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enhance customer engagement using IT services

Is customer acquisition and retention vital to you and your business? If you say that it’s crucial, then you’re probably facing problems that software programs can’t solve. Then again, understanding customers and tailoring products and services tailored to their needs are critical to profitability and growth. For that purpose, you need an IT business solution designed specifically for your company.

The task of running a business, regardless of the industry it belongs to, is changing continuously. Technological innovations play the lead role in these alterations, and companies have to be aware of these changes. They must join them to avoid trailing their competitors. Now, customer engagement is integral to running a business. Here you’ll learn how you can do it better with IT solutions and services.

Every business owner knows that maintaining sound customer relations is crucial to the success of the company. Despite being an overly obvious statement, it’s quite surprising how almost every business operation depends profoundly on working customer relationships. Without appropriate engagement, your business wouldn’t survive, let alone thrive. It doesn’t matter how many traditional strategies you have under your belt. You can choose to implement them to get on the good side of your consumer base. However, you can’t make much progress if you don’t have an efficient and attentive IT business solution to increase your sales again.

Small business owners need to engage customers as much as possible, but it goes way beyond providing unparalleled customer service. You require customer retention skills too. You can’t just discuss things with your customers that would make them want to spend more money on your products or services. Unless you make them feel that they are valuable to you, you can’t retain them. Additionally, you need to establish meaningful relationships with your customers. It will help them realize that you’re a customer-centric business owner and that you hope to solve more issues than the fleshed-out FAQ section on your website can.

The right IT business solution would be able to help you increase customer engagement. The best software development firms offer tools and resources specific to your industry and audience group. If you want to learn how to accelerate the growth of your business organization while engaging your customers, then you should continue reading.

Valuing clients at every touchpoint

Business companies can’t underestimate the importance of reminding their customers that they are valuable. You need to make them feel more valuable than the money they spend on your products and services. Your objective should be to facilitate relationships with repeat clients by offering something more valuable than your products and services. Generally, most businesses utilize a customized CRM solution. It would help your client relations manager automate engagements with audience bases via social media platforms, email campaigns, or even handcrafted blog posts on your business website. It’s a software solution that works in tandem with marketing strategies that you wish to implement. If you integrate such a program with your business, then attaining customer engagement would cease to remain an issue.

Meeting business objectives

Did you know that turnkey IT services and solutions could help you meet your business objectives while bolstering customer service? High-quality customer engagement is the most generous contributor to your ROI. It dictates everything about your business company, including profits, success levels among different audience groups, and more. By engaging with your customers in the best possible manner, you can establish your brand identity and develop a sense of loyalty among your followers and customers. According to market specialists, customer engagement will help you cover more distance in today’s competitive business environment.

Importance of custom software

Customized software solutions will help you implement advanced resources to gather data from your customers. Such a software program will take data from every touchpoint throughout the customer experience process. You can take this data and analyze it in a way that would be beneficial to your business’s needs.

Importance of custom software

Once you accumulate data, you should be able to break it down further to see whether your existing customer interactions are helping your company or hurting it. Indeed, specific marketing strategies may end up targeting the wrong audience. Such mistakes aren’t unheard of. The right software solution will help you review your strategies and change them so that they contribute to your growth.

An intuitive system will suggest alterations and implement cutting-edge models to help you regain an invested audience while rebuilding your brand loyalty. Researchers say that a happy, engaged customer can contribute 23% more to your revenue than the average customer. Successful engagement strategies will ignite loyalty in their hearts and minds. Understandably, you won’t have to push your products or services to them. They will want to purchase from you because they feel that you care for them.

Community-building strategies

What do you want turnkey IT services and solutions to do for you? Did you manage to highlight the places where your customer relationships are hurting the most? In some instances, small companies aren’t doing enough to maintain their social media activity. In other cases, customers may even feel as if the business isn’t showing enough compassion towards them. The best software solutions can implement several communications that will include the following.

