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When Laravel developers use the tools itemized and described in this write-up, they’ll inevitably belt out something that other business brands can learn from.

Do you have a project for which you want to leverage the framework of Laravel? Do you aim to give the development process a significant boost simultaneously? Then you must go through this topic and stick with it until the end.

You may think that your role ends when you hire a dedicated Laravel developer for your project. In reality, you aren’t wrong. After all, you have a business to take care of. However, if you go the extra mile to see whether your development team uses the right Laravel tools for your project, you’ll benefit from it profoundly.

So, what’s this about “development tools”? To find out what they are, what they do, and why your developer team should use them, you must first understand what Laravel is and what it does.

About Laravel

Laravel is primarily a free-to-use open-source web framework based on PHP. Hundreds and thousands of businesses use it right now for its incredibly high level of authentication and security. Despite all the features it possesses, learning the language is surprisingly simple because the syntax is easy to understand and use. A Laravel development company can use it to design customized software solutions and other digital products.

Laravel has an influential model view controller or MVC architectural pattern. It’s a PHP-based framework with an open-source nature suitable for web app development. This framework is appropriate for developers who want to use a rich and simplified toolkit to create full-featured solutions.

With Laravel, building professional web apps becomes effortless by adhering to refined standards of coding and architectural pattern.

The benefits of using Laravel

Here’s a list of the benefits you reap when you delegate your project to a Laravel development company.

  1. Laravel provides a high level of authentication and authorization.
  2. It offers an environment convenient for automation inspection.
  3. Whenever a technical vulnerability pops up, Laravel fixes it with relative ease.
  4. It comes with a surprisingly simple and clean API that helps to integrate with mailing services.
  5. Apart from mailing services, Laravel can integrate easily with other tools and helps developers create web applications faster.
  6. It offers a simple and expressive routing method.
  7. It can manage, configures, and schedule tasks effectively.
  8. It possesses a high level of expectation and error handling.

The features

Now that you know about the benefits, it’s time to take a look at some of the features of Laravel.

  1. IOC container
  2. Unit-testing
  3. Class Auto-loading
  4. Database seeding
  5. Migration
  6. Artisan console
  7. Query builder

The best tools

You may have a hard time finding experienced developers for your Laravel website development as it’s one of the most popular development platforms available in the market. Naturally, too many business owners delegate their projects to app development agencies. Other than being easy to learn, it doesn’t comprise product functionality.

Laravel aims to provide multiple functions associated with web projects, such as authentication, integration, authorization, and more. When developers select a Laravel tool and package, they can use them in several ways for performance dependencies, accessing databases, etc.

That’s why this write-up includes a list of some of the best tools currently available. You may not have anything to do with them, but you must make sure your development team uses them when working on your project.


Almost every developer is familiar with Bitbucket or GitHub – both tools offer git services. Laravel experts can pick one depending on the project they have to manage and the requirements of the application.

Bitbucket is appropriate for Laravel applications for small businesses and enterprises. This feature helps developers avoid sharing the repositories of code with a handful of collaborators. They can also use Bitbucket as a confidential repository. It also happens to be more flexible.


PHPStorm is a Smart IDE used in developing solutions via Laravel. It provides several features, including fast and secured refactoring, efficient code formatting, smart code navigation, easy testing, and debugging.

One of the best tool PHPStorm for Laravel Development - Moon Technolabs

This IDE increases developer productivity by debugging the codes quickly with performance consistency.


The tool called Migration in Laravel is a controlled version of the database that allows developers to modify and share the schema of the database. If a developer runs into problems in adding a column to the local database manually, the database can fix the issue.

Top 10 Tool for Laravel Development Migration - Moon Technolabs

Similarly, it gets paired with the schema builder of Laravel to make development much easier. Your team can easily share the whole SQL of the project with this tool.

User Verification

The applications of today need the highest levels of security. If you’re going to invest in web app development, it’ll have to pass through verification processes. The user verification process in Laravel is mandatory for users to gain access to the application.

User Verification for Laravel Development - Moon Technolabs

It provides convenient methods of sending and verifying user identity. The verification link reaches the users through the email addresses they register.

Laravel Debugbar

Experts recommend using Laravel Debugbar, and it has to be part of your Laravel website development project. The tool gets updated every time a new version of Laravel comes out. The tool occupies a spot at the base of the browser and provides debugging information consistently and simultaneously.

Laravel Debugbar - Moon Technolabs

It even shows the route, the template rendered with the parameters that provide in-depth information. It lets the developer add messages.

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Laravel Entrust is a tool that provides a secured process of adding role-based permissions. It comes with four new tables, including “Role User,” “Role,” “Permission Role,” and “Permissions.”

Entrust - Laravel Development

Developers can set up the roles under categories at various levels.


Every full stack laravel developer should use Laravel Socialite because it enables handling OAuth authentication, and it does so more seamlessly. This tool lets users log in through social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Bitbucket, and others.

Socialite one of the best for laravel Development - Moon Technolabs

Additionally, it’s one of the most recognized features of this framework. Almost every Laravel project has Socialite in it.

Laravel Backup

Here’s another essential tool called Laravel Backup that a web development service provider won’t be able to work without. It creates safe backups of every file used in the application.

Laravel Backup - Moon Technolabs

The contents remain locked in zip files, and these contents are files of the project you delegate to your team. One of the most noteworthy advantages of this tool is that the backup files will be stored on any file system.

Google Nocaptcha

This tool is crucial for an application for the reCaptcha projection and validation of Google. In short, it keeps all spam away. If you want NoCaptcha for your website, it will need a reCaptcha. The API key is available on the internet on multiple sites.

Laravel Development use this tool Google Nocaptcha - Moon Technolabs


The last Laravel development tool worth mentioning is called Laravel Tinker. It lets developers interact with any project through a command line that leverages the framework of Laravel.

Tinker laravel Development - Moon Technolabs

It even allows users to access all objects and events. As this tool is an optional add-on, your full-stack Laravel developer has to install it manually with the versions of Laravel that came out after v5.4.

To conclude

Well, there you have it – an all-inclusive collection of some of the best Laravel tools. When used during development, they can increase the overall development speed. If you expect to reduce the time required by your developers to finish the project, as well as your expenses, your team should use them.

Due to the ease of deployment and the customized integration level, numerous companies want to launch these Laravel applications in their organizations. Almost all the tools described above provide high authority levels and authentication. Also, all of them are developer-friendly.

Now, you only need to find an app development agency that excels in Laravel development. This task tends to be time-consuming and boring because you have to research different firms. However, you can expect only the best of everything if you choose to hire a dedicated Laravel developer from Moon Technolabs – one of the best in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laravel is a free-to-use open-source PHP-based web framework that’s exceptionally expressive and comes with elegant syntax. You can use it to design customized software solutions and other digital products?
Some of the features of Laravel include class auto-reloading, unit-testing, query builder, migration, IOC container, artisan console, etc.
Moon Technolabs is one of the best app and software development agencies operating in multiple countries across the world. You can hire talented and experienced Laravel developers from this agency.

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