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With millions of apps in play store and app store, it is clear that most of the businesses are venturing in adapting to the digital-cum-tech road to attract and cater a new set of customers with their product and services. You will find majorly all kinds of businesses have developed their apps.


Onboarding this technological track can prove to be highly beneficial for your business. However, it very critical for companies to focus on result-oriented solutions in this advanced digital tech era through mobile apps and website. Every business app solves or at least addresses the customer’s needs in a unique or rather specific way, hence, stay true to the app’s purpose. These are various ways to add value to your business. Over the past few years, the customer’s usage of mobile phones and apps has shown drastic shape-shifting change will almost spending 5 hours a day on mobile. Other statistics suggest that a high number of users do not even launch the app after a couple of initial months and so long is the list of many other statistics.


Nowadays, you can hire the services of a top mobile app development company to build your pocket-friendly business app. Moreover, it is crucial for these business owners to seek whether their business requires one such app or not? Below mentioned is a few ways for you to find out if building a mobile app is necessary for your business or not?


  • Can your customers reach you through your website from mobile devices efficiently?
  • Do other businesses of the same industry have their apps?
  • Does your app fill a gap in the customer’s needs?
  • Is it imperative based on your business nature to retain customer to increase sales?
  • Are you planning to offer any customer loyalty program?
  • Would your business app require branding?
  • For marketing purpose, do you plan to rely on using user-generated content?
  • Will your app require to use the mobile device functionality such as camera, etc?


If you are a startup entrepreneur or belonging to a small or medium enterprise and have mostly answered ‘yes’ to a majority of the above-asked questions; then your business is in a need of a dedicated mobile app to scale your business customer base, network, and sales.

However, just realising is not enough as the next few steps are imperative for e.g, finding a professional mobile app development company, deciding the mobile platform for the app, understanding app development model and your role from the app company, cost, marketing, in-app purchase, before and after app deployment services, maintenance and last but not the least support from the app development company.


In such scenarios, we would recommend you to first do your own research about what kind of features and functionality you would want it in your app. Additionally, if you would like to understand thoroughly about the important steps to consider in app development process then click here.


Concluding Note:


Mobile app marketing is utmost necessary for today’s era for the success of the application. Since a third of our world population now owns a smartphone hence, the need for mobile marketing services which ensures that the application will be discovered by users and ever active online community. These marketing strategies are craftily advertising the application to cater to the app’s intended target audience. The core driven end result is to employ these tactics to make sure that the app gets the maximum download and used by the customers so as to generate revenue and keep the profit churning through add-on application downloads and purchases.


At Moon Technolabs, we ensure that our clients get the best services in terms of mobile app development & solutions. With our expert team of developers and designers, we promisingly strive to give your business unique leverage via our services so as to be competitive and grow in the global market.

Angular framework and React framework have become popular in the list of the best development framework for 2019. In the discussion, which is better – React Vs Angular? we bring you the best comparison between the features of developing tools for using mobile apps. Well, both of them are best in their own ways, but the conclusion still largely depends upon what exactly is the need of your mobile app project?


For example, does your business app requires lots of templates, do you need your app to be containing many dynamic contents, app size, version, strong server-side rendition, etc then you need to prefer accordingly. Following an efficient business model to reduce development time, you must conclude on your own which is the best development framework, i.e, Angular or React for your mobile app project. With its latest version Angular 7, it is widely used for websites & web app while on the contrary React is used for developing reusable HTML elements. Google till date supports the first version, i.e, AngularJS.It is necessary to know before you begin with the mobile app development.


First of all, let’s begin with the popular names to understand which frameworks they are using.

Angular Vs React – Which brands are using?


Angular Framework React Framework
Google Facebook
Forbes WhatsApp
Sony Instagram
General Motors Uber
Nike Netflix
Upwork Dropbox
HBO Airbnb
AWS Flipkart


Let us know go through the feature point and their understanding as to why certain brands have preferred Angular over React or otherwise based on the various factors and conditions. For your mobile app development project, you can always rely on the best AngularJS Web Application Development Company but simultaneously you also need to understand the pros and cons of each of these development frameworks.


  1. Architecture


Angular being part of MEAN stack and supporting many code editors, is considered for full-fledged MVC framework development. If you wish to have the control of selecting libraries on your own than rather go with React platform as Angular is defined with pre-existing libraries. Moreover, their architecture is component-based.


  1. Speed & Productivity


In terms of speed and productivity, while react outsmarts Angular by being more sleekier as Angular seemed to take time to load on mobile platforms. On the contrary, there are concerns over React’s speed as well due to the involvement of third-parties libraries. Either of the mobile app developers,i.e, Reactjs app developers or Angularjs app developers need to determine the right architecture in perfect combination with different tools.


  1. App Performance & UX


Both the frameworks are utilizing relatively small app size and when it comes to performance, React using Virtual Document Object Model (Virtual DOM) along with Fiber takes up a dominant position. However, with latest version i.e, Angular 7 comes with ShadowAPI which marginally reduced the difference between using these two for the app size and performance factor.


  1. Scalability


Angular frameworks’ scalable nature comes from its robust design approach and CLI (Command Line Interface) that enhances the design functioning applications resulting in one-line commands, clean code and in-built process to tackle complex issues. However, React promises simpler to test which might allow leading in scalability factor.


