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Sports have undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives. If you’re good at sports, you’re active and that makes up for the imperative health factor. With the technology being running at a quicker pace, there are however mobile apps in the market that let you interestingly enjoy this sport if you’re not good at playing it but love watching it. 

Fantasy sports apps have been in the talks for quite some time now. With what we can call an outstanding development in the dream sports industry, dream Cricket is the smartest choice to prevail upon the Indian gaming fan base. Details have it that the dream sports market in India will grow up to INR 118 Billion by FY23, Dream 11 comprising 90% of the portion of the overall industry. Being the individual from the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, the number of clients of Dream 11 developed from 2 Million out of 2017 to 4 Million clients in 2018 and has additionally been positioned tenth in the rundown of top imaginative companys in India in 2019 by Fast Company. The development as far as several clients, a portion of the overall industry and rankings is momentous for development is the following huge endeavor for Indian gaming app developers. And if we go by the US market then it is being used mainly for Basketball, Football,, and other sports. So, it is ideal for businesses to go with the top mobile app development company in the USA to get a bigger picture. 

Indians never lose an opportunity to communicate their adoration and excitement for Cricket, this articulation has taken something else altogether with the Dream 11 Fantasy Sports App. We had a wide range of choices and reasons to play the game prior, cutting out wickets from tree limbs, utilizing wide sticks for bats, and so forth, yet the Dream 11 dream sports platform has elevated this multitude of reasons to a higher level.

Being a dream sports platform, it permits the clients to play other famous games like football, kabaddi, and ball. In any case, the best part is on the way—the clients who win a competition can win monetary rewards truly and pull out it through the financial balance connected with the app.

Fantasy Sports App Business Model

Fantasy Sports App Business Model

Sports Fantasy App Revenue Model

It is safe to say that you are making an app just to engage your clients? Certainly Not! What is the utilization of putting so enormous in any app development when there is no extent of bringing in cash through it? Whenever you have your Dream11 clone app created from an eminent mobile app development service giving a sports app development company, the underneath expressed systems can be used for adapting your app.

1. Advertisements

The most beneficial adaptation model for a dream sports app is mobile promotions. Disney, Yahoo, and CBS are procuring tremendous incomes through publicizing. On showing the business advertisements inside your app, you get compensated by those promotion companies. Thus, show the most that promotions you can to acquire more. However, note that you don’t show such a large number of promotions; any other way, the client may get irritated and uninstall your app.

2. Stock

Sell stock and procure a very decent measure of income. You can sell custom shirts, covers, or mugs with an engraved photograph of notable games players.

3. Freemium

This model allows the client to introduce your app free of charge. Later on, they can make buys and redesign their record to approach progressed highlights and functionalities. Exploit this model and give your paid clients extra advantages like an advertisement-free gaming experience.

4. Investment Fees

You can set taking interest expenses for certain games and charge from those clients who need to take part in that specific game. Dream11 and FanDuel are two renowned dream sports app that sorts out challenges. The client who needs to partake in those challenges needed to pay the support charges. You can acquire the greatest income from these sorts of monetary reward matches.

Why Sports App Development Venture Should Be On Your Radar?

No or less rivalry in the market: Even however virtual cricket is a gigantically famous idea, it has not been carried out through enough apps at this time. In this way, your app can be a mid one to be dispatched, and subsequently will figure out how to get a greater fan base and an extraordinary portion of a market.

Why Sports App Development Venture Should Be On Your Radar - Moon Technolabs

Scope for development: As referenced above, the dream sports market is in its beginning phases. Along these lines, your app will be among a couple of ones to be accessible in the market with practically zero rivalries to set up the bars of contest high. That way, the app can progress after some time; improve its features to suit the client’s decisions.

Plenty of chances: An app dependent on a recently presented idea, in case it can prevail upon the necessities of clients, will consistently perform best on the lookout.

Steadfast Users: Nearly 74% of the clients play dream sports challenges twice or threefold week after week, which guarantees client tenacity. Offering various games will lead to the development of the gaming industry in India.

Technology Stack

Beneath have been referenced various technologies that are being utilized by mobile app development services offering companies for overseeing information base, front-end, and back-end functionalities of Dream11 clone app like dream sports apps:

  • Sports API: Cricket API, GoalServe, RapidAPI.com, Entitysports, Cricinfo, Sportsmonks
  • Continuous Analytics: Bigdata, Hadoop, Spark, Cisco, IBM, Apache Flink
  • Quick for iOS App
  • Java or Kotlin for Android App
  • Node.JS for Backend and API
  • React.JS for Frontend
  • MongoDB for Database
  • AWS or Google Cloud for Server
  • Twilio for SMS Gateway
  • PayPal or Stripe for Payment Gateway (Depends on Availability according to your Country)

The Structure Of Development Team 

  • iOS Developer
  • Backend Developers
  • QA Experts
  • Project Manager
  • Android Developer
  • UI/UX developer

Factors Influencing The Cost To Develop App Like Dream11

  • App plan
  • Android/iOS platform or both
  • Elements and functionalities
  • Group size
  • development group’s hourly rate
  • Project intricacy and size
  • technology stack

Fantasy Sports app Work Process

Select the Match – Once login and the OTP confirmation process are done, users pick their cherished match wherein they wish to take part.

