie was eagerly waiting for this to come out.  

And ever since the first announcement, there has been a lightning buzz amongst the developers’ communities and the users. The core principles of iOS 15 were exuberantly talked about at great length during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) and they were – using intelligence to its full potential, staying connected, and redefining the focus to explore the world. 

Having said that, in this blog, we’ll be covering the new features of iOS 15. 

But hold your excitement. From the business perspective, we’ll lookout for the most powerful and unique concepts and ideas that can be implemented using the new features of iOS 15. 

In the realm of iOS and custom iOS app development, all dedicated iOS developers were enthusiastically anticipating every one of the new changes and provisions this update planned to bring their direction. 

And not to mention the popularity of iPhones, it’s clearly reflected in the revenue it generates each year. In the first quarter of 2021, Apple had garnered $110+ billion in revenue. 

Apple had garnered revenue


Run-through Of iOS 15 & The Latest Versions

The new iPhone working framework for 2021 is iOS 15. It at first showed up on 20 September 2021. 

In any case, that isn’t the most recent form. On 1 October Apple gave its first update to iOS 15: The iOS 15.0.1 update tended to an Apple Watch iPhone opening issue and an issue with the framework showing some unacceptable measure of capacity accessible, both are talked about beneath. And also let’s have a look at the version throughout the years. 

Run-through Of iOS 15 & The Latest Versions


Moreover, iOS 15.1 is at present being beta tried and we anticipate that that should be public to people in general in the initial segment of October. 

These point updates will empower Apple to add a portion of the recently reported components that didn’t make it into the last forms of iOS 15, iPad 15, and tvOS 15. For a couple of models, read Eight iOS 15 elements that will be missing at dispatch. 

“The Apple App Store releases an average of 611 new apps per day.”

And not just iOS 15, here’s a rundown of how long Apple actually supports older models. 

App Store releases an average


The iOS 15.0.1 update incorporated the accompanying fixes: 

  • Opening with Apple Watch fix – there had been reports that iPhone 13 proprietors can’t utilize the open with Apple Watch component to open their iPhone while wearing a cover. iOS 15.0.1 addresses this issue. 
  • It likewise fixes an issue where the Settings app may mistakenly show an admonition that the memory is full. 

Now, without much further ado, let’s check out some productive and creative ideas that can be developed using iOS 15 features. 

6 Innovative Mobile App Development Ideas With iOS 15 Features

Apple has these distinct features through which businesses should leverage, and the best mobile app development companies will be planning to implement because it can be beneficial for users as well as for their businesses. 

1. Health App, Redefined

Healthcare app development is one such sector that has revolutionized how the medical world works today. A myriad number of healthcare apps have been developed to improve the health of patients, and everyday technology is coming up with new things that can be added to the functionality, making the process all the while more efficient. With iOS app development, the heat issue has been resolved to minimum. 

Having said that, In iOS 15, the health app has an advanced filter that we’ll cover later. But first, let’s understand the other new functionalities of this. The health app has a separate sharing tab, a tab that has all the information about the health data as well as the information of caregivers and family members. This separate tab allows users to share their personal health-related information with caregivers as well as family members.  With a little custom iOS app development, one can make changes as per their requirements. 

Lab results have been greatly improved with features, detailed information, and a button to gain quick access. Also, a new trend can be detected, catching the attention of users to substantial updation in personal health metrics. 

Now, coming back to the advanced functionality, the health app from iOS 15 also implemented walking steadiness, through which the danger of falling can be prevented. And this unique idea for your mobile app can take your business places. 

2. Live Text & Recognition App

Albeit a significant number of these applications are accessible in Apple’s store, iOS 15 deliveries make iPhones and iPads more precise. You might recognize your mobile application by incorporating novel components, similar to a few manually written textual styles, development of numerical and logical images acknowledgment, support various arrangements; the text archives permit the pursuit and featuring. 

Utilizing the further developed text acknowledgment feature in iOS 15, you can develop a profoundly performative text acknowledgment mobile application. These applications are exceptionally attractive with a wide client base going from understudies and educators to secretaries and directors. The finest iOS app development companies know the in & out of the requirements. 

Even though there are countless such applications on the Apple store, with the arrival of iOS 15, iPhones and iPads will be more fit for higher precision. By joining one-of-a-kind elements as given underneath, you can make your mobile application stick out. 

3. Video Chatting App

Amidst the pandemic, many apps are being developed and invented that took the entire world by storm. Some of them have already been developed but didn’t get enough recognition before and some of them have been gaining popularity mainly because of the pandemic. Anyway, video chatting apps have been really helpful during the lockdown because people get to stay connected in these tough times. Thanks to these apps. Whether you are running a business or wanting to see the smiling faces of your family members, or friends – these apps have extended the door of video chatting exponentially. Dedicated iOS developers can make such arrangements. With iOS app development, such solutions have been redefined. 

Now, if we talk about the iOS 15, the new functionality introduced in SharePlay and FaceTime allows your family members and friends to binge-watch your favourite series together and talk with each other for hours without being interrupted. 

Video Chatting App - Moon Technolabs

The best thing about this feature is the fact that Apple loves to give as much as possible to its users. With this feature, you’ll no longer have to worry about downloading other extensions. One can just simply develop an app that lets people synchronize and share the screens respectively during the call. 

