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Have you been searching for app development ideas that will let you join the “millionaire” bandwagon? If you want your app to be the “next big thing” in the market, then this write-up is a must-read for you.

App development for mobile devices is in extremely high demand at the moment, especially among startup businesses. After the pandemic setback in 2020, young entrepreneurs will want it even more, regardless of the mobile app development cost, which isn’t unaffordable, either.

At the moment, there are over two million applications in the Google Play Store and more than one-and-a-half million on Apple App Store. The Windows App Store is managing to keep up the pace with more than six-hundred and fifty thousand apps to offer.

Market researchers found that business companies managed to generate $461.7 billion in 2019. They further predicted that it would rise to $935.2 billion by 2023.

As a young entrepreneur, 2020 has been nothing less than depressing to you, but you shouldn’t believe that 2021 will be the same. In fact, every sector is striving to regain momentum, and the world is shifting more towards digitization.

If you’re willing to hire a best team from top mobile app development companies in 2021 for your project, then you should consider the following app ideas first. Maybe you’ll find something you like. Maybe you’ll even manage to combine a few and offer multiple services or various types of products through one single platform.

(1) App for scanning and purchasing: A Scan-and-Shop app lets an individual scan a specific item to search for it on the internet using the scanned image and purchase it from online portals easily. You should speak with your developers if you wish to include useful and visually appealing features.

(2) App for on-demand vehicle washing: People are back on the streets, and so are their vehicles. Those who have a car will want to wash it from time to time. With this app, they can place an order to a car washing company to send a service provider to their home to wash their automobiles.

(3) App for navigating shopping malls: This app will be like a GPS for malls. It will only showcase the shopping malls in a specific location. With this app, a user will be able to find his/her way to a mall and inspect the shops, restaurants, bathrooms, and parking lot conditions digitally.

(4) App for restaurant reservations: One such app lets a customer book a table or seat at a restaurant. The customer will also be able to customize the number of tables, set the time of arrival, and even explore the interiors of the establishment on the app.

(5) App for alerting the police: A pandemic can stop you from getting outside your house, but it won’t be enough to obliterate criminal behavior. With this app, users will be able to alert the police if they notice wanted criminals skulking around in their neighborhood.

(6) App for vehicle parking: It’s an exceptionally useful app for someone who goes everywhere in his/her car. With it, the user will be able to pinpoint empty parking spots. The app will utilize GPS, webcams, location, and parking-related information in real-time to direct the user to the right place.

(7) App for gift delivery: This app will allow users to set gift delivery schedules for all upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions of their loved ones.

(8) App for interior designing: An app for interior designing purposes will utilize VR technology. The user will click a photograph of the place that he/she wants to decorate and feed it on the application.

interior designing app

In return, it will suggest design options, including decorative objects, colors, curtains, wall-hanging décor elements, etc. It should also guide the user to the best décor stores and professional interior decorators. Before you consider building this app, make sure you gather information on the mobile app development cost.

(9) App for managing bills and finance: These apps provide information to users based on their bill payment preferences. It will alert the user about due dates and even break the amount if he/she has one or more roommates.

(10) App for silencing phones automatically: It’s an app that will put the phone of a user in “silent mode” automatically whenever he/she visits a specific location.

(11) App for translating languages: This app, as the name suggests, will translate the words spoken by an individual in real-time so that the other person understands it. This particular idea is quite a unique one.

(12) App for taxi sharing: With this app, users can share a cab with another person if they have the same destination. It will help both individuals split the cost and save some money.

(13) App for managing receipts: The purpose of this app is to store all bills and receipts of the user in one place. It will prevent him/her from losing or misplacing the documents.

(14) App for finding tenants: This app will be useful to everyone who has a vacant property. Landlords can find potential tenants and communicate with them directly. If you add a payment system to it, then both landlords and tenants will benefit from it.

(15) App for managing subscriptions: A subscription management app will let the user keep track of all subscriptions and inform him/her about payment due dates.

(16) App for tax filing: Every business owner will want to use an app that offers them a chance to keep records of their income, expenses, business supplies, and tax transactions.

(17) App for reading texts: This app will read textual information written or printed on a piece of paper. The user will be able to save the data on his/her phone or computer.

(18) App for hiring construction contractors: With this app, users will be able to hire contractors online, compare different service providers, and select the one that suits their budget and requirements.

(19) App for tracking lost items: People forget a lot of things every day. This app will help them find their wallet, car or house keys, eye-glasses, and other similar items they lose.

(20) App for writers: Writers hate distractions of any kind when they work, but nobody can stay away from their phones for long. This app will cut off all distractions and block specific functions when the writer works.

(21) App for book reviews: This app has the potential to be a must-have for ardent readers. It will inform them whether a book is worth reading or not by showing reviews posted by previous readers.

To conclude
There’s no limit to what you can achieve if you manage to develop an app. Besides, the ultimate purpose of hiring a custom mobile app development company is to get a digital solution to one or more problems faced by people. So, start looking for app development firms and convert your idea into reality.

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