  • Loyalty programs for long-term customers.
  • Email marketing templates that create content specifically designed for a particular audience group.
  • SMS campaigns to communicate or promote products or services to customers instantly.
  • Social media posts and updates.
  • Automated customer satisfaction surveys that you can send after transactions or customer service communications.
  • Communication mediation to customers via review sites, such as Google.

Final considerations

It goes without saying that customized IT solutions are beneficial in increasing ROI. You can raise your bottom line by experiencing the advantages that come with using tailored solutions. If you need a uniquely designed software program, then you should start searching for relevant service providers at the earliest.

Both augmented reality and virtual reality systems are currently emerging as superb helping hands for business companies of all kinds as well as individuals. Many people would say how AR is altering the manufacturing industry. Also, AR and VR are enhancing marketing, advertising, and customer engagement. However, these two things are nothing short of a blessing for real estate agencies and architects. Here you’ll learn why.

Technological innovations and advancements influenced every aspect of every individual’s life across the entire world, and real estate isn’t an exception. Today, you’ll learn about augmented reality and what it did for real estate and architecture. According to researchers[1], the market of AR and VR (virtual reality) in real estate could go well over $2.6 billion by 2025. After all, the best real estate businesses look for ways to alter the properties they erect, and that’s why they rely on augmented and virtual reality solutions.

You’re probably unsure about what to expect from augmented reality and virtual reality apps development company. If that is the case, then here you’ll find out how it’s changing the industry for the better.

About AR in real estate

Of course, you may need both augmented and virtual reality solutions, but unlike the latter, AR superimposes both images and text. This feature would be inestimably beneficial to everyone associated with real estate. It converts the line between reality and technology from opaque to translucent. As a result, it creates a seamless experience for the viewer. In terms of real estate, AR allows potential buyers to explore a house, commercial building, or anything else through their smartphones from wherever they are. It also lets realtors like you tweak the designs and styles of the rooms and cabins by choosing traditional or contemporary finishes.

The problems with the existing tools

You may argue that you don’t need the services provided by augmented reality and virtual reality apps development company because you already have a few tools at your disposal. The problem with these tools is that they won’t be sufficient in today’s technologically advanced world. Individuals are much more tech-savvy than they were before. Catering to the requirements and expectations of such people would be simple if you resort to age-old methods. Visualization is the key to success in the sphere of real estate, and it has the power to make or break a deal. Here are the reasons why your tools won’t be enough.

AR VR prospects for architecture

  • Photographic advertisements can showcase a building’s aesthetics properly.
  • Despite being interactive, 3D models can’t offer a full-fledged representation.
  • Very few buyers would visit the site in-person because it’s time-consuming.
  • Textual descriptions don’t describe much about the listing.

AR VR solutions and applications can address all these pain points and more while providing an immersive experience to the prospective buyer.

The benefits

Here are the benefits of AR in the field of real estate.


  • Clear product description: Selling properties that aren’t complete yet can be incredibly tricky. You have to find a way to tell them how the house or office building would look and convince them that it’s the property that they always wanted. In that respect, AR appeared as a real estate developer or architect’s dream as it lets buyers visualize the result of your efforts. If a customer can’t understand what the product would like, he/she would falter before agreeing to a deal. The individual may even cancel it. On the other hand, AR systems can make pre-selling a piece of cake.


  • More engaging: Customers can use AR systems to explore properties regardless of their location. This feature lets you tap into new audiences, particularly the more tech-inclined demographic of today. Researchers[2] found that around 80% of all millennials want to buy their own homes, and AR is the best way to satisfy their needs and interests. Additionally, you can avoid the costly processes of home staging. Customers can take pictures of their current furniture items and place them in the listing.


  • Time and resource saver: Prospective buyers don’t need to view properties personally when AR systems let them experience it remotely. Why would you opt for a calendar filled with Open House dates when you can help your buyers narrow the pool into a smaller group of properties through AR? They can browse the catalogue using your business app and decide what they want. It saves you time as well as resources. Instead of wasting time showing properties to prospective buyers, you can chase potential leads.


