5 grocery delivery apps development in US

With an app for ordering groceries online, folks can restock their refrigerators and kitchen shelves within minutes. They don’t even have to step outside their front doors. If you want to get your grocery app developed, and if you’re seeking inspiration, then these apps deserve your attention. Almost every resident of the USA is using one of these applications to get their groceries delivered to their doorstep.

Today’s consumers don’t have enough time. Nobody wants to go to a grocery shop, buy what they need, and haul the caboodle back home. App development agencies realized it long ago. That’s why they started launching mobile applications that allow an individual to place orders for products and get them delivered at their doorstep. Folks realize that if they download grocery delivery applications on their phones, they can go about their way unhindered as the grocery company will deliver the products.

As the owner of an existing grocery business or an entrepreneur, you have the chance to hire a top grocery delivery app development company to get an app developed. However, the cost to develop a quality grocery delivery app shouldn’t be the first thought to penetrate the recesses of your mind. Instead, you need to take a look at the apps that are winning the hearts of the people of a country like the USA. When it comes to gaining inspiration, these apps deserve your attention. By the time you reach the end of this topic, you’ll have an idea of how much you have to spend to get an application developed.

(1) Safeway: Safeway is quite a reputed name in the field of online grocery delivery services in North America. In reality, it has been a leading grocery delivery company in the USA for several years already. Just like most of the grocery chains of today, Safeway introduced its mobile application to facilitate business growth and reach out to new customers. The product portfolio of the company is large enough, which adds to this company’s popularity. They have an all-inclusive network of distributors, manufacturers, and establishments. Safeway caters to the requirements of its customers through more than 1678 stores spread across the United States of America and Canada. The delivery fee is usually $10, but buyers won’t have to pay it if the overall amount of the products ordered hits $150. The minimum order value is $30.


  • Massive collection of products
  • Very popular among buyers
  • An easy-to-use application bridging the gap between customers and this company’s extensive network of establishments, producers, and distributors

(2) Shipt: This one is a relatively new entrant, but it didn’t take long for the company to create a mark in the field of business with its incredible services. An individual can pay a monthly fee of $14 or a yearly membership fee of $99 to get their favourite food items and everyday requirements delivered to his/her doorstep without any problems. Bill Smith is the entrepreneur behind Shipt who created and launched it in Birmingham, AL. The app is currently earning around $120 million every year with an employee base of 604 specialists. It also raised around $65.9 million through funding and gave fierce competition to businesses like AmazonFresh, Burpy, etc.


  • Meal planning options
  • Perfect for people with a limited budget
  • An “on sale today” category
  • Viewing and reviewing order history

(3) Instacart: It’s another grocery delivery app that lets people get their products delivered to their doorstep in less than sixty minutes. Instacart even allows a buyer to choose his/her favourite stores, such as Fairway, CVS, Whole Foods Market, and Petco. These are the companies working with Instacart. Commoners can avail of the services of this platform with exclusive offers like free-of-charge delivery if they purchase products above $35. The minimum order value has to be at least $10. The annual membership price is $149. Apoorva Mehta laid the foundation of this app and the company back in 2015, who was an employee of Amazon. The company managed to earn $150 million through funding options, which, in turn, added to its financial value and raised it to $350 million.


  • Buyers get their products delivered at a lightning-fast speed
  • Instacart works with stores like Costco and Whole Foods
  • Commoners can use an aisle mapping feature

(4) Boxed: This firm delivers grocery products in bulk straight to the front door of the buyer. Those who need items like fruits, eggs, milk, and vegetables in bulk can rely on Boxed without hesitation. Buyers can schedule the deliveries with Boxed Express. However, the Express shipments offered by Boxed have individual minimum order values and delivery fees. Naturally, the expenses can add up. If a customer expects free shipping, he/she needs to place an order worth $49 or above. The overall delivery fee on every order below $49 is $7. When it comes to memberships, Boxed provides an optional offer of $49 per year for free-of-cost shipping services.


  • The app is easy to handle
  • Buyers can purchase groceries in bulk
  • Products reach the doorstep of the buyer
  • A negligible delivery fee

(5) Peapod: This app is efficient enough and lets a buyer use filters to create the perfect grocery list. Thomas Parkinson and Andrew Parkinson launched Peapod back in 1989 in Chicago, and it has an employee base consists of 4600 workers. Peapod happens to the largest grocery delivery service provider in the USA that received funding of $37 million. There has been only one round of funding. However, it doesn’t stop the company from earning $200 million annually.


  • There’s an “order genius” feature allowing buyers to track frequent purchases
  • It also offers “meal kits”
  • There’s an Express Shop system that enables a user to type his/her list, submit it, and receive product suggestions

Final words

As you can see, these applications possess enough features to help them acquire a spot in almost every list of the best grocery delivery apps in the USA. You can hire a top grocery delivery app development company to get your application developed. Now, the cost to develop a quality grocery delivery app development can be anywhere between $40,000 to $200,000. Of course, it depends on the features you wish to incorporate. So, consider your options and see what you can come up with.

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