Check out the Top 20 Mobile Development Trends of the Industry

More and more platforms are switching over to the online platform for their business needs. Even people these days are preferring mobile phones for a majority of their browsing and internet activities. This makes mobile app development a mandatory tech for your brand

There was a time when mobile phones the shape and size of a brick and used mainly for communicating and sending messages. Today, there is nothing that mobile phones cannot do. From setting events to browsing social media and shopping- everything is accessible on your fingertips. People are preferring mobile phones for web browsing as well. This encourages web stores and eCommerce ventures to switch over to mobile platforms or develop apps optimized for smartphones

There is a vast untapped market out there that you can monetize on with a few simple yet effective changes to your website. Firstly, you need to make your web pages more mobile-friendly, the shape, size and screen resolution should be adjusted to smaller screens. Here you can refer about the use of IT technology in 2020 as well as know about the trends of mobile apps in 2020 that you should be aware of;


  • Automated, User-friendly Platforms 

Mobile app development services are becoming more intuitive and interactive with interfaces that require little to no coding skills. Almost anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can access and customize the content to suit their needs. This spares you the time and trouble of having to depend on professional developers. The ready made templates and SEO feature further simplify the job for you.


  • Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing has become a major aspect of mobile app development platforms these days. Almost every venture or brand that you see is on the cloud these days. cloud computing allows for faster, more comprehensive database management, information collection, and integration. You get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and access to some advanced functionalities that make things more fun for the entrepreneur and the client alike.


  • Augmented Reality 

AR and VR were concepts that were first introduced in the gaming industry where platforms offered users a more realistic, 3D experience of virtual reality that could be physically felt and even customized to suit your liking. These platforms offer a holistic audio-video experience that allows for more information access.


  • Virtual Reality

VR, when linked with the eCommerce sector, can open up new avenues for customers where they can try the clothes or latest gadgets without physically touching them


  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 

Artificial intelligence, when combined with data science, can really revolutionize the business world. Some of the biggest companies in the world today are investing heavily in AI, encouraging the development of AI assistants and bots that can be tweaked to the needs of the user. Platforms like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have become the part and parcel of our lives, interacting and helping us multitask and switch over different apps on an everyday basis.


  • Internet of Things aka IoT

IoT or the internet of things is a platform that combines the best of hardware and software networks and gadgets to create a system that allows for faster data access and sharing. IoT has been a major shareholder in B2B mobile markets. Developers can now control web spaces and gadgets digitally using advanced IT solutions. Let’s startup your business by integrating trendy key components of IoT in 2020 by launching in the globe.


  • Application Performance Management 

Application performance management or APM is a platform that improves the process of app testing. It includes a set of tools and advanced tech solutions that offer clear statistics, deeper insights and an overall better collection of metrics for forming smarter marketing strategies


  • Enterprise Mobile Management  

Enterprise mobile management or EMM is a technology that gives developers better control over the financial and technical organization and web security aspects of the company. it simplifies the process of conducting business online, accounting for faster, convenient data processing and integration. It also accounts for better file synchronization and distribution across different networks


  • Navigation and Biometric Tech 

These days almost every mobile app or platform is integrated with GPS navigation and touch-based platform. The motion sensors and biometric tools allow for faster and more flexible storage and sorting of information. Fitness apps, navigational platforms, and games are some of the platforms where the tech is being used now


  • WYSIWYG Mobile UI 

Most mobile development apps are based on the WYSIWYG framework that allows the developers a preview of the website as it would appear on the user-end browser. This makes it easier for the client to check how the content is arranged on the web page. It is usually accompanied by a live editor where you can make live, real-time changes to the content that is automatically updated on the website.


  • M-Commerce 

M-commerce is basically a platform that allows users to connect their bank account to an application for quicker and safer payment methods. These e-wallets can also be linked to your debit and credit cards. And these transactions are usually accepted in most well-known web stores and online purchases.


  • Portable and Wearable Gadgets 

There are different electronic gadgets like watches, glasses, and headphones that can be linked or connected to your mobile apps in an organic way. This means that users now have accessibility to both hardware and tech aspects of the platform in an organic, holistic way. Wearables have several uses, helping users track their health, monitor their heart rate, get the latest news, check the temperature and other functions.


  • Cross-Platform Apps and Networks 

There was a time when mobile app development services were designed for just one platform or system. Today, we have cross-platform networks that can be used anywhere, anytime. You now have apps that are optimized for Androids, Microsoft and IOS devices. This increases the accessibility and efficiency of the vehicle.


  • Predictive Analysis 

Conventional stats and tables no longer serve the purpose that they used to in the past. These days, ventures have access to more accurate insights and analytical tools that allow companies an in-depth look into the latest mobile app industry trends and customer preferences that are prevalent in the industry. Predictive analysis is a concept that uses machine learning, data science and AI concepts to predict the future trends and foresee the changes that the market might go through


  • Switch- The Programming Platform on Demand 

The switch is the latest, most unique and innovative programming language that was developed in the IOS platform. It is one of the most recent mobile apps industry trends of the year. This platform has an easier learning curve, allows for greater customization and offers an overall interactive experience that is interesting for both professional developers and amateurs alike.


  • Cybersecurity 

Cybercrime and online threats have been on a rise since the past few years, with hackers inventing new and dangerous ways to steal your information and exploit it. Websites and mobile application services, therefore, need stronger, smarter anti-virus platforms and firewall security systems to check what data incoming on the website and who can access it. You can even have certain encryptions or protect sections of the app with passwords that only a few select parties are authorized to access. This comes in handy when you are transacting online or dealing with e-banking services.


  • Instant Accessibility Apps 

There are mobile application development technologies that provide selective and advanced services online. You don’t have to download the app or install it on your phones to access the facilities. This saves you a lot of time, effort and storage space. Usually, eCommerce business ventures and web stores resort to the instant accessibility apps that allow for quicker and more effective functionalities


  • Chatbots 

Chatbots have become increasingly popular over these past few years. For business holdings, chatbots are a viable option because it saves them the trouble of having to hire actual people to address customer demands. You can now feed pre-set and ready made responses to these bots for quick, effective and error-free interaction. And with the development of AI, things are becoming all the more interesting as these bots can now make decisions and adjust to the clients without any human intervention.


  • Service-based Apps

The future of mobile application development technologies would be mostly about on-demand services where the applications offer basic facilities at your doorstep. Our lives are becoming more and more luxurious and convenient. People can now book cabs, shop for groceries, order clothes, even order for parlor sessions and spas in their homes at affordable prices and at their own convenience. All you have to do is set an appointment, make the payment and set a date and time for the delivery to be made.


  • 5G networking

Gone are the days when 3G and 4G networks were coveted by mobile users. Thanks to technology, today we have even faster mobile application services and networks that offer 5G speed. This technology has contributed to sectors like aviation, data science, AR, 3D gaming, and even internet safety services. It doesn’t just account for faster accessibility but also offers protection against online threats and hacking.

The Bottom Line 
These are but a few of the trends of mobile apps in 2020, there are several more that you can read up about and implement in your daily usage for better productivity.

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