Team Formation – According to the team shaped in the genuine game, a virtual team is framed. For instance, for playing cricket, a team of 11 players is required. The team can be shaped in numerous ways like disconnected drafting, serpentine and attractions based.

Commander – The team skipper is chosen by the users.

Team Division – According to the game’s thumb rule, various teams are shaped by the users. Virtual players get a decision to pick the team according to their decision.

Team Management – The made team can be changed at whatever point the users need while playing the game.

Reward Distribution – based on their exhibitions, the players are compensated with focuses. The most elevated focus scoring team eventually dominates the match.

Making Your Sports Fantasy App Better With Technologies

The technology that you will incorporate is extremely cutting-edge, and that needs to make your app better than the contenders.

Making Your Sports Fantasy App Better With Technologies - Moon Technolabs

  • AI for Personalization
  • AR/VR to Offer a Life-like Environment
  • Blockchain for a Secure Payment
  • social Media Integration
  • app Design that must be adored by users.

Challenges looked on Developing the Fantasy Sports App:

The constant test isn’t in fostering the dream sports app, however, it is laid in the post-development process. That implies advertising. The business magnets can without much of a stretch tackle that circumstance, utilizing their showcasing ability and spending plan. However, for a startup, it is an extreme contest to survive. It isn’t sufficient to make a platform. One requirement is to hold and connect with the users. Assuming you are on a strict financial plan, social media is there to help you.

Assuming you need to make an interesting dream sports app, do statistical surveying. As a matter of first importance, find out with regards to what they offer, the features, app plan, and work on that premise. This will assist you with being familiar with the qualities and shortcomings of your rivals. Then, at that point, begin to notice your rivals and think of better plans to draw in users. So, these sorts of challenges can be solved by hiring dedicated developers for the fantasy sports app development

The purpose for its the ubiquity in the Sports Industry

The quantity of sports darlings worldwide is developing each day, we as a whole know. The concentration, athletic framework development, and the development of advanced media-sound obvious. Also, observers like to go to their cherished groups and players at the arenas.

Notwithstanding, the force of technology is limitless. It empowers everybody across the world to watch games paying little heed to the area of the occasion. Presently certain insights ought to likewise be seen. One of our significant investigations shows that sports apps record 74% yearly dazzling development. Does this not spur you to construct a games app adequately from a games app development company? We should become familiar with extra motivations to help you to go gigantic.

Ongoing Analytics: Today, users are progressively requesting. They need examinations that can upgrade their productivity progressively. Consider incorporating features like movement investigation and live following to advance user support while making a nonexistent app.

Customization: No longer a choice to customize. users simply don’t need what the app is about. They anticipate that app owners should have the option to adjust their feed to their necessities. You might do this by permitting users to modify competition rivalries. Message pop-ups for offers, levels of the game, and so forth can be modified.

Live Streaming: Live streaming is an incredible technique to adapt your app. The capacity can be remembered for your app’s top-notch release where users can stream the match reside and get all updates. Moreover, you can add match features with short films to support re-commitment.

Gamification: In the part above, we examined how fruitful gamification is for a sports app development company in creating responsibility. See what other comparative features you might fuse into your app. Forecast of the player in which the users anticipate the player’s name, gain focuses, or arrive at a predetermined position. To screen their insight, users partook in in-app tests. Each right answer packs focuses or coins to open a level later.

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Steps To Setting Up A Dream11 like Business Model

Collaborate with extraordinary mobile app development services offering a sports app development company that can make a prevalent quality answer for you fitting your necessities. The master team of that company will make an extraordinary and inventive dream sports app for you. Aside from this, some different elements would help you in having an ideal hold over your users and remaining immovably in the serious market.

Steps To Setting Up A Dream11 like Business Model - Moon Technolabs

Handle Data Aptly

While making a dream sports app, you should deal with countless information. Continue to refresh your app now and again. Your games app is more with regards to calculative decisions and fantasy sports software development companies. Thus, guarantee that the estimations don’t turn out badly in view of deficient information. The more straightforward it is to investigate the information, the more well-known your app will be.

Notoriety Rule of 5 Seconds

In the event that your app prevails with regards to keeping its users drawn in for 5+ seconds, presumably your app has tracked down a spot in their cell phones. For this, you should ensure that your app has a straightforward yet intelligent plan through which you can draw in and have a stronghold over the guests.

Keep The Newsroom Updated

Keep your dream sports app refreshed with the most recent games news. By doing this you can keep your users connected more with your app and decrease the bob rate.

Aside from this, you want to zero in on the elements that you ought to incorporate into your dream sports app. The fundamental elements have been recorded further.


From the above guide, you must have gotten a full understanding of how fantasy sports app development works and the idea behind hiring a  fantasy sports software development company to start your own fantasy sports app business. Looking to get a free quote for developing the fantasy sports solution? Get in touch with us to get clarity.

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