PHP is an open source and preferred mostly by the developers as the scripting language due to its simplicity. In other words, PHP framework facilitates a structure of a basic platform to develop seamless web applications for businesses and entrepreneurs. This framework allows the developers to use pre-built modules and avoids the need to produce repetitive code that saves a lot of time and enables faster development cycle ultimately leading to building applications rapidly (RAD).

PHP framework includes top-notch coding practice and standard procedure for development which organize the process as well as secure the product. PHP offers amazing development through a various latest framework such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend.

A developer may choose to master one or all from the above frameworks mentioned but most importantly to keep in mind is the one that is current as per the market trends and in demand amongst all. Let’s see the all-around aspects of selecting CodeIgniter development services for Web Application Development.

MVC Architecture:

CodeIgniter follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) based framework approach for website design development. MVC is a web design pattern or architecture used during the website development process. As the name suggests, the design framework gets organized into 3 sections leading to implementing customization without any hindrances.

  • Model –  Model is responsible for maintaining the data and forms the base layer.
  • View –  In this, the data is then forwarded to the user.
  • Controller – The task of the controller is to keep the above levels linked and on the same page.

Form Validations:

Form validation feature plays a vital role in web application development. It empowers to collect and file data in the correct format. Moreover, it makes the job of developers much more easy and effortless. With the CodeIgniter framework, custom validation is simple besides, it offers various figures of inbuilt form validations which presents it non-reliable on scripts.

Inbuilt Security Tools:

A widespread acceptance in PHP CodeIgniter development services is to exclude slashes while recovering data from the database. Due to inbuilt security tools, these patches are viewed in default settings. When a query is a feed into, these default settings resolves the database issue by turning off the magic quotes runtime directives. With such productive features, CodeIgniter developers find it easy and simple to continue with the web application development process.

Error Handling:

It is easier to access error reports in the developing phase for developers using CodeIgniter development framework for web applications. Although, the feature of the framework also supports to save the debugging messages as text files by rendering instructions to the error-logging class. This feature of the framework presents an amazing benefit for the developers.

Database Caching Class:

Following are the simple steps in which cache is explained. To reduce the database load, cache the queries as text files.

  • Create a writable directory on the server where cached files are saved and stored
  • The route to the cache folder, a path is set in the application/config/database.php file
  • You can enable the caching feature either globally or manually by opting in application/config/database.php file

Businesses around the globe can benefit from cutting-edge web applications developed using CodeIgniter as it comes with a simple integration feature which makes it the most favorable web framework for the developers.

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