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Are you searching for a programming language that always delivers above-par results? Then you should definitely go with Python. Here you’ll learn about a few brands that left most of their competitors trailing simply because they chose Python.

Back in May 2021, the TIOBE index ranked Python as the second most popular programming language. The massive usage of Python combined with the fact mentioned above proves the language’s strength. It also clarifies that a business company, whether an MNC or a small business can benefit from Python app development services.

Python is a programming language that a developer can use for a massive range of applications, including web apps, games, and even machine learning systems. Due to the dexterity and versatility of Python, business companies use it on a global scale. Here you’ll learn which of these world-renowned brands hire developers to build digital solutions.

About Python

So, what do you need to know about Python? It’s a high-level general-purpose programming language. While it’s possible to use this programming language for front-end development, Python works best when used for the back-end.

Here are a few other crucial features of Python.

  • It’s garbage-collected

  • It’s dynamically-typed

  • It’s interpreted

As Python is an interpreted language, it doesn’t translate programming directly into machine code. You get this feature only from compiled languages. This nature of Python reduces the rate of execution at runtime, but at the same time, it facilitates dynamic typing.

Dynamically types programming languages conduct type checking at runtime. It means that the type errors occur only once when developers run the program. Dynamic typing has its advantages too. For instance, it elicits more flexibility and concise coding. In other words, coders don’t have to declare a variable explicitly.

The garbage-collection feature of Python lets it manage the memory in a program automatically by dumping objects unnecessary non-referenced objects. By knowing these details about Python, you barely scratch the surface of its architecture. Global companies favor this programming language mainly because of its design philosophy.

The creator of Python, Guido van Rossum started working on designing it in the late 1980s. He prioritized code readability in its syntax and structure.

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The advantages

Here are some of the advantages you get to enjoy when you opt for Python app development services.

Easy to use

It’s extremely easy to use Python and in more than one way. For starters, developers can read it easily because it almost replicates the English language in terms of composition. It’s also simple enough to write.

Developers with a thorough understanding of the code can use Python better than those who don’t. So, if you choose to use Python, you can be sure that your developers won’t spend too much time in Stack Overflow. They’ll be able to delegate most of their time to the development of your project.

Apart from basic comprehension, easy-to-write codes tend to be high-yielding. For instance, developers can perform a specific task in Python by writing just a few lines of code. If they use other high-level programming languages, such as C or Java, they won’t be able to do the same thing.


Once you take a look at the list of the global companies using Python included in this write-up, you’ll understand how scalable Python is. Scalability is a requirement for every business and Python excels in it. For starters, it supports several programming paradigms, including procedural, structural, object-oriented programming, and functional.

Object-oriented programming or OOP and class structures work together to form the foundation of large-scale software applications. Python even has all-inclusive libraries for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These things prove just how powerful this language is.

Data science is yet another subject in which Python excels. Fintech enterprises routinely depend on this programming language. Furthermore, Python plays a dictatorial role in the development of games. Some of the biggest names, such as Eve Online and Sims 4 are the result of high-level Python programming.


Python is free, just like most of the programming languages available right now. Additionally, it’s open-source. In short, developers can modify most of the elements of the language based on their requirements. However, the most important factor is the popularity of the language.

All these characteristics contribute to the fact that language is in extremely high demand. Python is accessible, both in terms of syntax and usage, and every business firm using Python only furthers this cyclical chain of implementation and demand.

Other recognized technologies strive due to their massive and dedicated communities. They provide strategic solutions to a developer whenever necessary.

You should leverage this factor for your own benefit. As Python is an in-demand language, you should be able to hire developers specializing in this programming language with relative ease. The bigger the pool, the easier it will be for you to pry out bona fide talent.

Companies using Python

Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the world-renowned businesses currently using Python.


This brand rightfully deserves to be in the first place. Almost everyone in this world uses at least one product of Google, which be the search engine, email platform, web browser, or something else.

Google World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

Other than C++, Go, and Java, Python is one of this brand’s preferred server-side languages. The director of research and former search quality director, Peter Norvig says that this programming language has been an intrinsic part of Google from the beginning and it still plays a crucial role, especially now that the system is growing and evolving.

Google leverages Python for a lot of its highly-recognized applications, including YouTube.


Quora is a combination of a QA platform and a social media networking site. Someone once posted a question there about the programming languages used in building the website. It prompted the CEO or Quora Adam D’Angelo to answer it himself.