  • Wide reach: Indeed, AR is an incredibly powerful tool for buyers who reside overseas and can’t visit the property of their choice. Virtual tours via AR systems can create an immersive experience for your customers and give them all the details that they need. It’s particularly important for selling luxury properties as they have a smaller pool of buyers who mostly live in other countries.

Direct ROI

Finally, AR VR solutions will let you reap ROI directly because engagement would become quantifiable. Realtors can scrutinize data from real estate AR systems. The information thus gathered would reveal the number of people who have their eyes on that property along with times and locations. You’ll also find out how much time they spent in exploring the listing. Additionally, you can differentiate between effective and perfect call-to-action. You will see whether your customers booked a viewing, made a purchase, or shared a link.

Progressive web applications utilize the best technical solutions applied in mobile and web applications. The concept first appeared in 2015 and enabled programmers to deliver web-based applications that are competitive. They could even outperform a native app’s user experience. However, selecting a framework to design such an app requires thorough consideration.

About progressive web apps

So, what are progressive web apps or PWAs? An expert from a progressive web app development company explains that it’s a website that appears and behaves like a mobile app. It means that a user should be able to add it to the main screen of his/her smartphone. Additionally, it can send push notifications, access the hardware of the devices, and even work offline. Indeed, progressive web applications work just as smoothly as any other app due to an unstable internet connection.

How to choose a framework

Now, if you search the web, then you’ll find several articles and blogs on the best frameworks for PWA development purposes. However, no matter how deep you dig, you won’t find anything on how to select the right framework. That’s why the specialists of a progressive web app development company want to share a few tips on choosing a framework.

  • First of all, you require something that reduces the overall cost of app development. Nobody wants to pay and an arm and a leg for app development services these days. Besides, clients have more than enough options to explore. Additionally, if you can reduce the expenses incurred, then you won’t waste too much of your own resources. You should look for an open-source framework, if possible. If it comes with the shortest learning curve, then it would be even better.


  • Creating an app is a constant process. You have to release updates through which you’ll fix bugs or introduce new features. When it comes to picking a framework for your PWA, you need something that’s easy to maintain. Also, it should come with a massive library for accessing APIs.


  • The PWA framework should possess a full web app stack support including routing, data tier, and responsive layouts. Apart from incredible documentation facilities, it should have PWA development tools that come with easily understandable APIs. Moreover, it should have a massive base of components accessible across browsers.


  • If possible, you should look for a framework that comes with excellent community support. After all, if you require assistance, then nobody else apart from a group of people who specialize in using the framework would be able to provide it. Additionally, the framework should have a well-defined method for implementation and an MVC framework. Also, you’ll need something that launches newer versions frequently.


  • The coding procedure of the PWA framework has to be simple enough. Otherwise, it would take too long for you to complete a project. Besides, if your team consists of rookies, then they should be able to learn how to use the framework with relative ease. The structure should be simple enough and the rendering should be fast too. Finally, it should be flexible to set up.

Reasons to use
Now you’ll learn why your clients want to pay the progressive web app cost. If you aren’t developing progressive web applications yet, then these reasons would compel you to do so.

  • Offline availability: Everyone knows that specific applications do nothing except consume the memory of a smartphone if there’s no internet connection. Of course, many mobile apps are often self-contained, and users can browse them when they aren’t online. PWAs, on the other hand, are always available regardless of an internet connection. It can provide every piece of information and the user would be able to use the app to its full potential always.


  • App-like: PWAs are so popular these days because they look and behave just like any other app along with the functionality of websites with dynamic data and database accessibility. Generally, developers get to choose how extensively they want to program the app. They also utilize all existing frameworks and conventional theories.


reasons to use progressive web apps


  • Enhanced performance: PWAs are much faster than a conventional app. They work significantly faster due to the way the underlying tech caches and serves texts, stylesheets, images, and other content. Understandably, user experience, conversation, and retention rates get better due to enhanced performance.


