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As time passed, marketing strategies continued to grow and manifested into what it is today. Mobile devices are currently one of the most integral parts of marketing ventures. That’s why business owners should keep an eye out for newer opportunities by utilizing modern options for better results. One such contemporary method includes sending push notifications. Here you will learn how to use them to promote your business.


While exploring a list of marketing software programs, you will inevitably run into a few applications that will help you reach your marketing objectives via different channels. Then, your eyes will fall on a software suite that offers a push notification-based marketing solution. As soon as you spot it, you may wonder whether it’s worth including in your marketing tech stack or not.


If you continue reading, then you will learn why you should utilize a software program or a business app designed by one of the leading mobile app development companies. The push notification system of this software program or app will be of immeasurable help to you. Do you wish to find out how? Then you need to understand what push notifications are first.


If you use a smartphone, then you encountered them already. Push notifications are short messages that you can personalize and send to a user on their device. It’s better to use a marketing software program for this purpose. In doing so, you can automate the entire process, even if you want to target your customers one by one.


A push notification is a channel that will allow you to give your communications a touch of personalization. You can also tweak your marketing software program in such a way that it will send push notifications to every customer at the most opportune moments.


What more can you do with push notifications? Here is a list!

(1) Gaining new users: If you have a website, then you can ask your visitors to register on your business’s app or website. You can do it through your marketing software solution to create a base of loyal customers. However, if they sign up but leave the process incomplete, what will happen then? How can you keep them engaged? You may choose to remind them about it using your email campaign, or you can send push notifications. Of course, the power to receive push notifications or keep a lid on it is within the grasp of the customers. As long as they don’t change the settings of their app, they will receive the alerts. You should take advantage of this opportunity to remind them to complete their registration in your app. It’s an excellent way to gather actionable information that will let you personalize future interactions.

(2) Promoting new products and offers: According to marketing experts, consumers expect discounts from businesses these days, especially from those in the retail sector. Then again, everyone can’t pay attention to the sales schedules of shops all the time. Also, if you offer discounts, it won’t amount to anything if the number of customers who purchase the item is below your expectations.

Promoting new products and offers

The best way to solve this problem is to communicate with buyers across multiple channels actively. Almost 25.30% of users like to receive push notifications from shopping and retail businesses. Understandably, it’s a marketing method that deserves your attention. By using them, you increase the likelihood of increasing your sales and enhancing your bottom-line during the marketing period.

(3) Keeping customers engaged continuously: In smartphones and tablets, particularly the ones powered by Android, push notification engagement is on the rise constantly. Researchers found that Android devices have a push notification opt-in rate of 91.1%. Conversely, the push notification opt-in rate in iOS devices is a measly 43.9%. It’s mainly because Android-powered devices have an opt-out strategy, unlike iOS-powered gadgets. iOS adopted an opt-in stance that led to lower push notification engagement rates on mobile devices. Since your users like to receive push notifications from you, you can use it as a path to keep them engaged. Even if your company doesn’t have any upcoming sales and promotions, it’s still one of those marketing practices that can ensure that your target audience never gets a chance to forget you or your brand. If you combine it with the right social media marketing tactics, then you can improve efficiency and gain a wider audience reach. Also, if you own a retail store or a shopping app, then you can remind users to flip through your catalog once in a while. Furthermore, you can inform them about new products, services, advocacies, or anything else that’s new with your business via push notifications.

(4) Getting feedback: Finally, a marketing software program designed by one of the leading mobile app development companies allow you to send actionable notifications. They are one of those push alerts that invite customers to offer their input and thank them for it. In this instance, you can configure your software solution to inform your audience how beneficial their feedback is for your business. You can do it immediately after a customer interacts with your customer service department or if they purchase something from your website, app, or physical store recently. If they enjoyed the experience, then they will surely give excellent reviews and five-star ratings. Basically, you get to utilize the positivity of their experience to your advantage and increase your reliability and attractiveness among consumers.

Driving repeat purchases
Are you aware of the fact that retaining existing customers is much more cost-effective than finding new leads and converting them? You should also know that if you can boost your customer retention rate by even 5%, then it will increase your profits somewhere between 25% and 95%. By keeping these enviable numbers in mind, you should be able to tweak your digital marketing software program towards customer retention tactics. At first, you might think that an email would be useful, but a push notification appears on the screen of the device of a user faster than an email.

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