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Android App Development Using Python
Published On: September 07, 2022

As we are aware of the fast-evolving trends and technologies of today. As technology changes, businesses and organizations must update and increase their abilities including developers.

For a variety of activities, many platforms, frameworks, and APIs for mobile app development have previously been released. However, it has already streamlined numerous developer operations and processes. Python was also introduced in 1991 with a focus on readability and quick application execution with fewer lines of code.

As time elapses, python also grows with various features, functions, and APIs, now it will become the first choice of developers to use and create the best applications due to various libraries of python. However, Android App Development Using Python is the top priority of every organization due to its flexibility. Moreover, native IOS and android can’t understand python, so it is necessary to use some library and framework for the same.

Let’s clear the idea from the scratch with what is android app development along with python and which tools you can use for your next project with android app development using python.

What is Android Apps Development?

The process of developing applications for Android-based devices is known as “android application development.” Applications can be made using programming languages like Java, Kotlin, and C++.

These days, Android supports a wider range of programming tools and frameworks, including an Android Development Kit that allows you to create apps in languages other than those mentioned above.

What is Python?

The high-level object-oriented programming language known as Python was first released in 1991. It has a dynamic semantic interpretation. However, it also supports the structure, OOPs, and function in addition to several different languages.

Python also allows you to automate tasks, analyze data, construct websites, write scripts, and many other things.

Android App Development Using Python

Everyone wants their applications to have a pleasant user interface, however, it is not available in all languages,  but for extended functions, API, languages, and frameworks, you must choose Python for app development. This enables the creation of scientific and numerical data analysis, web development, and app development, just to name a few.

Python has a robust community and simple syntax that programmers may quickly understand. Python-based android app development is the finest thing ever for both developers and businesses. It was used for AI and machine learning, data analytics, scripting, SEO, and integrations with numerous platforms to produce the best application for any business.

Here are the numerous advantages of the android app using python, which will lead you to choose android with python or the android operating system for your next development.

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Advantages of Android App Using Python

Rapid in programming

Python doesn’t have a compiler; instead, it directly executes the application via an interpreter, making it a faster and more reliable language for every development. Every programming language has its compiler to run the code, but it takes time for the application’s output.

Free and portable software

Python is free and open source, so there are no additional costs. It also has many valuable features. Although you can easily use free resources, APIs, and libraries, portability is Python’s top-level advantage.

Developmental Support

You may directly create applications from a prototype that supports Python because it is compatible with different operating systems and can work on any platform.

Numerous Libraries & Features

Python allows you to use a ton of free libraries and functions for the development of Android apps. You can get all the libraries and parts you need with just one line of import functions, and you don’t have to pay a dime for anything.

Continually Typed

Developers can utilize variables without declaring them, thanks to the dynamic type. However, you’ll save time because you won’t have to compile your code each time you make a change. It is advised for large applications where you must frequently use variables for various tasks.

Superior Community

Python has a larger community for solutions, tutorials, and documentation, in which you can quickly fix your error, difficulties, or guide while you are encountering in between the development. 

8 Tools for Android App Development Using Python | Tools For Python Programming

1. Beware | Develop Android App Using Python

Beware allows you to write programs in python and compile them into cross-platform applications with different operations systems. The beware supports repository to work on the platform, however, it is updated frequently, so that you can utilize updated data and functions towards your development.

If you are looking for native development, then Beware is the best choice for you, it has a native UI library that you can use for creating outstanding UI for cross-platform applications.

The beware has an open-source development procedure, which you can use for android python development. Moreover, you can easily use, and update the modules as per your requirement, but there are some problems with the community, as the tool is new and it takes time for making strong communities, where you can get daily updates, problem solutions, libraries, and more.


  • Execute your code in multiple platforms and os.
  • Libraries to access native functionality.
  • Extra tools for debugging, developing, and analyzing.
  • Efficiently develop android apps using python.

2. SL4A | Android App Using Python

If you are searching for how to make an app using python, or how to create an android app using python then SL4A is your answer. It is a scripting layer for android. Which you can use for creating, building, and running scripts for your applications. Moreover, it has an API to call various activities, which interface makes it more accessible.

