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Best Startup Business
Published On: November 24, 2022

Start-ups are in vogue, with many budding entrepreneurs trying their hand at many kinds of businesses. There are multiple examples of businesses that started as small start-ups but grew in size and profits to become highly successful. Setting up and managing your start-up has numerous advantages, such as you are your boss, you manage your profits, and you get to do what you like.

Many small business ideas do not require a heavy infusion of capital at the outset and high technical expertise. Therefore, there are several choices if you are seeking the best startup business along with top small business start up ideas. Consider the following start-up ideas for the year 2023.

Best Startup Business | Best Business Startup

Online tutorials

Online coaching is a good business start-up idea if you are an expert on any subject and can teach. You can expand your business by inducting more experts in various other subjects as you get more subscribers. Apart from taking live classes, you can create your YouTube channel for tutorials.

You can also create printable activity guides for children of various age groups. Storytelling for kids can also be included in your services.

Mobile App

Mobile application to provide a particular service is a good option for the best start-up business in 2023. You can create a mobile app dealing with a unique kind of service. For example, an airport app provides complete information about any airport, such as amenities, ground transportation options, airport maps, and more, to help travelers navigate airports in real-time. Another example is a virtual reality-based interior design app that helps people decorate their homes and offices.

There are professional mobile app development companies to build mobile apps for start-ups. For instance, MoonTechnolabs is an experienced mobile app development company well versed in developing the best startup business mobile apps custom designed to fulfill the niche business needs of start-ups.

Graphic Designing

Setting up a graphic designing studio is a perfect start-up business idea if you are trained in graphic designing and know how to use various designing platforms such as Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe, Illustrator, and others. The massive demand for high-end graphics due to the rapid proliferation of internet content in recent years provides a large and growing market for graphic design studios.

You can easily hire more graphic designers as you get more clients and your start-up expands. Constantly improving your skills to keep pace with the latest tools and technologies is the key to success in graphic design.

Amazon Kindle Publishing

Your writing skills can be used as a business idea with the help of Amazon kindle publishing. All you need to do is write a book in any genre and upload it to Amazon kindle publishing. The review team of Amazon reviews the book. On approval, it is published as a kindle version and is available for sale.

As soon as a customer purchases a book, Amazon pays you after taking a certain percentage of the sale value. Thus, you can earn money by using your passion for writing, so this is the best startup business without much investment.

Homemade Candles

Scented or aromatic candles are highly demanded for interior decoration and gifting purposes. Thus, you can tap into this market by selling homemade aromatic candles. You can make the candles yourself or procure them from a third party. If you want to manufacture candles yourself, there are many online courses to learn the same. To make candles on your own, you need raw materials and equipment such as wax, wicks, threads, molds, aromatic oils, a thermometer, a melting pot, a pour pot, a weighing scale, a hammer, and an oven.

You can sell homemade candles through your dedicated website or partner with an e-commerce platform.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is in high demand at the current times. Thus, aerial photography service is a top business idea in 2023. The foremost requirement for this business is the ability to fly a drone. You can easily learn to fly a drone and become proficient in it before starting the business of aerial photography.

Couples widely seek aerial photography services to capture their wedding events, real estate developers, filmmakers, and more. Camera-equipped drones are not much expensive and are widely available in online stores. Thus, the initial investment is not very heavy.

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Virtual Assistant Service

Small businesses with limited staff often struggle to manage all their day-to-day tasks and are willing to pay for a helping hand. Virtual assistant service lends a helping hand to such businesses for a fee. Thus, it is a good start-up business idea.

Virtual assistant service takes over many daily tasks such as booking appointments, answering customer queries, sending emails and replying to emails, making calls to clients, and much more. You are not required to be present physically to manage these tasks. The business enterprise pays for these services. You can hire more people as the number of your client’s increases.

Co-working Space

Remote working has been adopted by many companies all over the world and has become an essential part of corporate operations even after the reduction of the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from home is not preferred by many professionals due to many reasons, such as lack of proper space or unreliable internet connection at home.

To this end, providing co-working space to remote workers is a good start-up idea. The investment required to develop such a space includes a Wi-Fi connection, food and beverages, technical support, and an uninterrupted power supply. The revenue model can be the rent charged per day or hourly.


It is one of the best business start-up ideas for 2023, not the least because it is a highly innovative and less tried idea. The concept of dropshipping enables you to set up your e-commerce store without stocking or shipping products.

First, you must tie up with suppliers and list the products you want to procure from those suppliers on your e-commerce website. Once an order is placed for a certain product, you place an order for that product with the supplier. The product is shipped to the customer by the supplier. You profit by selling the product at a greater price than the suppliers. You are only required to purchase any product from the supplier once unless you get an order.

Mobile Garage

Cars, motorbikes, and other types of vehicles can suffer a breakdown in the middle of a street with no mechanics nearby. A mobile garage is highly useful in such a situation. Hence it is a good start-up business idea.

To establish a mobile garage, you must be trained in repairing vehicles or hire professional mechanics. Other requirements are a vehicle, a mobile phone, and the tools required to repair a stranded vehicle. On getting a call, you or your mechanic must rush to the stranded vehicle’s site. As your clients increase, you will need to add to your fleet of mobile garages and manpower.

Create and Sell Themes Online

You can build and sell website themes online if you have good coding skills and are particularly good at front-end development. You can build website themes using CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, and others and publish them on GetBootstrap. Another option is to build themes for WordPress websites and sell them on Themeforest.


So this is all about the best startup business idea and best business startup, So Getting hold of a small business idea and working on it may seem daunting at first, but as you become more proficient, you attract more clients, and your profits soar. Choose a particular idea as per your specific skill sets and preference. Moreover, if you are looking for niche app development or web development, then we MoonTechnolabs are there for you. Let us know your requirements and then the sky is the limit for you.


A business that does not require high initial capital investment is innovative enough to avoid intense competition.

Mobile app services, online courses, and graphic designing are some of the most profitable start-ups.

A sole proprietorship is the easiest business because only one person manages the business.

The top 10 are online tutorials, mobile app service, homemade aromatic candies, dropshipping, graphic designing, selling themes online, co-working space, aerial photography, virtual assistant service, and mobile garage.

A business that does not require much physical infrastructure is the best to start with little money. Some examples are online tutorials, social media consulting, virtual assistant services, and online content creation.
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