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There isn’t probably anyone in this world who’d disagree that opting for a can is much more affordable than riding a personal vehicle. There’s the matter of refueling it regularly, apart from spending on maintenance. Hundreds and thousands of American residents believe the same thing. Here you’ll learn about their favorite cab booking and ride-sharing mobile applications.

The ultimate objective of cab services is to ease transportation and make it more efficient for the commoners. It’s also worth mentioning here that riding a taxi is significantly cheaper than buying, maintaining, and refueling personal vehicles. Reports from a recognized market research firm prove it too. According to the findings of these researchers, the revenue earned by the cab and ride-sharing segment will hit $258,384 million this year.

Mobile applications developed by every top rated taxi booking app development company further bolstered the popularity and effectiveness of cab services, apart from making it a profoundly lucrative business. Additionally, the presence of so many digital agencies has reduced the overall cost of taxi booking mobile apps designing and development services. Mobile apps have actually made the task of booking cabs and traveling in them simpler because they connect passengers with drivers and vice versa. They even make trip scheduling convenient.

By providing access to all the necessary info, such as the pickup point, the destination, vehicle tracking systems, and driver’s details, mobile apps have augmented the whole booking procedure. Extra features, such as online payment options, cancellation options, e-receipts, comfortable trips, and other systems with unique advantages contributed significantly to make the process as hassle-free as possible. As already mentioned earlier, a massive segment of the population in the USA has been using online cab booking services consistently to enjoy the convenience of simplified transportation and, of course, to reduce expenses. Almost 200 million working people reside in North America, and a lot of these folks are from other countries. Naturally, they avoid buying vehicles of their own.

With every passing year, new companies release new apps to ensure the commoners have more options at their disposal. Mobile app-based cab services are also earning both popularity and revenue like never before. Now, if you wish to claim your portion of the lucrative pie of the app-based taxi booking and ride-sharing market, you’ll need a top rated taxi booking app development company to work on taxi booking app development solutions, such as the ones described below.

The top 10 apps

Here are the 10 most widely used taxi booking and ride-sharing apps in the USA.

1. Uber

Everyone is familiar with the name of Uber because it has a worldwide presence, despite being a company founded in North America. According to market researchers, more than 110 million users rely on Uber for commuting in multiple countries. The headquarters of this organization is in San Francisco. Being one of the first service providers of its kind and the incredible consistency it offers, the ratings of Uber on Google Play Store and Apple App Stores is 4.7 out of 5 and 4.0 out of 5 respectively. At the moment, the company operates in about 785 cities spread throughout the planet. Back in 2019, Uber held 67% of the app-cab market share in North America and the market value of the organization is somewhere between $80 and $90 billion.

2. Easy Taxi

Established 2011 in June in Brazil, Easy Taxi is older than Uber. Unfortunately, it isn’t equally popular. Nevertheless, a lot of folks in the USA use the app of Easy Taxi for the affordable services it has to offer. The name of the company is self-explanatory – it simply focuses on simplifying cab booking as much as possible for commoners. Easy Taxi is constantly expanding its services. Currently, it’s running its operations in over 30 countries spanning almost 400 cities. Also, the company has a user base comprising 17 million people. Easy Taxi employs over 400,000 trained drivers with equal expertise in driving and communication.

3. Lyft

If there’s one company that can stand up to the fame of Uber in the USA, it’s Lyft. It’s yet another company based in San Francisco that started its business in June 2012. As you’re planning to invest in taxi booking app development solutions, you must definitely look thoroughly into the features of both Uber and Lyft, the two most successful app-based cab service providers in North America. Lyft operates in 644 metropolises in the USA, and it earned an extremely impressive rating on the Apple App Store – 4.9 out of 5. The main reason behind the popularity of this organization is that it doesn’t just offer transportation services to clients in conventional taxis. It also provides car and scooter rides. It even has a bicycle-sharing system and food delivery options. The overall market value of Lyft is somewhere between $21 and $23 billion.

Lyft Cab Booking application - Moon Technolabs

4. Via

This one is a mobile application that can offer ride-sharing features to its clients in real-time. A few entrepreneurs from Israel founded the Via app back in 2012. While the company primarily operates in New York, USA, it has a noteworthy presence in several other cities, including Washington DC, Chicago, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and Milton Keynes. The administrators of the company monitor operations through ViaVan, a joint venture started by Mercedes Benz Vans and Via.

5. Gett

Previously recognized as GetTaxi, Gett is yet another Israeli cab service that brings customers closer to private transportation. Gett works on both iOS and Android, and the company operates in the USA, the UK, Russia, and its home country – Israel. Just like Lyft, Gett doesn’t just ferry customers to their destination. The organization also has a stake in the courier industry. It means customers can choose to hire cabs or rely on Gett for its courier services. Another specialty of this company is that it adheres to different business models depending on the country it operates in. For instance, it enforces a fee on the drivers registered on the Gett app for every ride request they receive from clients. Also, the brand charges a monthly fee from the drivers in other nations. Finally, for corporate trips, the company follows a fee structure that doesn’t match the other two.

6. Curb

The name of this company isn’t unknown to the citizens of the USA. It has over 50,000 vehicles and 100,000 experienced and trained drivers that helped Curb earn a handsome rating of 4.5 on the Apple App Store. Curb allows customers to book a taxi over their smartphone, controlled by only professional, trustworthy, and insured drivers. This company operates in more than 65 metropolises spread throughout America, including Philadelphia, NYC, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

7. Bridj

Bridj came into existence about 7 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a small but recognized shuttle business that lets customers use shuttle services for commuting to their offices and homes during the busiest times of the day. If an office worker needs a reliable mode of transportation to and from his/her workplace, he/she will inevitably rely on Bridj. It did take some time, but the company started earning the trust of commuters a few years after starting its business. Then, in 2016, Bridj began transporting goods into Boston by utilizing buses and storage compartments.

8. zTrip

zTrip is announcing its presence in the ride-sharing industry slowly by steadily. It’s doing so by incorporating new features in its application. For example, the app can update the members of the customer’s family when they ride one of the vehicles hired via zTrip. Surge pricing isn’t an issue with this platform, and it provides options to customers to schedule trips in the future. zTrip has been standing tough against industry giants like Lyft and Uber in many of the cities in the USA.

zTrip taxi booking mobile apps - Moon Technolabs

9. inDriver

While you may not be aware of inDriver, it happens to be one of the top 5 most reliable ride-sharing businesses operating in this world. The company managed to reach nearly 31 countries and, at the moment, it occupies one of the top 3 positions in terms of “app downloads” in the ride-sharing category. One unique thing about inDriver is that it mostly operates in metropolises where the population is less than or equal to 10,000.

10. MyTaxi

This one is the genesis – the app that laid the foundation of online taxi booking services. Two individuals from Germany, Sven Kulper and Niclaus Mewes, started this business. MyTaxi is the very first mobile app in this business genre that introduced the feature of connecting passengers with drivers and vice versa over the internet.

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Final words

Well, these are the 10 most recognized and heavily used cab booking and ride-sharing applications used by people in the USA and other parts of the world. Today, it’s perfectly possible to take your cab business online with a mobile app because the cost of taxi booking mobile apps is now affordable. Just make sure that you gather more information about the businesses described above, as well as their mobile applications. You have to learn as much as possible about the way they operate and the features possessed by their mobile booking platforms.

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