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Vue.js may not be the first digital product development tool that comes to the minds of business owners, but it rightfully deserves the attention it doesn’t get. Do you want to know why Vue.js is perfect for you? This topic will introduce you to a few world-renowned business brands that reached the top using this framework. By using it, you may be able to do the same.

Vue.js caught the attention of brands like Netflix, Nintendo, and UpWork for all the right reasons. Hundreds of other brands are using it too, but this topic will introduce you to ten companies. Due to the profound abilities of this framework, numerous enterprises use it to augment their software development processes. So, if you want to hire developers, make sure they specialize in Vue.js.

According to its creators, this framework is “forward-thinking.” The popularity it enjoys right now and the fact that famous brands are using it prove its power. It can help companies progress while delivering scalability. Without further ado, it’s time to get into the thick of things.

About Vue.js

So, what is Vue.js anyway? It’s a JavaScript framework used in building single-page applications or SPAs and user interfaces or UIs. Described as a “progressive” app development platform, the most noteworthy feature of Vue.js is that any company can adopt it.

Vue.js provides developers a chance to start from the bottom and work their way up whenever and wherever they want to. This statement may be a bit challenging for you to digest. As you continue reading, you’ll find out what it means. For now, explore this framework’s infrastructure.

View.js leverages the model-view-ViewModel or MVVM architecture. It’s a pattern that separates the concerns between the “view” and the “model.” The former represents the UI, while the latter stands for the business logic of the application designed using Vue.js.

The “ViewModel” converts various values. Some of the tasks performed by the “ViewModel” include acquiring the input from the “view” and sending the same to the “model.” It can also retrieve data from the “model” to retain an accurate and functional “view.”

As Vue.js is more adoptable than other frameworks, its library prioritizes the “view” layer. In turn, developers get to start with the basic elements of the UI.

The perks of Vue.js

Only asking you to hire developers specializing in Vue.js may not sound appealing. However, the following advantages of using this framework will make you rethink the matter.

The perks of Vue.js - Moon Technolabs

It’s lightweight

The first and also the most important benefit of Vue.js is that’s exceptionally lightweight. When developers download the framework from the internet, they get a zip file with a value of 21Kbs. Vue.js is probably the epitome of the phrase “pocket-sized powerhouse.”

It’s intuitive

Specific characteristics of Vue.js make the task of programming more intuitive than others. For example, one of the standout features of Vue.js called “directives” is perfect for making small behavioral alterations to the HTML-based elements.

They carry a prefix “v-“ that permits developers to maintain consistency with their syntax, even when they manipulate the DOM. Vue.js even uses two-way data-binding, a feature most commonly associated with AngularJS.

It’s user-friendly

Intuitiveness isn’t the only thing that makes Vue.js attractive to developers. The creators of the framework went the extra mile to make it user-friendly. Vue.js is reasonably simple to manipulate and a developer can complete small projects by writing just a few lines of code.

Other JavaScript frameworks expect developers to be familiar with front-end technologies, such as TypeScript and JSX, apart from a wide array of libraries.

Vue.js is better than these frameworks as it only needs developers to specialize in tried-and-tested JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. With these three technologies, app-builders can extract the best out of this framework.

Brands using Vue.js

Well, this topic is now about to enter the main phase. This section will help you understand why a Python app development company with equal levels of expertise in Vue.js should be your choice.

Brands using Vue.js - Moon Technolabs


Everyone is familiar with the name of Netflix – the go-to video streaming service for folks looking to binge on films and series. Some of the internal portions of the app of Netflix receive power from Vue.js systems, including a few of the most crucial utilities associated with cloud-based data storage.

The builders of Netflix were so happy with the framework that they recommended everyone to use it. If they’re confident enough to sing praises in its name, it must be worth your attention.


Facebook is probably the most widely-used social networking platform, and it hosts people of all ages from all four corners of the world.

It primarily operates on React Native – a framework designed and supported by the creators of Facebook. It also has an overly enthusiastic community of developers. Furthermore, the social networking site’s mobile app also works on React Native.

You may be wondering why Facebook is part of this list. After all, it uses React Native. The truth, however, is that the “News Feed” section leverages Vue.js. At least that’s what a member of the software development team of Facebook claims.

