unit testing with combination of jasmine and karma in Angular

You’re probably ready to start with your business app development using AngularJS. Maybe your team conducted unit testing already but without AngularJS. It may also be that you’re encountering these terms for the first time. Regardless of where you stand, this write-up can help you in understanding what Karma and Jasmine can do for unit testing in AngularJS.

When it comes to working with unit testing of a project, one has to be serious. Opting for a test-driven development or TDD approach won’t matter. You’ll still reap the benefits of using it. This write-up will start with an explanation of the advantages associated with unit testing. After that, you’ll find an all-inclusive example of Angular unit testing by using Karma and Jasmine. Just make sure that you delegate your development task to the top Angularjs development company if you wish to reap the fruits of these benefits.

The perks of unit testing

1. Enhancing the implementations of the design

Developers often make the mistake of coding a feature without thinking deeply about the design. By using unit testing strategies, developers will never forget about it. In a way, unit testing forces a developer to think and reconsider the design. If the developer uses TDD, the impact will be much more significant. Any top Angularjs development company handles the practice of testing. 

2. Feature addition

Whenever a developer adds new features to an existing program, there’s always a possibility of breaking other parts of it. With unit testing, however, developers can be sure about their actions. They can include as many new features as the client wants without affecting the integrity of the application.

3. Refactoring

When developers conduct tests to find out whether everything is working as it should, they can make changes to the code easily because they know they won’t end up adding bugs. Every top AngularJS development company follows the practice of testing. 

While there are many other benefits worth mentioning, you should keep your eyes open for the top Angularjs development company that can deliver these three, at least. From the information provided above, it becomes clear that a testing phase is crucial for documentation and it can make a developer more confident about his/her work.

Some people claim that these benefits come at a cost, which is time. Experts of AngularJS development, however, say that it’s just a misconception. No matter how much time your development team spends on testing, they will save more of it when they introduce new features to it. If they invest time in unit testing, they won’t have to worry about dealing with bugs in the future. Any top AngularJS app development company can help you with the requirements. 

Creating a project using Jasmine and Karma

The best providers of Angularjs web application development services always stick to the recommendations of the team that created Angular. That’s why they use Angular-CLI to create applications. In doing so, the configuration of Karma and Jasmine gets resolved.

testing using Jasmine and Karma

Developers start by installing Angular-CLI and then creating a new project. Once they create the project, every dependency and all the components needed to create the tests get installed automatically.

Here are the most crucial dependencies required for testing purposes.

  • Jasmine core: Jasmine is a framework used by developers to conduct unit tests. It possesses several functionalities allowing developers to write various kinds of tests.
  • Karma: Karma is the task runner for the tests. It utilizes a configuration file to set up the reporters, the startup file, the testing framework, the browser, and several other things.
  • Other dependencies: While there are other dependencies used by developers, they are simply the reporters of the tests, the tools required to use Jasmine and Karma, and browser launchers.

When it comes to running a test, a developer simply has to run “ng test.” Running this command will result in the execution of the test. It will also open the browser, display a console, present a browser report, and leave the test’s execution in “watch mode.”

The Karma config file

Just ask your dedicated and experienced Angularjs developers or Angularjs web application development team for a screenshot of the Karma configuration file created by Angular-CLI. If you know a thing or two about Angular development, you should be able to guess what most of the configuration properties do. Here is a few worth mentioning.

  • The reporters: They allow a developer to set the reporters, change the existing ones, or even add new ones.
  • The frameworks: It’s precisely where Jasmine walks in to take the lead and become the testing framework. If the developer working on the project wants to use a different framework, he/she can change it from there.
  • The browsers: This section lets the developer set the browser where the test should take place. Google Chrome is the default browser, but the developer can install and use a different browser launcher.
  • The autoWatch: By setting it to true, developers ensure that the tests run in watch mode. If the developer changes one of the tests and saves the files, the entire test will rebuild itself from scratch and run again. The top AngularJS app development company can help you with the requirements.

The test entry file

Karma’s Angular-CLI configuration uses the file called “tests.ts” as the point of entry for testing the application. Numerous events will take place during this stage. Developers may even need to change this particular file.

  • It will create an environment suitable for creating and running Angular tests using all the imports at the starting of the file.
  • Developers get to use a powerful unit testing tool called TestBed. Angular provides and initializes it in this file.
  • In the end, Karma loads all the test files for the application by checking them against their names and a regular expression. All the files inside the app folder having “spec.ts” on their names are suitable for tests.

To end

From here, things tend to get a little more complicated. If you wish to learn more, you should consider discussing the matter with your AngularJS development service provider. If you go with the top AngularJS app development company, you get the best. 

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