Angular Vs React – A Brief Comparison Table


Condition Angular React
Latest Stable Version Angular 7.2.0 React 16.7.0
Architecture Component-based Component-based
App Size Relatively Small Relatively Small
Document Object Model Real DOM Virtual DOM
Framework JavaScript Framework JavaScript Library
Release Date September 2016 March 2013
Language TypeScript JavaScript
DOM Real Virtual
Licensing MIT License MIT License
Unidirectional (One-way) Data Binding Bidirectional (Two-way)
Abstraction Strong Medium
Maintained By Google Facebook
Learning Curve Steep Low


  1. Testing


Angular allows testing & debugging the entire project with single-set of tools like Jasmine, Karma, Protractor. However, this is not the case with Reactjs development which uses multiple-set of tools to execute the various sets of testing. The important thing to understand is the more time and effort it will take in the testing process; the slower will be the development cycle.


  1. Licensing

Angular is an open-source frontend development framework while React is also an open-source JavaScript library frontend development framework to build dynamic user interfaces. Because Angular offers an open source license, it is more preferred by companies. While React began with some patent clauses which was especially not suitable if you are a startup entrepreneur or solopreneur and just want to begin with your website, web app or mobile app development project.


  1. Mobile Solutions


Mobile app development solutions pertaining to Angular comes from the Ionic Framework packed in the container with Cordova and responsive UI component library. While React JavaScript library offers true native UI experience allowing to choose your own components and bring them together to native code to create marvelous React native mobile app development services & solutions.


Benefits of Angular And React

Angular React
Cleaner Code Better User Experience
High Performance Faster Development
Better Error Tackling Capacity Time-saving
Seamless Updates using Angular CLI Code Stability
Browser Independent Ideal for Mobile App Development


In a Nut-shell:

AngularJS is an open source frontend development framework allowing all kinds of businesses to develop mesmerizing as well as bug-free mobile and web apps. It’s innate quality to support two-way data binding and testing ability also makes it more secure, robust and easy to maintain.

React Native is the first of its kind to perform equally as native does due to the hybrid app technology. This allows React Native to cope up with 2 major ecosystems i.e, Android and iOS with equal design features and robust performance. It is a JavaScript framework that formulates rich mobile UI from Declarative components. It simply means that businesses can have intuitive cross-platform mobile apps.

As the technology keeps on evolving you must choose the technology wisely depending upon the above-discussed points, factors, and conditions and also decide the best framework for your business mobile app or project as per your app requirements.

We don’t realize or recognize, but we are surrounded by, floating in a pool of massive data stream. Yes, due to digitalization, the sheer volume of the data is touching the sky. There is a massive amount of data is generated, originating from multiple digital resources.

As the world was recently encountered with a story of how social media and networking giant Facebook and other internet companies are using the data they collect in various form from their users or visitors. We are going to further see how data collection comes in correlation with different aspects of one’s life. It might come as a surprise to you but data analysis can shed light on a number of areas of your life that are touched by ‘Big Data and its aspects’.


  1. Online Shopping


We all shop or browse for products online that we want. Every online shopping site collects the data from your browsing history of the site about the product or your search to present you with the targeted ads as a way of reminding you to purchase the product which you added in the cart but didn’t complete the transaction.

Google, the search engine for everything analyzes your history and serve you with relevant ads of the things you have been looking online. Similarly, Facebook does the same, when you boost a post about going to an event or concert, you may start seeing the ads of similar kind of events in your area. Data is collected and analyzed of our activity from all the sources to sell us products or services right when the data predicts we will be most likely to purchase items.


  1. Banking


Banks and other financial institutions get a lot of helping hand by analyzing Big Data about a customer. In fact, these organizations have to use big data to keep a customer’s financial information safe and secure. They can spot if the new purchase on your credit card is really made by you by analyzing your past spending behavior. That is why if you purchase a product that is of high value or your card gets rigorously swiped at non-familiar places, you’ll get a call from your creditor to ensure that it is a valid transaction in place. Most banks can spot identity theft and take preventive steps before even you realize it. Say, for example, you are not a regular restaurant-going person or doesn’t like outside food and your card suddenly shows purchases at a few fancy restaurants around the town, the bank will notice something suspicious. In such a scenario, they will contact the customer to find out the authenticity of the transaction to make sure that the card isn’t lost or stolen and might need to freeze it or replace it.


  1. Entertainment & Media


The entertainment industry is also not behind when it comes using big data to analyze user behavior and present them with relevant search results. For example, if you are watching your favorite show on Netflix which utilizes an algorithm to present you with recommendations about another shows that you may like based on your watched shows history.

If you are watching a lot of drama series then soon all of your feed will be showing you new drama series because the algorithm knows that you like drama. The same goes for any online streaming music app, which will initially style cast your music genres such as jazz or rock and then simultaneously will shower you with similar recommendations.


  1. Safety & Security


Big Data also helps police officers to locate and pinpoint where they might be needed most based on a situation. It can help the department to put an extra task force and deploy additional officers to cover an area to prevent crimes before they happen.