  • No need to install: PWAs are one of those mobile applications that don’t require installation. Users don’t have to put up with long download times, and visitors don’t have to go through Google Play or Apple App Store. They can download it directly onto the device. It means that the app would get its own icon on phones and tablets just like any other application.


  • Specific hardware features: PWAs can implement several useful features, including push notifications. Publishers and developers have full control of the way they implement this option. It further allows for creative solutions concerning advertising new content. For e-commerce websites, it could mean an entirely new sales channel since push notifications appear on phones and users read them more than email newsletters, status updates on social media platforms, etc.

To conclude

Finally, PWAs don’t require any kind of app store submission, which you know can be quite challenging, especially if you’re going to release it for iOS devices. So, if you don’t want to lose a client who agrees to pay the progressive web app cost, then you should start developing them soon.

Progressive web applications are the next best thing for the mobile web. They are quite trendy these days due to the benefits that they have to offer. Since 2015, the year of their arrival, PWAs have been getting a lot of attention. Many experts even go as far as to assume that these apps would dictate the future, both in terms of development and user experience.

tracking of user behavior for eCommerce Businesses

You probably noticed a trend that appeared and gained prominence over the last few years. It’s overcoming the field of e-commerce. Previously, companies used to push products and services to their customers at all costs, even in digital selling. Today, however, you have to provide value to the customer and meeting the user on his/her own terms. It’s the guiding principle of an e-commerce business. Here you’ll understand why user behavior analysis is crucial to an e-commerce business.

It’s safe to say, without making it sound exaggerating, that e-commerce currently dominates the world of retail. According to reports generated by researchers[1], retail e-commerce sales will surpass 2 trillion with double-digit growth projected to continue beyond 2020. In the US alone, around 8 out of 10 individuals purchase products over the web.

The consumers of today’s day and age are always ready to make online purchases. It’s not a challenge anymore. If you’re new to e-commerce, then it can be quite intimidating to ascertain how to drive profit, especially if you can’t rely on anybody apart from your own gut.

The experts of e-commerce website and mobile app development say that understanding how users act while navigating through your site or app is the first step in establishing a business that will thrive. You have to supplement your own business intuition with an in-depth analysis of customer behavior to create data-driven strategies. These tactics will instil confidence in your team to take the e-commerce company to the next stage.

About consumer behavior analysis

For every online retailer, data on the online behavior of a customer or user is probably one of the most crucial business assets. An e-commerce business can extract deeper consumer information via behavioral data analysis and present a much more personalized experience to those people. In short, user behavior analysis is a data-backed observation of online buyers and users to ascertain how they interact with your company. Specialists of e-commerce website and mobile app development explain three consumer behaviors that you can analyze in your business.


  • Browsing behavior: Online behavior of a consumer will allow you to track their online activity on your web-based store. You need to find out what attracts a shopper to your store, the products they search for, and how personalized landing pages influence conversions.


  • Purchase behavior: This one gives you detailed insights into the needs and interests of users. It’s an incredibly accurate indicator of consumer behavior. If you want to scrutinize purchasing behavior, then you need to explore their buying patterns, and how they respond to promotional activities like an exclusive offer or product discounts.

eCommerce purchase behavior

  • Email behavior: It’s the age of instant messaging, but email marketing is still as effective as it used to be, especially for e-commerce businesses. With this metric, you can measure how customers respond to your email marketing messages. You have to find out how many business emails your customers checked, the number of users who opened the emails, and the number of emails that prompted them to visit your website or use your app to buy something.

The importance

Experts of a custom e-commerce development company already told you how crucial user behavior analysis could be for your business. Now you’ll learn what you can gain from it.


