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Most people ask a person in a relationship about how they found their soulmate. It’s a common question faced by a lot of folks. However, in this digitized era, they almost always give credit to mobile dating platforms.

Most people ask a person in a healthy relationship about how they found their soulmate. It’s a question they have to face, whether they like it or not. However, in this digitized world, they often have to give credit to mobile dating platforms. The device folks carry around in their pockets plays cupid these days.

New and emerging technologies and innovations in the sector of mobile app development have been changing every industry in more ways than one. With the aid of technologically enhanced systems and platforms, businesses reach new heights. Social media apps are also getting better and smarter. In reality, they’re expanding at an extremely fast pace without slowing down.

If you’re doubtful, just consider this fact – more than 1,500 dating apps and websites are currently available for people to search for love. It’s safe to say that the industry of matchmaking is old, but with technological advancements, these apps presently enjoy a designated space.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who believes that everyone in this world deserves to experience love and share it, and if you wish to help people connect with each, you shouldn’t hesitate to work with a dating app development company.

Of course, there’s another matter to think about. The market is already full of existing dating platforms, such as Bumble, Grinder, or Tinder. Would it be beneficial for you to go down this road? Would it be possible for you to compete against these industry giants?

Here’s your answer – experts from Statista found that the revenue of the online dating business increased to $1 billion last year in the USA only. If your app goes international, just think of how lucrative it’ll be.

Here’s some more info – about 15% of the adult population of the USA, which amounts to 50 million, use apps like the ones you’re planning to build.

Whether it’s “casual” or “serious,” mobile dating platforms can offer all kinds of spectrums. Industry-leading matchmaking applications laid the foundation for potential hookups based on just a glance and created more than 15 million matches every day. Folks ranging from 18 to 44 years of age have used dating apps heavily.

Additionally, the situations brought forth by the pandemic have further increased dating app usage.

Rest assured, your decision to work with a dating app development company won’t be a flawed one. After all, more and more people want digital dating solutions with new systems, functionalities, and features. That’s why the time is right for you to grab the opportunity by the hand and pull it into your embrace.

In other words, seize the moment to create something that’ll have the potential to be as successful, or more, as Bumble or Tinder.

The features and functionalities

Building a dating app isn’t like creating other kinds of applications. After all, it’s going to help users find their soulmates based on data and photos stored on the program. What do you need to make it work smoothly? What features should you include to make the app exciting?

Here are the core features and techniques worth including in the development process.

The features and functionalities - Moon Technolabs

The first and the most crucial thing you need is a matchmaking algorithm. It’s what you need to make your application function appropriately. Understanding and developing this functionality is going to be challenging. That’s why you need trained and experienced developers to empower your digital solution with the appropriate algorithms.

Here are a few options worth exploring.

AI and AR-powered matchmaking

Thanks to emerging technologies, such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, you can implement highly advanced matchmaking algorithms.

Organizations like Amazon and Netflix recommend things to people based on their interests. They use complex data analyzing systems to do it. Your dating solution can do the same thing. It can utilize biological data usage, facial recognition, or something similar to provide efficient matches. These features are part of data analysis.

Multiple matchmaking algorithms are available for mobile app development companies in San Francisco to use to build dating applications. However, it’s better to include an exclusive collection of features to enhance communication and augment the experience of using the platform.

Mathematical algorithms

It’s also possible to bring two people together using mathematics. Mathematical algorithms scrutinize the info provided by users in their profiles. Some of these information pieces include,

  • Physical state
  • Personality traits
  • Interest-based compatibility
  • Connection with friends on social media sites

You can choose to go with this system, but it’s usually imperfect. The problem arises from fake information shared by users about themselves in profiles. You’ll get better results if you select geodata combined with behavioral analysis


By leveraging geolocation information for matchmaking, users can segregate profiles based on location. This particular algorithm type is surprisingly helpful as it can help people find the perfect match in a specific location.

Behavioral analysis

This one is much more complex than mathematical matchmaking as a dating app powered by a behavioral analysis system will show potential matches to a user based on a genuine digital footprint. In simple terms, dating applications gain access to search history data, social media profiles, YouTube music playlists, places visited, movie preferences, social media pages liked, web pages explored, etc.

Just remember that you’ll need Big Data solutions to build such an algorithm.

Features you need

You may want to create an app that’ll possess unique functionalities and features. However, entrepreneurs often lack a fortune to spend. As long as you don’t have serious money in your hand to spend, you’ll have to work with mobile app development companies in San Francisco to build an MVP or minimum viable product, and it should come with the following basic features.

  • Social media sign-in ability
  • User profile creation
  • Geolocation determination
  • Chatting with video calling features, GIF sending, stickers
  • Push notifications
  • Swiping
  • Settings
  • Admin panel
  • Data security for all users

Additional features

Once the MVP is ready, you’ll probably want to scale it with a few extra features. Of course, you’ll do it only when you manage to create a stable base of users. When that happens, consider adding the following to increase your app’s functionality and provide a new-age user experience.

Additional features - Moon Technolabs

AI-based chatbots

There was a time when folks had to put their patience to the test whenever they needed to contact a company’s customer support department for assistance. With the arrival and ensuing popularity of AI-powered chatbots, things have changed.

You should include one to allow your users to initiate a conversation with your customer support representatives so that they can chat comfortably and find the answers to their problems within moments.

Verifying the profiles

Everyone deserves to know whether they’re conversing with a genuine individual or not. Almost all the widely-used dating apps of today have profile verification processes in place to send separate photographs to moderators. These moderators will tell a user whether their favored person passed through the verification procedure.

It’s a complicated system to include, even for experienced providers of dating app development services.

The cost of development

As soon as you have a basic idea of the features and functionality of building a chatting application, you’ll inevitably want to know how much to spend on the project.

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Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to explain it. Several factors come into play when it comes to ascertaining the final cost of building a dating platform for mobile devices. The following section covers those factors.

The complexity

The complexity of an app depends on the functionalities and features you want to implement. Apps can be of three types in terms of complexity – simple, moderate, and complex. Building an MVP should be possible if you’re willing to spend about $12,000 to $15,000. However, a full-fledged app may cost more than $50,000.

The app platform

When it comes to operating systems or app launching platforms, Android and iOS are the most preferred. Building a native app or something that works only on one OS will be more costly than creating a cross-platform application.

The bottom line

With dating app development services, finding a partner has become easier than ever. Technologically enhanced dating applications are changing the future. People can find the love of their life just by swiping the screen of their smartphones.

So, if you’re planning to build a dating platform, Moon Technolabs can help. This company can help you convert your idea into an appropriate solution. Discuss your project with the developers working with this agency to learn what they can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The core functionality of a dating app comes from the algorithm you create.
Building an MVP should be possible if you can spend anywhere between $12,000 and $15,000. For a full-fledged app, you have to shell out about $50,000 or more.
Moon Technolabs is one of the best agencies where you can hire developers for your dating application.

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