Big Data also plays a major role in securing household via home security and alarm system. These installed systems are connected to the database of operators who can quickly analyze any breach in the security of the system and alerts you whether you are present there or away. Few of the added security benefits is that some system even allows setting your daily home activities routine and follow such as turning on lights and TV as specified time while being away from the home or town.




It is quite clear now that, companies are using the data in multifarious ways that impact a user’s everyday life. This is only going to grow further with personality, habits and user behavior changing which will be analyzed by algorithms specifically designed to understand and predict our choices and selection. Big Data has also unearthed the relativeness in every industry segment and its users starting from business development to athletes to the education industry. Keep following our blog wherein next we will present you with Big Data and its impact on various industry sectors. Being a top mobile app development company with close to 9+ years of experience, we are constantly involved in researching, developing and delivering cutting-edge solution regarding the upcoming and trending technology and its aspects.

PHP Frameworks

Hypertext Preprocessor which is commonly known as PHP, is a popular open source general-purpose scripting language designatedly suitable for web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is fast, flexible and pragmatic and is used from your blog to the most famous websites in the world.


Unlike the client-side JavaScript, PHP is executed on the server, generating HTML which is then sent to the client. In other words, it is an open-source server-side scripting language and almost powering 80% of the websites around the world. It is also a platform-independent programming language, which makes easy to learn and simple to implement.

Table of Contents


Why Choose PHP For Your Project?

It helps you develop web apps that are complex, quick and reliable. There are various PHP frameworks to select from but majorly it depends upon your project requirement, app feature, and functionalities, development timeframes, etc. Over and above, PHP frameworks enhance the responsiveness of the websites and add robust performance so that business can fulfill their requirements. Being a top mobile app development company we have listed following are the trendiest PHP frameworks. Let’s dig deep into the 2019 latest PHP trends and its frameworks.

The top PHP frameworks.

  1. Laravel

Laravel Development

Laravel was introduced in 2011 and due to its capability of handling complex web apps in a scalable and secure manner, quickly rose to become the most popular free and open-source PHP frameworks. As compared to the other frameworks, Laravel speed up the development process and simplifies by easing common tasks such as routing, sessions, caching and authentication. Following are the reasons that Laravel is prevalently used:


  • If your project requires solid and complex backend requirements, then Laravel is suitable and simple to install with the help from Homestead and all-in-one vagrant box.
  • Laravel comprises of full of features to customize complex apps based on the following aspects such as easy data migration, MVC architecture support, security, routing, view template engine, authentication, etc.
  • It matches the expectation set by today’s web application in terms of being responsive, accurate, quick and reliable. Laravel is first of its kind to present routing in a non-concrete manner.
  • Laravel helps with the automatic code management, query management without interfering with the front-end. Laravel promotes to use NoSQL structures such as MongoDB & Redis.


  1. Symfony


Originally launched in 2005, Symfony has gained momentum and has been rated as a secure and mature platform for developing large-scale enterprise projects. It has been in the trend for a while now due to its comprehensive documentation, stability, reliability, high-performance and modular project model.


  • It’s reusable PHP components makes it more eligible for big organizations to continue using it for its stable, consistent nature, database engine independence.
  • Symfony complies in a multifarious way with most web practices and design patterns. Simultaneously, allowing to integrate with other vendor libraries.
  • Symfony and Laravel use the same common and unique features which makes it hard to distinguish between them for better performance.
  • Symfony also integrates seamlessly with other bigger open-source projects like Drupal and eZpublish.


  1. CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter is the most preferred among all the other frameworks by beginners to develop dynamic websites due to its lightweight (2MB in size including documentation) and clear and easy to install. It allows various in-built modules in forming robust and reusable components. Thus, CodeIgniter development services are much preferred.

  • Some of the key features include Form validation, Emails, Unit testing, Community support, Sessions.
  • It helps in creating fully functional and scalable apps. Salient features include MVC architecture, error handling, inbuilt security tools, and easy-to-use documentation.
  • The important thing to know is that it is best suitable for developing a lightweight application but due to irregular releases, it is not advisable to use this framework to build an app that requires high-level security.


  1. Phalcon


Phalcon has been highly trending and ruled the choices among developers in 2018 and is predicted to boom in the upcoming years. It was introduced in 2012 and written in C & C++. Phalcon is rigged with C-extension which makes is work at amazing speed while relieves you of learning the C programming language.


  • Phalcon is easy to install and due to fewer resources, it is quick and fast in the processing of HTML requests.
  • Its key features include ORM, caching, increased execution speed, asset management, autoloading components, MVC architecture, and security.
  • Phalcon’s performance enhances due to its efficient memory utilization. However, it doesn’t hold true to its value for application when it comes to a high level of security.
  • It supports International language, Template engines, Form builders and can be used to build both performance RESTAPIs and other web apps.


  1. CakePHP

cake php

For beginners, CakePHP is the ideal and easiest framework to start and learn due to its CRUD (create, read, update and delete) framework. Came in the early 2000s and because of its functionality, it is used to develop apps that are highly scalable and reliable due to code generation and scaffolding functionalities. Following are the reasons to implement the CakePHP framework in project development:


  • With an only web server and the copy of framework, CakePHP can be installed and put to use.
  • It comes with absolute security features package that includes SQL injection prevention, input validation, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, and cross-site scripting (XSS) protection.
  • With CakePHP, you can bypass the complexities that come with XML or YAML config files.
  • Few class features include modern framework, quick build, proper class inheritance, validation, security, etc.