  • Understanding a customer’s journey: A few of the largest retailers in the world utilize data analytics to contemplate the requirements of their customers. One of those retailers is Walmart. According to researchers[2], the organization recently reported that they witnessed a growth of 29% in US e-commerce sales after targeting their customers using data gathered by mapping their journeys. An advanced behavioral analytics solution lets you disclose the entirety of a customer’s decision journey and penetrate the digital-shopper genome. Some people learn about your business through social media, while others spot an advertisement that you released on a shopping search engine. Contemplating the journey of a modern customer in an omnichannel world is about understanding their behavior on your native site, your mobile app, and every other platform.


  • Regional differences: Your business managed to become successful in a specific part of the world. Naturally, you started thinking about expanding to other markets as it’s the next logical step. How can you be sure that you would succeed again? No matter how good your company is, customer behavior would always be the endgame because it differs vastly in various regions of the world. Even Amazon, the e-commerce giant, couldn’t penetrate the Chinese market, even after succeeding in almost every major European nation. If you don’t want to encounter losses, then you must understand the local market. In that regard, the right analytics would prevent you from guessing how customers from another country would behave. User behavior scrutiny would let you investigate how differently or similarly customers in the targeted region behave from other digital buyers.


  • Knowing where to run promotional campaigns: If you want to run your e-commerce business in the right way, then you can’t wait for buyers to come to you. You have to go where they already are. The perfect behavior analytics tool will be able to tell you the origin point of your customers. As a result, you would realize where it would be beneficial for you to direct your marketing and promotional efforts. The best analytics tool can do even more. For instance, it can take your curiosity one step further and gather information about the behavior of the people who reach you through various channels.

To conclude

The specialists working with a custom eCommerce development company understand that uncertainty and fear are constant companions of every bold initiative. These two things will follow you during marketing campaigns, website redesigning or launching your business in a new region. However, an appropriate analytics solution can provide validation at crucial stages of every new initiative that you take. It would contribute to boosting internal trust and confidence while preventing you from flying blindly on intuition.

Do you want to make things easier for people who want to book a hotel room or a table at a restaurant? With a mobile application for booking purposes, anyone would be able to reserve and arrange practically everything with just a few taps on the screen of their phone. Even a decade ago, no one could imagine that booking processes could become so convenient. Now, if you’re thinking about developing such an app, then this topic is a must-read for you.

Did you ever consider how long it takes from dreaming about a trip to experiencing it? Or, how much time does one need to choose a restaurant and enjoy a meal there? According to the researchers working with Google, two steps are more than enough. These steps, also called micro-moments, include planning and booking, and one doesn’t need anything more than mobile app development for restaurants and hotel booking. Indeed, with a booking application, you can convert your clients’ dreams into reality. Booking app development services are gaining momentum at a steady pace. Here you’ll learn how to create your own app using 7 simple steps.

The industry of tourism and hospitality is growing swiftly, propelled by healthy economic indicators in almost every country. The demand for corporate travel and restaurant booking for meetings is steadily on the rise. It’s also worth mentioning that the market consumer behavior gravitated towards mobile app development for restaurants and hotel booking. In the US alone, around 88% of the people prefer using an application to book hotel rooms or reserve tables at restaurants.

Booking a hotel room or a table at a restaurant through mobile applications made things easier, quicker, and more enjoyable for everyone. Additionally, applications designed by the best on-demand hotel and restaurant booking app development company are now more affordable and rewarding than ever. Researchers[1] claim that the worldwide market volume for online bookings will exceed $174 million in 2022.

Now, you always thought about hiring the services of an on-demand hotel and restaurant booking app development company. However, you never had any clue about what it can do. If that is the case, then you’ll find a few secrets concerning hotel and restaurant booking technology here.

About booking applications

Hotel or restaurant booking app platforms allow users to make reservations online. The popularity of these apps is rising due to the following facts.

  • They are convenient because they save the user’s time.
  • They are perfectly secure as the user’s privacy and financial info always remain under lock and key.
  • They are incredibly cost-effective because they allow users to spot excellent deals and take advantage of loyalty programs.

