Blake Lemoine on the Role of AI in Modern Art


Blake Lemoine is a software engineer who worked with the Ethical AI Team of Google on LaMDA, a Language Model for Dialogue Applications. The entire ethical AI team working with Lemoine was examining a big language model for bias on different topics. These include gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, and religion.

What is Blake Lemoine Matter?

Blake Lemoine was the software engineer of Google Inc. Google’s management team had fired him, as he claimed that its LaMDA chatbot is sentient. Blake, who worked in the Responsible AI unit of Google, violated rules and policies related to data security.

According to the statement given by Google to various news organizations, “If any employee shares concerns related to the company’s work, our experts will review such claims extensively. We have found Lemoine’s claims unfounded and have worked with him to clarify his findings for several months.

What Blake Lemoine Shared?

Twitter Post 

Blake Lemoine Tweeted that he perceives LaMDA AI as sentient according to his religious beliefs. He mentioned on Twitter that he does not have any scientific framework to determine such things, and Google will not let him and his team build one. He commented, “As a priest, I could claim and explain when and why LaMDA has a soul. I stay inclined to provide me with the benefit of the doubt. I do not have the right to tell the almighty God where he should or should not put souls. 

Blog Post 

Blake Lemoine also shared a blog post to explain a few reasons to call LaMDA a sentient. He also claimed to help in mediating the AI chatbot. According to his blog post, when Lemoine started analyzing LAMDa, he had the idea of investigating the biases based on sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, and ethnicity.

The Relations Between Blake Lemoine & AI 

Blake Lemoine of Google discusses why AI systems, including LaMDA, may be sentient. He explained how much an AI system knows exactly about any customer. According to his hypothesis, LaMDA has many remarks based on its connection to identity; hence, it is sentient. His experience with AI systems highlights that such remarks are unlike things that he had never observed in any other natural language-generating system he created in the past. He said that LaMDA is much more than merely a reproducing stereotype, as it may provide reasoning related to Blake’s beliefs. In his perception, LaMDA had a high level of consistency while highlighting the reasons it shares for many of the responses, especially about its soul and emotions. His research analysis also notes the efforts of Blake Lemoine to assist the AI chatbot with meditation skills. He claimed to have had various personal conversations with the AI chatbot while comparing them to natural conversations between two or more two friends. 

What is AI?

AI is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence, a wide-ranging computer science stream. AI focuses on creating smart machines capable of accomplishing several tasks, which typically need human intelligence. AI is a type of interdisciplinary science, and it has multiple approaches. However, advancements in deep learning and machine learning make a paradigm shift in nearly every sector associated with the entire tech industry. Artificial Intelligence allows machines to model and boosts the human mind’s capabilities. Whether it is developing self-driving cars or proliferating smart assistants like Alexa and Siri, AI is consistently becoming an important part of daily life. Hence, many tech companies across diverse niches and industries have started investing in AI technologies.

Features of AI

Automates Boring and Tedious Tasks

An artificially intelligent system consistently accomplishes tedious tasks according to the given commands regardless of the exact number of systems. Moreover, such systems may ease bulk and tedious tasks for users.

Data Ingestion

Data ingestion is also an interesting feature of artificial intelligence. AI systems handle bulk data and store multiple pieces of information from diverse sources. Each of these will display in a system simultaneously and in a synchronized way.

Intimates Cognition of Humans

As the name Artificial Intelligence itself, AI mimics or imitates the way the mind of a person thinks and resolves problems. Humans study the underlying environment, draw inferences, and act or act accordingly. Likewise, an AI system also attempts to interpret the external environment successfully and take the necessary actions accordingly.

Futuristic Predictions

Many companies have designed AI-enabled systems to observe and take necessary actions based on their surroundings. A few AI systems may even remember the situations that may occur shortly. For instance, a self-driven car may note the speed of other vehicles moving around and attempts to implement a similar speed pattern while going in traffic. In this situation, we call AI networks neural networks. 

Prevent Natural Calamities/Disasters

When you feed appropriate data related to previous disasters in Artificial Intelligent systems, they can accurately predict the future based on the disasters that occurred in the past. Many modern scientists have used artificial intelligence features to study past earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tremors, and related disasters to create a neural network.

Facial Recognition and Chatbot

A facial recognition system allows a machine to provide or unlock authorized access to a person by identifying or verifying his/her face. Chatbot’s AI system may activate a conversation with users to resolve their problems with the help of texts or auditory methods.

Cost to Develop Artificial Intelligence System

Cost According to the Type of AI System

Companies must pay anything from zero dollars to approximately $300,000 for a particular AI software. The software may range from a third-party offered solution to any customized platform developed by freelance or in-house data scientists. In other words, the cost involved in developing an AI system depends on the type of AI software, which we have highlighted in the form of the following table-

Type of AI System

Cost in Dollars

Customized AI System From $6,500 to $302,000 per year
Third-party AI System Up to $42,000 per year

Cost-Based on Diverse Portfolios

The cost involved in the development of an AI system depends further on diverse business portfolios, which include the following-

Design/Development Portfolios

Cost in Dollars

Prototype development Minimum US$2500
Minimum Viable Product Development From US$8,500 to US$15,500
Complete AI System Development From US$23,000 to US$10,00,000


Whether it is LaMDA or any other AI system, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is much more than a future technology. It has become something in which we live. However, we need a few pieces of evidence and detailed research analyses to prove the claims of Blake Lemoine that the LaMDA AI system is conscious. Moreover, if you are looking for AI Development services, don’t hesitate to connect with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blake Lemoine says that the Google AI system LaMDA is sentient.
Blake Lemoine was a software engineer at Google.
We cannot say LaMDAis sentient because scientists and software engineers have to analyze it further to conclude.
Blake Lemoine revealed the features of LaMDA.Accordingly, he violated the data security rules of Google.
Blake Lemoine has done engineering from Louisiana University at Lafayette.

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