  1. Zend Framework

zend framework

Based on the agile methodology, Zend framework is an entirely object-oriented framework. The aspects surrounding in developing an enterprise-grade app is fulfilled by Zend framework such as performance, security, scalability and hence it is in the list of the latest PHP trends. It is widely chosen for the following reasons:


  • It is amazingly beneficial for large, complex and enterprise-level projects.
  • Some important features include MVC components, simple cloud API, data encryption and session management.
  • Easily integrable with external libraries, support from a large community base with adept documentation makes it more preferable PHP framework.


  1. Yii

yii frameworks

Yii is a universal web programming framework and extensively used to develop modern web applications. It is fast, simple and evolutionary though can’t be suggested for the beginners. A component-based PHP framework which makes it lightweight and high in performance.


  • Easy installations and high-end security features make it a convenient framework to develop e-commerce, CMS, portals, etc.
  • Yii can accommodate the database data in terms of object and hence proves to be an absolute time-saver for developers by avoiding to write repetitive SQL statements.
  • Developers using Yii framework can get help from the forums while the experts are continually contributing to its development for the benefit of the community.
  • Yii is extremely useful as it allows developers to customize every set of core’s code.


  1. Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP is a modular and extensive framework supporting its own extended version of MVC design pattern, i.e, HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller). HMVC saves time and utilizes less memory by eliminating the need to duplicate content on multiple pages.


  • Released in 2011 it supports end-to-end web solutions irrespective of the need of innovations required by the project.
  • Features which makes it a trending framework are authentication framework, caching system, extensive template parsing, URL routing system, HMVC implementation, security enhancements and protection and RESTful implementation.


  1. Slim

Slim Framework

Drawn inspiration from Ruby-Sinatra, Slim is a micro-framework that enables developers to build effective web apps and APIs.


  • With simple documentation and easy to understand, Slim PHP framework developers can create RESTful APIs and web services.
  • Main features are add-on capabilities, client-side HTTP caching, URL routing & handling, many built-in standards, sessions, and cookie encryption, etc.
  • Slim is best used for small web applications project wherein there isn’t a need of a full-stack PHP framework.


  1. PHPixie

PHP Pixie

Implementing HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) similar to FuelPHP, this one is mainly a modular, lightweight and high performing framework used for read-only websites.


  • Because of less compilation time and easy to understand, it is the best popular & trending PHP framework to develop social networking websites, customized web app solutions and web app development services.
  • Tools such as cryptography, security, and support for MongoDB are a handy part of a set of features. It also features HMVC architecture and standardized ORM (Object-relational mapping).
  • Other salient objectives of this framework include caching, authentication, security, authorization capabilities, and input validation.
  • PHPixie has a limited set of modules and comparatively new hence has a smaller community-based.


  1. Fat-Free

Fat Free

Another micro-framework with cutting-edge tools and features for developing web apps with ease is Fat-Free. One of the new one to join the team of trending PHP frameworks, Fat-Free has its own advantages for any web application project.


  • Fat-Free comes with powerful features such as data validation, CSS compression, unit testing, and image processing, etc.
  • It enhances the development process due to its supportive of both SQL and NoSQL database.


  1. Aura

Aura PHP

Aura is primarily centered around its own library packages. In other words, Aura is an independent library package which depends on none of the other packages.


  • It presents the collection of high-quality, well-tested, standard-compliant packages that can further be used in any codebase.
  • It saves the time of developers and enhances project deliverance as it can be used as per the necessity of the project.
  • The libraries are decoupled and can be used for developing basic apps. Aura library packages have no dependencies.


The PHP frameworks are designed to help the developer build complex websites with much ease. We hope that the above-provided information was beneficial to you. We can help you with your website or web application project based on PHP frameworks. You can directly contact us to get a free quote or can mention details below.

mobile apps

We are headed towards 2020 and with a few decades further, we will approach 2050. Nobody is sure of what the tech future will hold for us then, but even as of now, we are seeing a tremendous advancement in technology and the way it is perceived.


On the same note, if you are a company with a product and/or service to cater to not only the Generation X, Millennials but strongly focussing on developing the Generation Z-friendly mobile app then this guide will present you with some amazing tips. But before everything else, let’s understand and absorb few facts related to Generation-Z and what it would take for you to reach your future target audience.


Generation-Z: Know Your Audience


Gen-Z is referred to the group of youngsters born between 1995 and 2010 and they have outperformed Millenials when it comes to their own set of preferences, behavior and pattern of adopting technology and its measures. Hence, it becomes very important for a company to understand its future target audience to develop a new business app and plan the strategy accordingly. This could also be achieved by hiring the services from an Android or iOS app development company depending upon the platform.


This new generation is apparently contributing to over 30% of the global population with approximately 96% out of them owns a smartphone. This ‘mobile generation’ has grown up with mobile phones and when it comes to their own notion of smartphone ownership & importance, the resultant statistics and data are through the roof.


The key findings suggested that they are highly into social media and their usual communication texts include more visual elements such as emojis, gifs, stickers, images, etc. rather than the actual text or words. Also, due to their lack of concentration, they want high-speed internet and demand high-performance apps. It has been noticed that they wouldn’t think twice to uninstall the app if it is taking longer loading times and if found with bugs and low-performance.