Quora World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

He said that using Python is profoundly easier compared to other programming languages, including Java. There was a time when the engineers working for the brand also believed that Python will get better with the website. In other words, they expected it to scale up.

When you consider the fact that two years ago Quora managed to attract 300 users every month to visit the platform, you realize how scalable Python is.


Indeed, even Facebook uses Python, even if it doesn’t get the credit it should receive for coining the term “poke.”

Back on 18th May 2021, Facebook’s net worth was almost $900 billion. It isn’t surprising at all because Facebook is probably the most widely used social networking site, and its popularity is only increasing with every passing day. Naturally, it pays for every business owner to attempt to understand the secret of this brand’s success.

Facebook World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

The creators of Facebook use Python for the back-end and they do it primarily for production engineering. It’s a specific development sector that combines software engineering with systems.

The team of production engineering is in charge of making sure that almost two billion Facebook users spread throughout the world can use the platform smoothly without running into any hitches. Python makes the job of the production engineering team possible.


The name of this brand may be unfamiliar to some people, but even they may be using it without knowing anything about it. Stripe is the name of a fintech startup firm that allows companies to accept payments online.

Stripe World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

World-renowned businesses, such as Lyft and Amazon use Stripe as part of their digital platforms. It’s safe to say that Stripe is now a business in itself. This brand, just like the others described above, is a user of Python.

The creators of Stripe used Python to build its API or application programming interface to achieve cross-compatibility with websites and mobile applications. If you’re looking to invest in cross-platform desktop app development, make sure your developers use Python.


With every passing day, PayPal helps even more people in keeping their money safe. It does so through secure and convenient digital transactions through the PayPal platform.

PayPal World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

PayPal uses Python throughout its whole infrastructure. Also, one of the articles written on Python, which also received the most number of shares, came from the official writers of PayPal Engineering on Medium.

If you’re a user of PayPal too, remember that it’s yet another brand that leverages the power of Python.


Even a decade ago, people had to worry about running out of space on their phones. The same thing happened with their MP3 players because they stored too many tracks.

Today, apps like Spotify fixes this issue by letting users stream music for free. This brand uses Python for data analysis and back-end development services.

Spotify World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

The brand even sponsors international conferences of Python – namely Euro Python and PyCon. This proves Spotify is more than happy with everything that Python offers them.


Here’s another widely-used social media platform where the content is primarily visual – Instagram. Most of the business logic of the brand depends on Python.

Instagram World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

In the field of software development, business logic points to the operations taking place on the back-end. These operations ensure data exchange between the UI and the database.

In simple terms, Python plays a vital role in the way Instagram operates. It empowers the brand and its interactions with more than one billion users per day.


Hundreds and thousands of business owners want to go with cross-platform app development to build something like Uber.

The brand started its journey as a ride-sharing service. Its creators simply wanted to make passengers feel more secure. It also made things convenient for them at pocket-friendly rates.

Uber World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

Since then, Uber increased its business and added other lines of trade to it, such as UberEats – a recognized service of food delivery.

Node.js and Python are at the base of most of the services offered digitally by Uber, with Java and Go also being functional pieces of the tech stack of the brand. The framework Uber uses with Python is called Tornado.


Pinterest is more of an online scrapbook than anything else. Its users can showcase their interests through visual pins depicting their design ideas, hobbies, lifestyle inspirations, and more.

Pinterest World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

Developers use Python in the application layer of the platform, specifically Django. They also use Tornado and a bit of Node.js.


If NASA uses something freely available, you’d probably want to use it too. Also, to a lot of folks, the name of NASA is somewhat unexpected on this list. Nonetheless, NASA is a hefty user of Python, and it leverages the power of this programming language to augment its Workflow Automation System for data management and shuttle mission planning.

NASA World-Renowned Businesses Using Python

The easy-to-use feature of Python allows NASA to meet project specifications without worrying about unnecessary complexities.

Wrapping it up

If these success stories seem inspiring to you, you should consider using Python for your project too. It’s one of the few programming languages that can accommodate just about any kind of business that’ll flourish in a digital space.

Now, all that remains for you to do is to seek out an app or software development firm that has in-depth experience in working with Python. Moon Technolabs is one such company. If you wish to learn more about what it can do for you, visit its website.

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Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language.
Python is easy to use, scalable, and one of the most in-demand programming languages of all time.
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