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Are you about to start your food delivery business? Do you already have an app for it? Then you’re halfway there. However, you also need to know about the pitfalls that await you in this particular line of business. Here you’ll learn about the challenges associated with running a food delivery business and how you can overcome them.

Everyone’s talking about developing food delivery applications and penetrating this particular line of business. The internet is full of blogs, articles, and other types of content pieces on what you must do and why you should hire a food delivery app development company. Now, it’s time to go a little deeper and explore the market of food delivery. Based on reports generated by a market research organization in 2019, the total revenue generated by the online food industry was somewhere around $107,400 million. The same organization’s research proves it will continue to grow and hit $156,819 million by 2023.

No matter how surprising it sounds, very few will stare at the screen of their devices with eyes and mouths wide open while reading it. After all, almost everyone chooses to order food instead of cooking it at home these days. In reality, 47% of the food ordering market receives offline orders while the rest are online. However, the ever-rising demand for food delivery brought a few challenges that are quite difficult to deal with. When this service started gaining popularity, the most significant problem faced by business owners was about paying a food delivery app development company. Today, however, other issues bother business owners, and some of them are powerful enough to make a food delivery startup business fail.

The challenges

So, what kinds of challenges do online food delivery businesses have to deal with and how to solve them?

 1. Customer disloyalty

The market of food delivery during COVID-19, just like the food it delivers, is always hot. It’s also extremely difficult to turn a one-time customer into a regular customer. You’ll realize it once you start your business. Customers tend to lose interest in your app and seek out another business that can provide more options, along with faster deliveries. As a result, businesses that don’t focus on maintaining their customer base will suffer in the long run.

The solution – So, what can you do to prevent it from happening? First of all, you should consider including more options in your application. Customers want more choices, and you have to provide. If the restaurant they seek isn’t on your list, they’ll inevitably shift to another application. Also, you have to treat regular customers with exclusive deals, discounts, and free-of-charge offers. If possible, you must incorporate a cash-back system too. The only way to earn the loyalty of a customer is to make him/her feel special.

2. The big dogs of the industry

The field of online food delivery is growing constantly, and it has incredible potential. However, due to the arrival and ensuing popularity of Amazon Restaurant, Uber Eats, and other big dogs, startups are experiencing a hard time keeping up with them. They have the resources required to capture a massive piece of the market, but you don’t. Also, even if you resort to food delivery mobile app solutions, commoners are likely to turn to brands they know and love. They won’t risk relying on a food delivery service provider they never heard of before.

The solution – When it comes to standing toe to toe with industry giants, you need something your competitors don’t have. It can be anything from an interesting feature to a unique UI/UX system that differentiates your app from the best in the business. For instance, you may consider asking your provider of food delivery mobile app solutions to make your app social media-friendly. In doing so, customers will get information on what other people are ordering and everything that’s trending among restaurants.

3. User experience inconsistency

Food delivery startups also fail due to user experience inconsistencies. These apps offer a variety of cafés, restaurants, bistros, eateries, and everything in between. It’s quite tricky to include information about every outlet into a convenient package consistently. For it to work, all screens of mobile applications need to be of the same style with UI/UX consistency.

The solution – The only solution to this problem is to hire the best food ordering app development company. Such agencies are capable of building an app that will appeal to users and offer design consistency and experience across all screens.

4. Delivery unreliability

Delivery unreliability often irks customers. Nobody expects their food to arrive cold and late. Why does it happen? There are numerous reasons, including order volume, traffic, low wages, lack of employee benefits, lack of training, and more. Delivery unreliability is a profound problem that needs fixing. Otherwise, you can be sure that you’ll run out of customers sooner rather than later. Furthermore, you need to know whether your delivery personnel is negatively presenting the food or not.

delivery unreliability often irks customers

The solution – You can solve this problem by adding comprehensive metrics for driver performance along with detailed order histories to the app designed for drivers. These features will help them analyze their performance and improve productivity.

5. Logistics

When it comes to logistics, food delivery mobile applications with immense popularity in the USA have to put up with several challenges, including area coverage, ascertaining the number of vehicles needed, and keeping the food fresh while delivering to far-off destinations. As you can see, these concerns require your attention as soon as you can give them.

The solution – The best way to ensure that the food reaches the customer on time is to add a route optimization system to your application. You can ask your food ordering app development company to look into it. You should also keep updating your customers concerning the order location by adding real-time tracking systems to your application.

Let’s refer to the effective food delivery app.

Final words

Mobile apps for food delivery will surely survive and thrive if they manage to acknowledge the challenges and pry out the right ways of countering them. If you can do it and survive the initial grind, your business will soon be on safer grounds.

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