With respect to the above-mentioned points, if any business is looking forward to developing an app may be on the Android or iOS platform, then a top mobile app development company can benefit in many ways but even though the following listed tips & advice on app development & design will help to understand the needs of the Generation Z:


1) Focus on connecting & communication:


The Gen Z has an innate need of staying connected and be interactive online. Thus, building an app with in-app communication wherein they can stay connected with the network without leaving the app and disrupting the other channel would benefit a lot.


2) Intuitive and responsive UI/UX design:


Setting your app with simple design and known icons will add to the cause of being fast. Keep the app away from any complex features, functionalities and also keep it simple to use it without any user manual or instruction guide.


3) Bug-free app:


Though providing an appealing user-interface and cutting-edge design elements with seamless navigation will guarantee to attract your future target audience. But also make sure to fix the bugs and update and improve the app with code quality and regular testing.


4) Less is more; in terms of size:


Youngsters take and share lots of photos and videos every day and it a common problem now to run out of storage space. Therefore, try limiting your app size so as to find a permanent spot in user’s smartphone.


In a Nutshell:


Young generations have always welcome offers, discounts, and freebies through which their attention can be grabbed. Moreover, their wide range of network can be utilized as word-of-mouth marketing channel so as to let your app have an added advantage.

Moon Technolabs carries immense experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions by developing next-gen apps in social media, e-commerce, entertainment, gaming, and many other industry segments. A well-defined approach towards mobile app development makes it the android app development company across India.

Mobile App Success

Businesses have seen a drastic change over the past few years with major changes happening in technology. Especially, mobility has played an intrinsic factor. The current mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) market industry have assured to connect billions of devices (phones, tablets, wearables) to the Internet. These technology advancements have perpetually offered a huge opportunity to these companies with new ways to engage and transact business-as-usual with its customers, employees, and clients across the globe.

Moreover, many top mobile app development companies offer enterprise-grade services to such businesses by providing niche services to collaborate their corporate data and services accessible across smartphones and wearables. IoT, Cloud Infrastructure, Robotics, Big Data, Data Analytics, Platform as a Service solution are among the few to boost mobile initiatives. Leading mobile app development companies in the mobile cloud era are into finding & implementing new strategies for mobile app success. Following are the few definitive approaches discussed in detail, let’s have a look at them.


1) Enhanceable platform for scalable development


It pays highly to a mobile app development company to look for the scalable platform after developing a few handfuls of apps to ease the development efforts. Keeping the focus on a few aspects such as app testing, app version control, application catalogs, performance, analytics, security and lifecycle management. Today’s most mobile platforms, however, do offer a wide acceptance of multiple front-end design methods mixed with standards-based interfaces.


2) Data security across devices


Cloud computing played a major role in deciding how the data is accessed and where they reside. Not only data should be secured in the cloud but while in transit should seamlessly & securely flow within the data center, the cloud, network and mobile devices. Companies must be able to differentiate, hold control and processing of business data over personal and corporate-owned devices.


3) Mobile apps to access multiple data


Applications must enable users to access data according to the needs otherwise it doesn’t serve the purpose. In order, to do that application are required to connect to data from various back-end systems. Top mobile app development companies can look into developing platforms which can securely access and connect this data to the respective applications and cloud account services.


4) Mobile apps representing a system in its own


Mobile apps collectively represent a whole world of the workflow system. Mobile apps need to acquire data from multifarious systems and present in an organized format for the user to complete a specified action. Irrespective of the action which could vary from as simple as sending an approval to the complex task of finding and purchasing a product. To achieve this company would require integration and sync software also known as, ‘mobile middleware’ to link data from ERP, databases and financial systems into mobile apps.


5) Shift focus from downloads to user experience and design


Of course, the primary objective of an app remains to get downloads but the underlying success can only be accounted when the mobile app is able to create user engagement. This can be achieved via constant updating and continuous improvements in the app. Moreover, the entire end-game relies on how intuitive and responsive is the mobile app user experience and design. You can hire mobile app developers to enable the apps with analytics to measure these factors throughout the application lifecycle. Using analytics tools and rigorous test to improve the performance of the app at the design and initial development phase is necessary to avoid later on issues resulting in poor reviews and diminishing the company’s reputation. A few of analytics report parameters are calculated in terms of the crash report, device type, location, etc.


6) Bringing feature, functionality under one-cloud roof:


In order to utilize the full potential of mobility, companies need to evolve into a mobile business process. Mobility truly holds the key to transform the way today’s business operations. Initially, companies needed to purchase these deployment solutions but nowadays, these are readily available so that companies can focus directly on workflows which are needed to be mobile-enabled.

Enterprises and organizations can easily access readily available cloud management solutions for app testing, mobile app development platforms, and app integration. Moreover, companies now utilize the blend of a cloud as well as on-premise software to mobile enable apps and services. Top mobile app development company can help you to build an enterprise-grade application with promising user experience and design that not only boost the performance of the app but also help to acquire increased user-base with seamless operation.