The following features can be included when you’re looking to develop a video app, and the best mobile app development companies can always take you up on your requirements. Also, the best iOS app development is not that easy to find if you do the homework perfectly. 

  • Sound and screen sharing
  • By-default variants of captions
  • Gaming calls availability
  • Live filters to keep the party going
  • Emojis and GIF reactions
  • Call Scheduling

4. Digital Wallet App

Digital wallets have been around for not so long. Discovering such technology is a lot better. Everything is online these days. And when everything is online, the risks are always lurking behind closed doors. So, security is of utmost importance for anyone, be it a businessman or any individual. Apple Pay is one of the most highly effective, efficient, and secure digital wallet app. 

“As of 2021, there are 44 million users who use Apple Pay”.

And if you want to make such an app, you can even hire iPhone app developers. Now, the following are the features that can be implemented in your iOS 15 app. 

  • Internal wallet functionality
  • 3rd Party integration
  • Payment schedule
  • Transaction history management
  • Different payment methods integration like debit card, credit card, cryptocurrency, etc. 
  • Offer gift cards, discounts, and loyalty cards
  • Multiple platforms supported

5. Translator App 

New kinds of associations are created with every leap forward in the technology area. Interpreter applications have turned into a necessity in such a general public. They add to spanning the variations among regions. 

Notwithstanding the new Live Translate usefulness, Apple Translate permits clients to interpret the text in any application. You may accordingly write in any notification, online media platforms, photograph and video content editing, and more in all languages. There are the best mobile app development companies out there who can take you up on these features. 

With each new headway in the mechanical field, new types of networks are framed. In a particular world, interpreter applications have turned into a need. They assist with crossing over the contrasts between various areas. Most dedicated iOS developers can easily implement this. 

Apple Translate adds another Live Translate feature that permits clients to interpret the text in any application. So you can write in any language on Notes, Social media platforms, content editing in photographs and recordings, and that’s just the beginning.

  • Your favourite words can be saved 
  • Camera, text, and voice translation
  • Multiple languages support
  • Offline availability
  • Native language keyboards
  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Similar synonyms

6. Image Recognition App

The Image Recognition application is one more astonishing idea for an iOS application, which would be effective speculation. Looking through records with photos, reconstructing pictures, and buying online is a couple of utilizations for picture acknowledgment applications. Picture acknowledgment applications are currently sought after. These applications utilize innovation for recognizing pictures in places, messages, individuals, and different things like machine preparing and man-made consciousness. 

Image Recognition App - Moon Technolabs

Your application can be a uniquely crafted application for a specific field. For example, the Calorie Mama permits clients to include calories in an image of food or Plant Snap, a plant distinguishing proof application for zoologists and ranchers. 

Fundamentally, your application is one of a kind to endure the cutthroat market. A few functionalities to incorporate when developing an Image acknowledgment application – 

  • Online stores integration
  • Super easy face recognition
  • Offers web image search
  • Face as well as to object recognition in videos
  • Picture categorization 
  • Improve searching by customizing tags 
  • Face recognition
  • Object and face recognition in videos

Other Substantial iOS 15 Features 

Change text dimension for individual applications:

Apple iPhones have permitted clients to increment or lessen the text dimension for a long while for better lucidness. Nonetheless, the progressions on iOS were general, which means they applied to all applications on the iPhone.iOS app development has become significantly stronger. Presently, Apple allows clients to change the text dimension for individual applications. The best mobile app development Change the text dimension and snap on the application’s name on the passed on to save settings. To think concerning how to include the alternate way Control Center, head here. 

Live Text copy-paste

Apple’s iOS 15 carries another component to the camera application named ‘Live Text.’ It is like how Google Lens deals with Android mobiles. Clients need to point at texts or numbers using the camera application and hang tight for another Live Text symbol to show up. Clients would then be able to copy messages or even settle on a mobile decision If that they are pointing at a mobile number. To turn on Live Text for every upheld language, go to Settings > General > Language and Region and empower Live Text. 

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Record application activity

Apple continues to pressure clients all in all correct to security, and iOS 15 means to guarantee this responsibility. The new OS accompanies ‘Record App Activity’ that permits clients to discover which applications are getting to their private information like area, photographs, camera, amplifier, and that’s just the beginning. Furthermore, it likewise records the areas that the applications are associated with. 

Safari Program: 

The bar presently sits at the lower part of the screen to permit swipe motions (empowered of course). Apple has additionally presented ‘tab gatherings’ and Voice search to its Safari program. Albeit these new changes intend to expand usefulness, Apple is as yet giving clients the decision to return to the old framework. It is an ideal choice to go with the best mobile app development companies for your requirements. 

Voice Memos playback

Apple has likewise overhauled Voice Memos, the native application that lets clients recording sound bites. Another large development is the Voice Memos will currently examine the sound accounts and skirt quiet holes naturally with a solitary tap “skip quietness.”


This guide will give all Apple lovers satisfaction. These different and powerful mobile app ideas can be easily implemented in your iPhone app. You can even hire iPhone app developers to start. If you’re looking to start something along the lines, you can email us at 


iOS 15 is absolutely compatible and customizable with the iOS app development services. And the best mobile app development companies can handle it perfectly.

The popularity of Apple is well-known. iOS app development is getting more and more famous amongst the developers’ community as well because of the platform.

Moon iPhTechnolabs is the best iOS app development company with various iOS projects under its name, and we have the most experienced developers on board.
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