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People spend most of their time online these days. They keep searching for the services they need or products they want. The internet is also the best place to seek education, entertainment, information on style and fashion, healthcare consultation, and everything in between. Apart from that, social media platforms are already here. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can offer something for everyone to indulge in. However, competitiveness is continuously on the rise. With every passing day, something new appears in the market. The Clubhouse app is just that – a brand new social media platform that allows users to communicate using audio messages. If you want to build your version of this app, you need to go through this write-up.

Everyone will agree that 2020 ended up becoming one of the worst years of all time. The outbreak of the coronavirus transformed every individual’s daily routine. Folks had to spend the entire year locked behind their doors. They also had to keep their businesses running from their homes. Video calling and messaging mobile applications became the lifeline of business owners. After all, they were the only things business owners could use to conduct meetings. In effect, the way people communicate underwent profound changes.

Doctors recommended everyone to stay indoors, but humans are social creatures. They needed modes of communication, and they always wanted entertainment. That’s why they turned towards the internet. The inability to communicate with someone face-to-face and engage in social activities gave a fresh breath of air to the digital industry. While it was already moving ahead one step at a time, the COVID-19 incident allowed it to go forward by leaps and bounds. Numerous business owners realized that the world of the web is nothing less than a goldmine. Naturally, they started investing heaving on live streaming, video-on-demand, and social media-based applications.

According to a report that came out in October 2020, more than 4 billion individuals were using social media every month. This value is probably higher today than it was a few months ago. It becomes much more obvious when you consider the number of social media users in January 2020 – only 3.80 billion. It’s an incredibly high penetration rate for the whole world’s population. On average, 2 million folks sign up for social media every day.

About Clubhouse

It’s possible to discuss the statistically exponential rise of digital platforms until the end of this write-up, but that’s not what this topic is about. Here you’re going to learn about Clubhouse, the newest player in the field of social media. Presently valued at $1 billion, it appears promising enough to etch its name in the social media genre by offering unique experiences. After all, it focuses not on content, but on high-value conversations.

At the moment, this app is an invite-only audio-chatting program built by Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson. It lets users share their concepts, stories, thoughts, and ideas while making friends in the process, without typing long and tedious messages. An individual using the app can create a virtual room where he/she will create audio clips and listen to what others recorded automatically. In short, it’s a virtual platform where folks can participate in discussions on topics that interest them.

The features

Without dilly-dallying any further, this topic will take you through the details associated with developing an app like Clubhouse. Before you hire a team of dedicated developers, you have to know about the features you need to include in it to make it successful. After that, you can turn your attention towards the cost to develop an app like Clubhouse.

Onboarding via invitation-only

As Clubhouse works on an invite-only model, you need to adhere to it. When a user receives an invite link, he/she will get redirected to the sign-up page. Once there, the user has to enter his/her name and set a profile picture to finalize the account. After that, the individual can join any room they like simply by tapping on it. Or, he/she may consider opening a room.

  • Stick to the invite-only model
  • Create a sign-up page where users will enter specific details

In-house news feed

You’re probably on Facebook or any other social media platform, and so you’re aware of what the news feed is all about. It’s the system that keeps tabs on user activity and displays an account or page according to a user’s preference. The Clubhouse application has something similar. The news feed section will show a list of users of various rooms where people will encounter different discussions and choose to join any of them.

  • You’ll need to create a news feed section
  • This section will present everything that a user finds interesting

The clubs

This area will bring like-minded individuals together so that they can form a group. Clubs are different from rooms. These so-called “Club groups” will bring people together when they want to discuss the same topic.

  • You have to create a Club section for your users
  • It will be for like-minded people to come together and talk about a topic they like

User data

It’s one of the more interesting features possessed by Clubhouse. When you hire a team of dedicated developers, make sure they recreate this section properly because it will let folks know the user and what he/she likes. The user has to create a profile by entering every relevant detail, along with a short description. Whenever this person visits someone else’s profile, he/she can track their activities and background. The other individual can also see the user’s profile. Of course, there’s always an option to increase security should the user feels it’s necessary.

  • Your app should allow users to showcase their persona through this feature
  • It should also have appropriate security measures in place

Navigation and searching

This feature is going to be like any other search function that social media platforms have. In reality, no social media app will work without it. Clubhouse lets its users discover whatever they need about accessing rooms, conversation histories, profiles, clubs, and others. The search option also allows them to seek out topics and personalities they find appealing.

  • You must incorporate a search feature
  • It should allow your users to search for everything they want to

To End

There are a few other features of Clubhouse worth mentioning, such as the activity tab, notifications, and chat rooms. Your app development service provider should be able to explain the importance and other matters associated with these systems. Now, the real question is – how much it will cost to develop an app like Clubhouse? Well, it depends on what you have in mind. If you don’t want to omit any of the features of Clubhouse in your clone app, it will cost you somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000. The price will increase if you think about augmenting your app even further. Business owners and people with an entrepreneurial mindset are already willing to invest in an application like Clubhouse. The only way to reduce competition is to get your app developed as fast as possible. So, don’t wait any longer to contact an app development agency.

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