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The term “buyer persona” refers to an all-inclusive representation of a group of people’s psychographics, demographics, requirements, and irritants. You can use the buyer persona you create for marketing purposes and unearth previously unknown details about your customers. Since you’re planning to move your business online, you have to contemplate the necessity of buyer personas.

Market researchers say that around 60% of internet users spread across the world research products over the internet. More than 55% of those individuals will decide what they want to do before engaging the sales representative of a business.

In other words, customers are in charge of choosing how they wish to engage with your business’s sales and marketing. Understandably, you must come up with a way to discover and apply customer insight. It will be possible if you create buyer personas.

Since you’re planning to shift your store-based grocery business to the world of the web, you have to understand what buyer personas are all about and why you should care. Only then you may think about hiring a grocery delivery app development company.

About the term

A buyer persona is simply a representation of the buyer type you identify as displaying a specific interest in your product or business. While buyer personas incorporate demographics, it isn’t the only parameter. An appropriately designed buyer person can uncover insights into the way buyers purchase products and how you can reach out to such buyers via relevant and timely information.

There was a time when business owners could rely on the opinions of internal stakeholders about what they must communicate with buyers. This strategy is now obsolete.

With buyer personas at your disposal, you’ll get a thorough understanding of the requirements and desires of your buyers. It, in turn, will let you do your job more efficiently and appeal to their specific desires.

The importance

Now that you have an idea of buyer personas, it’s time to find out why it should be above hiring a grocery delivery app development company on your to-do list. Here, you can refer to the top 5 grocery delivery apps in the USA which are most popular over there. You have to be able to unearth the way a market full of buyers can navigate the purchasing decision it wants to influence. In doing so, it will become a useful and trustworthy resource throughout the decision. When it comes to being an effective communicator, you have to become a commendable listener.

In this ever-changing world, you’ll often find yourself in a position where you’ll be selling your products to people you never even interacted with before. Even the way customers want to connect with a business owner is changing.

importance of grocery delivery app

In such a situation, you’ll have no idea who your customers are. You won’t even be able to ascertain the right moment of initiating a conversation with them.

Buyer personas will come to your rescue and solve the dilemma. When you create them, you’ll understand your customers better, which lets you tailor your content, messages, services, and products to satisfy their specific behaviours, needs, and queries.

A perfectly crafted buyer persona can,

    • help you draw and hang on to the right buyer base
    • be the tool you need to engage with your customers
    • make running your business and marketing ventures easier
    • offer user-driven design through which you’ll focus on what your user needs

The creation process

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you should go about this task. After all, opting for on-demand grocery app development solutions won’t do you any good if you can’t build buyer personas.

1. Garnering information

Effective buyer personas are a result of real info and research. There’s no place for assumptions when it comes to creating a buyer persona. The characteristics tend to vary based on the product, service, and business goals, but you can start with these three.

    • Demographics tell you about the buyer’s age, gender, income, location, career, education level, and family size.
    • Interests and attitudes can uncover the buyer’s hobbies, values, goals, challenges, and problems.
    • Behaviours can unearth purchase history, how someone uses your products, and what they read and/or watch.

You probably have some amount of data on your existing customers. You can use it to understand what connects your current customers. You have to find out what’s common between them, especially the ones that are trending tips to expand your grocery business in 2021. Analytics tools available on the internet can also tell you about the languages they speak and browsers they use. They can all inform you about the way they found you, their genders & ages, their unique interests, whether they’re first time buyers or return customers, what devices they use, how often they visit your website or app, how much time they spend there, and many other things.

There are a few other ways to acquire the information directly from customers. For instance, you can add extra fields to contact forms and checkout pages that your customers will fill up and send back to you. Just make sure to keep these areas optional, and you mustn’t ask for sensitive data, either. You can also organize surveys to send to previous and existing customers, ask questions on social media platforms, or speak to them directly.

2. Common characteristics

Once you gather a lot of information, what should you do with it? You should start searching for trends. It’s best, to begin with the demographics and straightforward, easily recognizable traits. Find out the age group that most of your customers belong to, the number of products they purchase at once, and the specific social media platform where they prefer spending their time. You may create a spreadsheet or a chart to make visualization and understanding the information easier.

3. Goals and pain points

Now, you must consider the more abstract responses, such as the answers to open-ended questions from surveys. What grocery product brand they prefer? What kind of challenges they face in grocery shopping? What are their long and short-term goals? Apart from the answers to these questions, you should keep your eyes open for repeated phrases or common language. These will prove to be of inestimable value when crafting messages or writing blog posts. Keep tabs on the responses that appear to be repetitive in your spreadsheet.

4. The rings of insight

There’s another term called “buyer’s insight” that you should know about. It describes an individual’s decision to buy a product or avail of a service.

    • Customers want to buy something that’s on their list of priorities. It means your business has to cater to their requirements.
    • The next is about success. By buying something you, the customer will expect to succeed in operational or personal needs.
    • After that, you have to seek out all barriers preventing buyers from choosing your products and get overcome them.
    • Now, you have to find out what your customers did to make their decisions. You have to utilize the insight gained from the buyer’s journey to bring your sales and marketing activities to the same level. In doing so, you can target the most prominent purchasers at every phase of their decisions.
    • Finally, you need to ascertain the specific attributes of your products and the way you operate your business. As it’s a grocery business, there aren’t too many factors to think about. You have to come up with ways to improve your products and services so that you always appear on the top, even if your buyers compare you against your business rivals.


In the end, you have to find out the number of buyer personas you should create for your business. It depends on the distinct audience count you wish to target. Buyer personas are more important now than ever, especially for a business owner like you. You’re trying to tap into a field where you can reap profits, but you have to battle your competitors through business and marketing tactics to emerge victoriously. Of course, on-demand grocery app development solutions will take you where you want to go. However, finding a needle in a haystack will be possible only when you know what your needle looks like. To that end, building buyer personas is mandatory.

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