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This topic is about the best Android app development tools currently available. If you have a project for which you need an app development agency, make sure that you choose one that leverages the tools enumerated and explained below.

Every entrepreneur wants what’s best for their business to ensure it runs for years. You probably harbor the same desire in your heart.

Well, if you’re open to advise, consider paying heed to this one – look for android application development services and get a mobile solution created for your business.

This piece of advice isn’t just for you but for entrepreneurs all over the globe. Those who went down this road are presently enjoying the sweet fruits of their investment.

After all, Android app development comes with several advantages, such as business growth. You’ll probably appreciate it if there were a few compelling pieces of information from world-renowned market research firms.

Here’s a graph showcasing the market share of various operating systems.

Mobile Operating System Market Share Worldwide

Figure 1

It should clarify things for you. Android is currently holding a giant share of the market. That’s why it’s the first choice of innumerable business owners.

Here’s something more for you – Google Play had about three times more first-time installs in 2019’s third quarter. It amounted to $21.6 billion, a change accounting for an increase of almost 11% from the third quarter of 2018.

Based on reports created by Sensor Tower, Google Play Store earned $7.7 billion in the third quarter of 2019, which points to an increase of 24%. In other words, Google Play Store generated $6.2 billion in the third quarter of 2018.

Worldwide Gross App Revenue - 2018-2019

Figure 2

The best choice

So, what makes Android the best choice for startups? Here are a few noteworthy reasons.

1. Larger user base

At the moment, most people across the world use Android-powered smartphones. As a result, businesses investing in Android development will have a massive pool of potential users to tap into.

2. The open-source nature of the platform

Being an open-source platform, app developers won’t have to pay any extra fee to use it for app development. It means you won’t have to spend extra, either. Google provides all the development tools and technologies needed by developers for free.

3. High resource availability

Android app development depends primarily on one language – Java. Programmers have to learn this programming language if they hope to graduate as an app or software developer. As it’s a compulsory subject, every developer can use it, even rookies.

4. Multi-device compatibility

The most noteworthy advantage of building an Android app instead of an iOS app is that there won’t be any device-related restrictions to worry about. Developers can create applications on any Mac or Windows desktop, as well as Linux-powered systems.

5. Facilitates custom app development

Here’s another advantage of opting for Android development services – it facilitates custom android app development. In other words, you’ll receive a digital solution tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

6. Ease of integration

When it’s about integration, Android always stands out. No matter how many developers you speak to, everyone will claim that it’s easy enough to integrate APIs from third parties into an Android application.

7. Supports high-quality graphics

If you want your app to be graphically impressive, the Android platform is an excellent choice. After all, it offers incredible graphics support. That’s why game developers for mobile devices always prefer to create apps for Android.

8. Multi-network distribution

Just take a look at the perks of developing apps for Android devices. You’ll realize that these apps don’t just limit themselves to the Google Play Store. In simple terms, you can deploy your app on other stores, such as MI Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, etc.

9. Hefty device fragmentation

Indeed, fragmentation often increases the cost and app testing time of your project. Then again, it’s uniquely advantageous. All the devices in the ecosystem of Android, including wearables, TVs, smartphones, home assistants, and other gadgets, are ripe for you to target with your application.

10. More scalable

Here’s one more reason why business companies prioritize Android development – the platform isn’t just for smartphones. You can integrate Android apps to work on devices leveraging other technologies, such as AR/VR and IoT. This feature increases the scope of business scalability.

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11. Generates more ROI

With a massive market for you to target, you’ll receive an equally significant return on investment. It’ll come to you instantly, and it’ll always be on the higher end of the spectrum.

12. Lets developers deploy apps faster

Building an app for iOS devices, even with technologically advanced tools and experienced developers can take several weeks. Creating something for the Google Play Store, on the other hand, takes only a few hours.

The best tools

The story of numbers doesn’t end here, of course. In May 2021, the market share of Android among mobile devices reached about 73%. As opposed to iOS, hundreds and thousands of devices and brands leverage android application development services.

