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According to a recent Nielson survey, smartphone usage adoption is growing 8 times faster than web usage compared to a couple of decades back. This presents an incredible world of opportunity to businesses all over the globe, as they can create an E-Commerce App that can augment and complement their stores.

With reports from Statista saying that by 2020, E-Commerce App sales to touch an astonishing figure of $340 billion in the US alone, it becomes even more important to not just develop any App, but one that is engaging and well designed.

E-Commerce Mobile App Trends

A report by Mobify states that close to 90% of shoppers feel that a mobile or smartphone make them shop more impulsively. Data from Internet Retailer says that more than 66% of E-Commerce shopping will take place through E-Commerce Apps in Mobiles in the coming years.

Key points for developing successful E-Commerce Apps

  • UI and UX

Ensure that the design and interface are appealing, and intuitive to your customer every time they use your App for shopping. Ensure that your App is compatible to run on different smartphones that belong to different platforms and that the UX doesn’t get affected across various devices. Make sure that navigation is smooth, and that the App layout and product choice is displayed well.

Keep an eye on the page weight and how they load, when a customer browses the App. Give links to different Social media, to prompt them to share their shopping experience, reviews and recommendations. It may be a smart idea to design that App in such a way that are operable by a single hand.

  • Auto-fill feature

Make shopping easier for your customers, by employing the auto-fill and auto-complete features. Assist your clients by giving product name suggestions, recommendations and images of the same, so as to gently nudge them to make a purchase.

  • Wishlist and a simple checkout

Creating a wish list for your customers will help you to keep reminding them to make the purchase. It will also give you an idea of what products are most favoured or to offer a good discount to make that sale.

Another key point is to make the checkout process simple and easy for the customers. Storing your client’s info like Name and address, and enabling them to make a purchase without having to log in or sign in, make the checkout a breeze.

Remove those items that are unnecessary on the checkout page, and keep it neat, minimalistic and straightforward. Reduce the number of steps between customer and conversions.

  • Test, test and Test

While designing an E-Commerce App, put it through various testing methods to check its running and performance. Run the different versions of the App through Split Testing or A/B testing, to identify the one that performs better, and has a higher conversion rate.

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  • Security

Make sure to encrypt all the data pertinent to your clients and ensure that their privacy is protected and financial safety is taken care.Keep in mind the future growth and scope of your business while developing your E-Commerce App. Ensure that it is agile and scalable.

More importantly, identify the right Tech partner to achieve this goal. If you are keen to develop an engaging E-Commerce App for your business, get in touch with our experts at Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s leading E-Commerce App development Company.

Drop us a mail at sales@moontechnolabs.com, or give a call now to +1(951)801 5251 to take your App to the next level of success.

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