This statement proves the capability and maturity of Vue.js as a framework.


Every computer user is familiar with the Adobe Flash Player, but most of the other digital products designed by Adobe are popular among creative communities. Someone associated with design and illustration possibly uses multiple digital products created by Adobe.

There’s a specific product from the house of Adobe called Schrift Bewegt that you may not know about. It’s a website for advertorials belonging to a newspaper based in Germany called Suddeutsche. This site displays various fonts in a surprisingly interactive manner.

Schrift Bewegt, apart from Adobe Portfolio use Vue.js in their tech stack. In short, Adobe is one of those recognized brands enjoying the abilities of this framework.


Xiaomi is the name of a multinational conglomerate from China that creates a massive variety of electronic devices, such as laptops, phones, regular phones, and even apps for mobile devices.

With everything that Xiaomi offers, it stands toe to toe against businesses like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. While it’s clear that Xiaomi uses Vue.js in some way, the brand never clarified how. Nonetheless, there’s more than enough evidence present to clarify it.


Trivago is a well-recognized and highly used trip-planning website. It lets people book hotels through a reliable and meticulously designed search engine. You should check the effectiveness of this search engine of Trivago and hire a Python app development company if you have plans to create something similar.

There’s another website under the wing of this brand called Trivago Magazine that uses Nuxt.js with Vue.js. The combination of the two gives developers insights into alluring vacation destinations.

The Motley Fool

Anyone with a stake in the sphere of finance should know the name of The Motley Fool pretty well. It’s a collection of books, podcasts, newspapers, and many other things.

The company invests significantly in bestowing financial literacy upon its most dedicated followers.

The accompanying web app of The Motley Fool is called www.fool.com – a website built using Vue.js. If you wish to lay a standing stone in the same field, let a Vue.js App development firm help you.


GitLab is an internet-based depository of Git. It lets developers manage and store projects associated with software development. It even allows them to track issues affecting their work while collaborating with other experts.

It’s safe to say that GitLab is also a heavy user of Vue.js. In reality, the creators of the platform aren’t shy about displaying their love and respect for Vue.js. One of the staff developers of GitLab even gave a presentation on Vue at the VueConf US 2018 that took place in New Orleans.


Grammarly is one of the best tools of all time for those who need help in proofreading their writings. Whether someone is struggling with sentence structure or word flow, the AI system of Grammarly can spot mistakes and correct them.

As Grammarly is part of this list, you can guess that it uses Vue.js.


Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, commonly recognized as BMW is a multinational corporation from Germany that produces luxurious vehicles.

Another specialty of BMW is that it lets people build their own dream car.

Of course, it isn’t as simple as it seems, but there’s a website called BMW Car Configurator. It allows you to design a BMW vehicle to your liking, and it’s possible only due to Vue.js.


The last brand worth mentioning is UpWork – a website that provides shelter to hundreds and thousands of freelancers spread throughout the world. Through this platform, needy parties can delegate projects to these freelancers.

In short, UpWork lets businesses hire people they require to finish their projects quickly and freelancers get an open network where they can showcase themselves and their capabilities.

AngularJS is the primary tech stack supporting UpWork, but when you look at the easy-to-integrate feature of Vue.js, you can imagine that it has a small but decisive role to play in it. You can build a web platform like UpWork by using Vue.js App development services.

Final considerations

Vue.js is a progressive framework that’s lightweight and can enhance the overall development experience through its simplicity and intuitiveness. As so many web apps and websites are using Vue.js right now, it’s understandable that the framework can be an excellent choice for your project as well.

Now, if you’re willing to see the effects of Vue.js first-hand, you need an agency that excels in building digital products with it. Moon Technolabs is one such agency that you can hire. You may also work with any other app or software development organization of your choice. Just remember to research service providers before handing over your project, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vue.js is a framework based on JavaScript that a developer can use to build single-page applications and user interfaces.
Vue.js, compared to other frameworks, is lightweight, intuitive, easy to use, and adoptable.
Moon Technolabs is a highly reputable and recognized software and app development agency that employs experienced, Vue.js experts.

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