Android wins the race again in terms of the number of available applications. In Q1 of last year, Google Play Store had 348 million applications. Only 22 million of those apps were available on the Apple App Store the same year.

So, without further ado, this topic will serve the main course – the tools you need to belt out exclusive Android applications. When you look for app development firms, prioritize the ones that use the tools described below.

1. Android Studio

The official IDE or integrated development environment for Android development is this one – Android Studio. Google created it based on IntelliJ IDEA. When it comes to custom android app development, Android Studio is indispensable. It’s a mission-critical tool that’s necessary for almost every Android project, if not all.

Android Studio the Best Tools For Android App Development - Moon Technolabs

Developers use this tool to create the entire application for tablets, smartphones, Android Auto, Android Wear, Android TV, Glasses, and other gadgets. They primarily write code using Kotlin or Java, but the platform also supports C++.

Android Studio is available to developers for free, and it works on Linux, iOS, and Windows. Whether it’s one person or an entire team of developers, anyone can use Android.

2. React Native

The first tool included in this list was an IDE. This one is a framework called React Native used widely by app developers to create cross-platform solutions. Developers are in love with React Native because it allows them to write code once and run the same almost everywhere. To put it simply, they won’t have to write code separately in multiple languages from various platforms.

React Native Best Tools For Android App Development - Moon Technolabs

React Native pays special attention to app UI and it supports multiple third-party libraries. It even has a large and profoundly knowledgeable community that supports experienced developers and beginners.

3. Glide

Glide is popular among the top android app developers as an image-loading library for Android. Before the creators of this library made it available to developers, loading was challenging and page-scrolling wasn’t smooth, either. As soon as this library arrived, it solved all these issues.

Glide Best Tools For Android App Development - Moon Technolabs

Today, developers can gather, resize, decode, and showcase images, video stills, and animated GIF images with ease. After all, it comes with programmed resource pooling and user-friendly AP.

4. Git

The top android app developers also use tools for code collaboration and online coding environments. Git is one of them. It’s often the first choice among developers because it hosts millions of projects. It’s a must-have for every programmer.

Git Best Tools For Android App Development - Moon Technolabs

Git allows more than two developers to work simultaneously. They can co-edit, co-write, and review code. It comes with an all-inclusive toolbox for tracking changes, approving the same, and synchronizing with the project as a whole.

5. Checkstyle

When you hire android programmer team, make sure the members use Checkstyle – a tool fabricated for automated code review. It incorporates conventional requirements of code guidelines, but your developers can add several custom rules for project-specific guidelines. They make automated reviews much easier and more accurate.

Checkstyle the Best Tools For Android App Development - Moon Technolabs

The only problem with Checkstyle is that it’s for Java-based code only. If you neglect this requirement, you’ll find that it’s an appropriate solution for the largest projects.

6. DroidEdit

The last tool included in this list is DroidEdit. It’s a free-to-use text and code editor that allows developers to change the code of an app from their Android tablets or smartphones. It’s an incredible tool that comes in handy for developers working from home or anywhere else away from the office.

DroidEdit the Best Tools For Android App Development - Moon Technolabs

The primary feature of this tool is that it lets developers change code quickly and on the go. As it operates on the cloud, developers won’t have to overload their personal devices with hundreds and thousands of lines of code. It even supports more than 200 programming languages.

Conclusive statements

The tools available for Android development are many and diverse in more ways than one. You only need to make sure that you hire an android programmer that uses the tools explained above. These should suffice to create a stellar Android app for your business.

Now, it’s time for you to start searching for app development agencies. This task tends to be somewhat time-consuming and quite boring. You can save yourself the trouble, though, if you choose to work with Moon Technolabs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, an Android app, in particular, can increase business prospects. It lets you build an audience, create brand awareness, and give you a competitive edge.
Some of the best tools for Android app development include Android Studio, React Native, Git, Glide, Checkstyle, and DroidEdit.
Moon Technolabs is one of the most recognized and experienced Android app development agencies where you can hire expert developers.

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