Mobile App

Globally, for the record ever, growth in the smartphone industry has notably slowed down. Top mobile brands such as Apple was also on the list to take a hit. Many analysts have predicted the downgrade in sales expectation for 2019.

It is a no-brainer that mobile phone users are now not upgrading as quick as they use to a couple of years back. There are some strong views behind it and we shall learn the same as we move along further in the blog. Meanwhile, device manufacturers have started an open battle over specs, however, there aren’t enough reasons to go for an upgrade.

Despite the fall and against every odd, users can expect few radical rethinks for smartphone form factors to take a transformational upgrade to cameras, 5G, foldable and in-display fingerprint reader are all to unveil in 2019. From the best mobile app development companies, we bring you the top smartphone trends that will seemingly be possible to use.


Let’s clear the mist from the air, shall we? There are many journals, news, and publications surrounding the 5G, naming 2019 as, “The Year of 5G”, but seems to be missing the core point. Not to deny entirely, but there is a likely scenario of seeing the first wave of 5G handsets rolled out in this year. Mobile handset manufacturers such as OnePlus, LG, Samsung, HTC and many others have claimed to come up with one or two 5G enabled devices as per their respective capacity. However, Apple seems to be not in a rush and has announced the release of the 5G handset in 2020.

Though the 5G has shown tremendous potential to take the user-experience beyond the usual, on a larger scale it is still regarded as marketing catch from the industry pundits. While mobile network operators have promised to roll out and support the technology but from the end user’s perspective, most of the initial phase will be using a lot of 4G and hence, becomes no point in spending a lot for a premium feature which might not be fully utilized. Of course, this nowhere presents an obstacle for handset hardware makers or device manufacturers along with their respective carrier operators to hurry ready-to-market these devices and services as soon as possible.


We’ve already waited for long to see the un-impressing results from just a couple of devices as more and more smartphone makers are finding it hard to make it a next big thing. The device was showcased at the tech conference but didn’t break the barriers. Moreover, with the initiation and prototype being ready in consumer-form, now many companies are accelerating into providing and exploring the form factor.

The effort made by Google to partner with Samsung and provide a custom Android version that goes along with the form factor is definitely going to be pricey like a 5G device but the major convincing would still be to let consumers believe that they need one such device in their life. Few of the top mobile app development company, who are constantly involved with the research and development of providing cutting-edge tech relevant and adaptive to these technologies.


Majorly, all the manufacturers have welcomed and inculcated the edge-to-edge design. Even Google took a piece of cake with Android Pixel 3 XL. However, widely accepted pinhole or hole punch design infused on Huawei Nova 4 looks like a favorable route to a wide array of camera manufacturers.

Fingerprint Readers

Apple broke the barrier with face-recognition but still in terms of display screen market, many found it inconvenient to log for full 3D face scan and proved to be vulnerable to security. This ensures that the fingerprint scanner tech isn’t going away anytime soon.

The first-ever fingerprint scanner was launched in the market by OnePlus’ 6T and it took the user’s breath away. Samsung’s S10 is going to follow in footsteps to provide in-display fingerprint tech around February and looking at the same trend, it can be expected from many others device manufacturing companies to follow the same.

Mobile App Developers

If you are reading this informative guide than it is obvious that you have an app idea and thinking of approaching a few mobile app development companies to begin with your mobile app project. There are lots of things that need to be paid attention to and this article will help you in forming thoughts to check with prospective mobile app agency.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business owner or you might be a budding startup entrepreneur, we bring you an important list of questions to ask your prospective mobile app development company as well as the mobile app developers before hiring them. For you, due diligence is important so as to make sure that your money to develop an app pays you well in return and simultaneously also need to ensure that the product is performing well enough to let you target your audience through the medium of the app. But between these two perspectives, there lies a pool of things that needs to confirm first.

Without further ado, let’s start digging into the questionnaire before you spend money on them to develop your app.

Question 1: Ask to check their portfolio

It is essential to establish mutual trust and the top mobile app development companies understand this factor. Hence, if they are showing their portfolio of apps already delivered is the best step forward. Though you can hire skilled mobile app developers, however, experience and the result-oriented work speaks for itself. Moreover, try to identify the apps and past work of the company in your area of interest and if the app company can present any of their featured apps lists, it is wise a move. Also, try to locate the web app reviews and ratings for the past apps.

Question 2: Ask to speak with past clients

If you are getting references to speak with the past clients of the company than you will have an unbiased and independent view of the mobile app agency. This will help you to make up your mind whether to do business or not. You’ll have insights into the agency’s way of working and client handling methodology. Moreover, if you can tap into a past client from your own industry then you can expect feedback more relevant to you. You confirm a few aspects such as communication, SLA, the app performance, pre & post deployment assistance, etc.

Question 3: Ask about the app development process

Challenges arrive in any project as you move along but what is more important is how the software development company is readily able to handle those obstacles. Knowing how the company handled unexpected issues in the past regarding the app development process will help you to make an informed decision as well as let you know about the company’s capabilities of building successful apps. We recommend you join hands with an agency that adopts agile development as it is more efficient & produces a good opportunity for a minimum viable product (MVP).