You can run your script in the background as well in the python terminal. However various language is supported with the tools for alpha quality software development that helps to develop android apps using python.


  • Integration with cloud 
  • Built-in lock art screen and sensor
  • Multiple programming languages
  • Various scripting for multiple tasks

3. KIVY | Developing Android App Using Python

The KIVY is the final choice for every developer who is looking for android app development using python or android development with python. The KIVY is released in 2011, and its application can run on multiple operating systems.

The KIVY has an open-source python library in which you can create cross-platform applications along with GUI. Moreover, it has the flexibility of shifting tools and coding, which allows you to carry form, text entry, and a few more GUI from one platform to another. You can easily port python to android applications via KIVY.


  • It has a powerful library for developing android apps with python
  • Write one use everywhere 
  • Easy to use a lot of UI functions
  • Best cross-platform alternative for development

4. Chaquopy | Python SDK for Android

If you are looking for intermixing Java and Python, then Chaquopy will help you for sure. It is a plugin of the android studio used for python development on the android platform.

The API supports rich features, in which you can write an application in python for android and the whole API, features and libraries are at your disposal. It is best for android app development in python.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Directly integrated with android studio
  • You can download and install it through Gradle
  • Extended API & Libraries

5. QPython | Python Frameworks for Mobile App Development

The Qpython is the script engine that runs on android devices. It allows you to run python projects and scripts on android devices. It has a library, editor, console, and interpreter along with SL4A libraries which carry Qpython to become a python framework for mobile app development. However, building mobile apps with native source code is easy for the platform.


  • Standard Libraries & Supports
  • Runtime Mode for Android Device
  • Extra Console Mode for specific tasks
  • Webapp Mode & Q Mode
  • Custom UI toolkit

6. PySide | Cross Platform GUI ToolKit

The Qt framework, sometimes known as the Pyside, is a cross-platform GUI toolkit for the Python project. Additionally, PySide is a free toolkit that can be used instead of Tkinter and QT.

On the open source platform known as The Pyside, you are free to share your ideas without granting any rights to them. However, their bug reporting site allows you to file a report. The ideal combination of high-level programming language and GUI for creating apps is Pyside.


  • Open source and licensed under LGPL
  • Simple to use and incorporate
  • Stable framework for large applications
  • Primary widget-based UI
  • Platform Specific tools
  • Natural user interface

7. PyMob | Android Development In Python

The Pymob is the open source library for mobility parameter access and database. The storage contains the weighting of raw data. However, it has modified the cross-validation approach toward development. Additionally, Pymob has assessment, and the SQL databases are used to keep the assessment results. This enables quick access and encapsulation of each assessment level.


  • Convenient compares to other platforms
  • App specification can get a lot of data
  • Open source library for android application 
  • Mobile platforms and desktop platforms

8. PYQT Deploy 

The PYQT supports desktop and mobile application platforms, In conjunction with other tools included with Qt, pyqtdeploy is a tool that facilitates the deployment of PyQt applications created using Python versions.


  • Platform Specific distributable packages
  • Best GUI Tool & Android API integration
  • Used for Native Code & Native Android Application
  • Interpreter system, native compilers, python binding

Python For Android Development is Reliable or Not?

The development of Android apps using Java is becoming more popular, however, it is not as trustworthy as developing Android apps in Python. Android’s official language is Java, and other languages aren’t quite there yet where we can use all the resources. Python is therefore trustworthy when used with certain applications for Android development.

Moreover, if you are looking for python for android app development or python android development, then MoonTechnolabs is the best choice for you. We have dedicated resources for mobile app development, web development, database, front-end, back-end, and more services that you want to anticipate.


As the android studio has functionality and tools to work with the android apps using PYCharm.

You can create an app using python code with various tools and frameworks as mentioned above.

Pinterest, Spotify, Dropbox, and Uber are examples of applications that are made with python.

Yes, it is a good choice though android app development if you have developers like MoonTechnolabs.

Yes, will publish in the play store and apple app store once we did your mobile application development.
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