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Building a mobile app for business purposes without analyzing user behaviour first is a mistake you must avoid. If you’re wondering why it’s so important, you should continue reading.

Whenever you come across the term “mobile app,” what’s the first them to pop up in your mind? If you’re an end-user, you’ll probably expect it to be something convenient. You’ll want the app to make your life easier. Conversely, if you’re a business owner, the only thing you’ll need the app for is to boost your business profitability.

Successful entrepreneurs usually come up with original ideas, and when they do, they don’t just create them for the market. They research their idea, understand the intricacies associated with the requirements of the market, and study the whims of the users. If it’s a digital product, user behaviour analysis becomes much more important.

Importance of analysis

Are you wondering why user behaviour analysis is so important? You should ask a much more important question – who are those people you’re designing the app for? The users of your app are members of your target audience. You’re going to invest in mobile app development for them. Naturally, you have to make sure it’s usable enough. You also need to build the app in such a way that a user finds it convenient.

in-app engagement

That’s why you must contemplate every aspect of the way your user base behaves. You have to understand how they use your app and what they find engaging. User behaviour analysis will come in handy while design the UI/UX features and let you deliver an effective solution. For it to work, you also have to identify the various ways through which you can identify user behaviour and what you must do to cater to the unique requirements of your users. Only then you can expect to deliver what they seek.

1. The target audience

The best way to kick off your app development venture is to start by identifying your target audience. It’s precisely where user behaviour steps in. Why would a business owner spend money on app development? They simply want to make the lives of their audience easier, right? To that end, it’s mandatory to research the target audience base to frame an appropriate user behaviour. After that, you can expect to get an insight into what a user expects from you and how you can develop your app to meet their needs. It will also tell you whether the user is willing to pay for the products you sell or the services you offer.

2. User demographics

When Android or iOS, a user won’t hesitate to spend money on in-app purchases as long as the product or service is worth paying for and it’s from a credible source. Of course, it also has to be something the user wants or needs. User demographics play a crucial role in analyzing user behaviour. You should research the market to gain more information on factors, such as the location, education level, and income of the user.

3. User experience and platform

iOS and Android are the most popular mobile app platforms at the moment. Understandably, app developers resort to these two platforms. After all, they account more almost 95% of the market share of mobile devices. Android is the most widely used smartphone platform, while iOS is available on the devices of Apple Inc. However, the users of iOS are always willing to pay for apps and the services they offer more than Android users. Once an app developer studies the market trends and the way he/she will fit the app in, he/she has to decide on the platform.

The developer has to narrow it down to Android and iOS after knowing why you, the business owner, want to use that specific platform. When it comes to revenue generation, iOS should be your choice, but Android is the best for user acquisition. The overall impact of UX is entirely different for the two platforms. Android is about delivering a customized experience, and Google allows developers to publish applications on Google Play Store without conducting too many inspections. iOS, on the other hand, adheres to an extremely stringent approval process. If an app doesn’t meet the standards, Apple App Store won’t accept a publishing request. The user base of iOS advocates consistency in terms of experience due to this regulation stringency.

4. In-app engagement

In-app engagement tends to differ profoundly in Android and iOS. Users of Apple’s devices usually engage more than usual via mobile applications. In other words, iOS dominates user engagement. Android users, on the other hand, can beat iOS in terms of content categories. Compared to Android users, iOS users will pay willingly for in-app purchases because they know that every source is trustworthy.

To conclude

The instances described above prove the importance of conducting user analysis before building and releasing an app. If you don’t prioritize user behaviour analysis, you’ll be entering the playing field unprepared. Your competitors will beat you to the finish line, and if you’re lucky, you may just out one or two of your competitors. However, conducting thorough user analyses will ensure that you always leave your business rivals trailing in your footsteps. Usually, the most renowned brand resort to artificial intelligence to provide personalized experiences. If possible, you should think about empowering your application with AI or machine learning technologies.

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