Question 4: Ask for development/technology services

Best mobile app development company provide you development or technology services in advance. As a client, you need to ensure whether you’ll be given just a working app or an app that performs adequately after all the testing and with bug fixes. From ideation to launch, there are many aspects such as listed below should be considered by a reputable app developing agency:

  • Ideation & business analysis
  • Core app development & platform
  • Quality testing
  • Pre & post deployment assistance
  • Tech support

Question 5: Ask for provision on additional resource

Until and unless your app is launched, the app development process will be ongoing as you might realize that something in your app prototype needs improvement during any time of the process. You’ll need the assurance from the company that as and when required, you can increase the team strength as per the need of the project. Check whether, under such circumstances, your requirement will be fulfilled with extra dedicated app developers or not. Hence, we advise you to find out beforehand about the company’s current strength and ongoing project for you to know the clear scenario.

Question 6: Ask for developer’s skillsets

The mobile app development company you outrightly choose needs to assure you that the app developers are able to build the app as per your business needs with cutting-edge features and functionalities. Moreover, you also need to be affirmative that the company is using the latest tools and techniques to carry out tests. Besides knowing the basic app developer skills, you should know several other information of the developer and the team such as mentioned below:

  • Developer’s bio/resume and profile
  • List of relevant skillset
  • Past work experience, portfolio
  • Personal projects (if done any)
  • Social media profiles
  • Awards & recognition received
  • Contact information (at least email address)

Question 7: Ask about UI/UX design approach & principles

Users are able to differentiate between a superior and inferior instantly once they download the app. This conclusion is drawn from the design and UX of the app. As user first sees the design and later uses the features and functionality, hence, it is quite significant to keep the UI/UX as unique and as elegant as possible of the app.

Question 8: Ask for coding standards and framework

Coordination is important for developers when they are working on the same project. Hence, using a common framework where libraries, components, and tools can be shared is necessary to maintain standard code. Top mobile app development company utilize web application framework to deliver strong solutions with a standardized system. However, nowadays it is a general practice among mobile app developers and agencies to use Bootstrap as common coding practice.

Question 9: Ask for app submission to the store

The app submission process is arduous but that’s what as a business you are relying on the software company. Your app should be under the guidelines so as to get approved and find a marketplace. The sooner your app is accepted, the faster your business starts generating ROI. However, it is also the job of the mobile app development firm to monitor your app’s performance and to deal with any post-launch bugs and fixes.

Question 10: Ask for post app deployment support

Finding your app a spot in the list of thousands of apps is just the beginning. You’ll have to maintain lots of things from time to time once your app is deployed. You’ll need to update your app with ‘Release Notes’, fix bugs and add new features and functionality as you move along. You’ll need to confirm the cost associated with each of these factors in a way of support and maintenance for your app.

Question 11: Ask for business-specific model

It is utmost necessary for developers and agency to understand your business objective and target audience to deliver user-specific content design. Once they understand the purpose, it becomes easy for them to provide with an app that matches with the user behavior. Hire mobile app developers who have either already worked for the clients from your own industry segment or at least have developed an app successful app regarding the same. Either way, you’ll have to conduct meeting with developers to let them understand about your business and customer behavior model to deliver the best result for UI/UX purpose.

Question 12: Ask for your involvement & support in the project

A well defined and worthy software organization would let you know from the beginning that your involvement would require as it is your vision and they would be willing to develop the app as per your concept and business need. Of course, an app goes through many progressive changes on the way to become the final product. This means that valued inputs are required at each and every development stages.

Question 13: Ask for keeping you updated with progress & communication channel

An apt agency would keep you updated and in the loop by exchanging feedback with every turn of the development process just to ensure that the app is developed as per your expectations. There are many communication channels that a top-notch mobile app development company can adapt to such as Basecamp, Asana, Jira, etc. The purpose is to make sure that you get timely updates about the app development. The project manager keeps these things intact via above-said communication tools.

Question 14: Ask for app performance on multiple operating systems

Developing an app that works on different operating systems such as for Android and iOS would definitely work in favor of you for the obvious reasons. Of course, the coding that goes in Android, iOS is different and it furthermore the app design is differentiated and won’t work likewise on iPhone and tablet. To generate more business, you’ll need to think about building an app that serves on the most platform and hence can cater to a wider audience.

Question 15: Ask for the code authority

As a general business practice, since you are paying for the app development, it is obvious that the software firm should abide by and provide you with all the necessary files and documentation pertaining to the app. In other words, the app code should belong to you.


With this definitive guide, our attempt to not only reach the established business but also new startup entrepreneurs and small business owner not to get burned by choosing a wrong app agency. You’ll need to trust on a worthy & professional app development company such as Moon Technolabs to build and take your app to the next level.

iPhone App Development Company

Most of the business in today’s age have their own business mobile app. Whether you own a small, medium or a large business or an enterprise, everyone requires a right mobile application.

The entire credit of the quality of your mobile app goes to the developer. Hence, it is recommended to select wisely when choosing your advanced mobile app development company. Here are a few hints that ought to be useful in the decision of your web developer.

For your ingenious mobile application requirement, you need to hire services from one of the best mobile application development firm in India. You’ll need that company as your technology partner to further hire the best Android and iOS application developer for your project.

Take Recommendation

Try to gather information from your friends, colleagues, and family for the names and contacts of good iPhone application developers that they know. An online search will help you in forming a list of a few considerable skilled app developers and iPhone application development company.

