Do you belong to the hospitality industry? Do you own a restaurant? Are you willing to build a mobile app for your business? If you answer “yes” to all these questions, then this topic is a must-read for you. Here you’ll go through a few incredible app ideas. In reality, some of them are quite unique. By implementing them, you’ll get something that very few restaurants can boast of having.

The food industry belongs to the “consumable” segment and it just keeps on growing with every passing day. Restaurants, cafés and any other kind of eatery venture will never lose its appeal as long as the business owner knows what he/she is doing. Also, the quality of the food provided and the audience targeting strategies employed play crucial roles in the success of the business.

Now, you’re planning to raise the curtains and reveal your food business startup. Opening a good old-fashioned restaurant won’t be lucrative in today’s day and age. You have to come up with a unique business plan and utilize every technologically advanced system available today. You also have to keep tabs on the market trends. A combination of these will play a crucial role in striking a balance between demand and supply.

In today’s fast-paced world, nobody wants to wait for their turn, and it’s precisely where food delivery apps come into play. At the moment, the global food delivery market earns more than 80 million Euros. Also, according to experts, the annual growth rate will increase up to 3.5% within the next few years.

Based on market researchers, the revenue acquired by the app-based food delivery segment amounted to $107,483 million in 2019, which would grow at a rate of 9.9%. By 2023, the market volume will rise to $156,819 million. If you wish to cope with this rapid growth rate, you need to equip yourself with trending food app ideas.

In that regard, here are some ideas worth exploring.

restaurant booking app ideas

1. Checking calorie consumption:

You may argue that there isn’t anything new about an app showing how many calories an individual consumes in one meal or throughout the day. Well, you’re correct, but not many restaurants incorporate it in their mobile applications. Calorie consumption checking systems are usually available in health and fitness apps. That’s why adding this feature to your app can be immensely beneficial to startups. Whenever a customer orders a meal, he/she will see how many calories he/she will be consuming. Just don’t make the mistake of believing that only health-conscious folks and fitness freaks will appreciate this system. Even patients with restricted diets can enjoy restaurant food if they can choose food items based on the number of calories.

2. Discounts and coupons:

This one is another novel app concept with immense possibilities to grow and attract an audience. Apps giving access to food coupons and discounts to users will alert them whenever they enter the vicinity of one such establishment. So, for instance, if you’re offering discounts or coupons, your users will learn about them instantly as soon as they enter the region where you operate. Of course, you must combine the app with beacon technology if you’re planning to stick to location-based strategies.

3. Cooking experiments:

Yes, restaurants and eateries try to preserve trade secrets. The ingredients and cooking techniques you use to create specific dishes are what make you special. You receive hundreds and thousands of orders for that specific recipe every day, and so you don’t wish to share anything about it with anyone. However, there must be replacements that an individual can use if he/she considers cooking that recipe at home. Therefore, you should consider adding an experimental cooking guidance system to your app. You only need to replace the secret ingredients and techniques. They will follow the cooking process described there and prepare their favourite dish at home. Experimental cooking app add-ons offered by restaurants are gaining a lot of popularity these days.

4. Food planner:

Due to the extremely busy lives led by commoners these days, you’ll receive plenty of home-delivery orders. Then again, some food items aren’t suitable for eating every day. The common folk know it. Naturally, they expect their favourite restaurants to provide them with meal planning options. You should think about adding such a system to your app. It will help your customers choose from a massive range of food regimes and dietary plans. If you can design your meal planning system appropriately, then individuals with clinical consideration will benefit from it too.

5. For the poor:

This one is a unique and humanitarian idea from every aspect. You can launch an app for your restaurant with a system to allow customers to send leftover food to the poor and homeless. The number of poverty-stricken people is rapidly increasing across the world. If your app has a facility by which customers can send leftover food to these unfortunate folks, everyone will benefit from it.

6. Restaurant exploration AR:

Numerous individuals cancel their visit to a restaurant simply because they don’t know what it looks like from the inside. Indeed, the ambience of an eatery describes what it will be like to sit there and have a meal. If you design your establishment meticulously, why should you avoid showing it off to your customers? You should add an AR based restaurant application solution exploration system to your business. New clients will use it to marvel at the impressiveness of the interiors and rush to your restaurant.


Of course, there are many other unique and never-heard-of-before ideas that you can incorporate into your food startup app. If possible, you should think about adding all of them or you can introduce one after the other as your business grows and you earn the love and trust of more customers.

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