Additionally, at times you feel hesitant to contact offshore mobile app developers as they are not in a similar system. You can even choose the top app development company by checking a potential company’s portfolio. Hence, pursuing the correct method of examining, planning list, reviewing and finalizing.

Check Experience

This is also another crucial factor in choosing an app development company. Top app development companies usually have demonstrated a good record of promising apps and one should rather focus on the quality of the apps rather than the number of apps developed by the company. Developing apps requires you to have focused on multiple aspects such as skills, creativity and target audience.

A List of Questions To Ask And Seek Answers For:

i) How long they have been building mobile applications?
ii) In which ways they improve the application? Get a diagram from them.
iii) An apt mobile developer wouldn’t require to have improvements in the app every now and then.
iv) Aware of different stages including Native, Android, Windows, iOS, Hybrid, etc.

Hire a developer that understands your business requirements

Every app has a purpose. Not only you need to define it to the app development company to get exactly what you need from the app but also, first of all, you’ll have to understand your precise need for the app. If you are unable to explain it clearly, then there are chances that you might not be able to take complete advantage from the company.

Though you might be having the app idea from the same industry segment and share the same idea or concept, but still study about the similar apps from the app store. You’ll have to showcase something unique from your available competition to stand out in the market industry.

Ask a few simple things

It is good that you checked various factors of a mobile app developer or a top iPhone app development company before hiring their services to either build a new or improve on your existing business app. In any case, it is better to meet the team, project manager, etc to see in person as developing an app requires time and it is necessary to build trust before the work begins. You can converse with the following points.

You have many points to dip your feet into such as UI/UX approach, API combination, existing site and find out about their research work to get the complete hands-on idea about the project.

Hire a company or a group

You can have your app developed from a freelancer but you can’t be assured to be dependent for the after-phase of the app. Mobile applications constantly undergo a change from time to time. New improvements, bug fixes, addition of products and/or services, expanding into various business line, all these require expansion and to accomplish it, you need to rely on a trustworthy and professional mobile app development company rather than an individual. It is only a company that can offer the kind of continuity you need.


Take your time in finding and hiring the service from a mobile app developer or a company. So, do not rush things and take a decision wisely after carefully analyzing every little detail. You need to ensure that you are getting the best in terms of being pocket-friendly app yet a robust and having power-packed performance with latest tools, features, and functionalities. Still, have a few inquiries at the top of the priority list, Moon Technolabs have answers for every one of them.

Users like to have an app that is fast, reliable and consistent. An app with too much of lag or interruption in operation is not welcome in today’s world. Such inconsistencies produce a hindrance for the app to be successful in the market.

Thus, it is recommended to take your app through rigorous testing before launching it in the app stores. Most mobile app developers test an app for its functionalities, usability and overall performance of the operation. However, when you ask the following important question to build a bug-free app, you might reconsider adding, deleting or editing a few features and/or UI-UX elements, etc. But in the end, the top mobile app development company ensures to check the app working on different devices, OS, data networks, screen resolution which are all the part of basic of app testing.

Still, there are often a few scenarios which are left out and it becomes imperative for you to ask your mobile app developers to make sure that it is a quality app and also a bug-free.


#1 Does my app can endure all types of users?

Your app will be used by all kinds of users, i.e, from beginners to experienced users. Your app should be tested keeping in mind the usage behaviour of all kinds of users. Some users might tap multiple times or input incorrect details or not follow the flow of the app as you want them to use and thus, your app should have the flawless user experience and design in place to accommodate all types of users.


#2 How the app coordinates with other functions?

While some apps crash and others resume it from the point of disconnect, this happens when the app is interrupted with an external function or event say for e.g, receiving a phone call, text message/email alert or any other notification. Your app along with the phone perform many operations at a given time and it is important for mobile app developers to test your app keeping all possibilities in mind such as OS upgrade, data cable plug in or out or change in data network strength, etc. Don’t let this be the part of the discussion at the last stage or prior to the app launch.


#3 Have you checked performance optimization of the app

An app’s performance can be affected by either the server or user’s side. We have already seen the reasons that account for downtime from a user’s perspective but what if the performance lag is from the server side? Test the app in the likelihood scenarios wherein, if it is not able to connect to backend systems or your app is consuming extra phone’s memory and excessive bandwidth. Is your app able to handle the load when too many users log in or use it at the same time? To avoid all these and to make sure that the app’s performance is optimized, your mobile app developers need to ensure of operational testing i.e, evaluation of a software application prior to the prior to the production phase.


#4 Can your app blend with local preferences?

In order to cater to a wider range of audience and increase your profit margin, your app must adhere to regional traits such as time zone, language, currency and design preference. Hence, while testing the app, your mobile app developers should consider all the challenges in localizing the app. Would the app be affected when a user changes time zone or if the user’s timezone is changed due to travelling? Ensure with a developer to check the app’s compatibility with different languages it supports. Also, the UI might be impacted with a length of the text changes for every word in every language, affecting your app’s layout and design.    

A top mobile app development company has QA and testing team in place to make sure that your app is not only bug-free but also seamlessly integrates with additional functions and does not affect the user experience. Checking these few questions before hiring mobile app developers would result in timely and robust mobile app development.

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