Not only for hotels and restaurants

While most booking applications are for reserving hotel rooms or tables at restaurants, they can also help people book flights, taxis, holiday packages, cruises, etc. Sometimes, these applications can discover new travel destinations, places to explore nearby, insider secrets, reviews, stories, and more.

Not just a meta-search engine

Of course, travelers want to seek out the cheapest accommodation options offered by hotels and restaurants with incredible menus and ambiances. However, the applications used to gather information often lack a booking feature. This fault makes most apps nothing more than meta-search engines. That’s why you should aim to create something that has a booking feature apart from other specialties possessed by the most renowned mobile apps of today.

How to develop the app

Now you’ll find out how you can develop such an app. Regardless of the hotel booking mobile app development cost, there are two pathways for you to choose.

  • You can delegate the entire app creation process to an app development agency for research and ideation, business analysis and UX, designing and prototyping, and developing and testing.
  • Or, you can understand the fundamental concepts associated with the process and make informed decisions at every stage of the app creation.

The steps

  • Essential features: First of all, you need to consider the essential features that your app should have. Since booking is its core purpose, the essential features will follow the user during his/her booking journey. Every user would want to search and evaluate all options, select something, and then make a booking. You should arrange the features to help them achieve their goal.

steps to find restaurant online

  • Searching: A user is always ready to search for accommodations. If the inventory is large, then the search process would become cumbersome if not for specific initial parameters. These include,
  • Destination
  • Date
  • Number of people
  • Number of rooms (for hotels) or number of tables (for restaurants)

For last-minute bookings, the app should have a “Find hotels/restaurants near me” option that would utilize the GPS of the mobile device to pinpoint the best options.

  • The results: Users see hotel and restaurant listings that match the initial parameters. The rating of the establishment and prices quoted will help them choose. Since they will have more than enough options at their disposal, they will need a filtration system that will help them separate the ones they need. Filtration systems allow a user to specify their preferences while sorting prioritizes the list instead of shortening it. Add an in-app map too, if possible.


  • Booking: The payment gateway concludes the booking funnel. It leads the user through an easy and safe transaction through the app. Most apps give the user a chance to pay when then show up at the hotel lobby or restaurant counter. It’s the sign of a high-quality, client-centric application. After all, not everyone is comfortable with making online payments.


  • Registration and login: This feature should be optional in the beginning, but once someone makes a booking, you can inform the individual about the extra benefits that come with completing the registration procedure. It would be easier for you to track a user’s activity and provide personalized information once the user chooses to complete the registration procedure.

online booking for restaurant


  • User profile: This particular feature is crucial to you if you want to see your users return for more. It stores and safeguards user information and booking history. You would be able to help them create wish-lists or choose languages, currencies, and more. It’s a place through which you would provide personalized offers.


  • Cancellation: Generally, hotel and restaurant booking sites practice free cancellation policies that remain available until the last day. It attracts users, and so you must include it, even if it’s nothing more than a deal-breaker. Clients would be happy to know that they can change their mind if they want to. Then again, this feature complicates things for OTAs, hotel owners, and restaurants as most cancellations take place a day or two before the due date. Hence, the occupancy data inflates. Fortunately, some hoteliers have an anti-cancellation strategy.

Wrap Up

Now you know how to create a booking application through 7 steps. Of course, it would be better for you if you could include a few other features, even if it increases the hotel booking mobile app development cost. You should be able to gain more than you spend if users fall in love with your app. A few other features that you may add are a recommendation engine, room cost forecasting, dynamic pricing, instant messaging, social media links, vehicle renting, user stories, ratings and reviews, insider tips, online brochures, language and currency changing systems, etc.

Every program created for computers or mobile devices has to react to specific events. Otherwise, nothing would happen when an individual taps on a button on the screen of a smartphone. Even the smallest and most insignificant applications print outputs in response to events. Now, if you continue adding features to a program, then you increase the number of events to which the program has to respond. The commands would come in the form of a button click or an incoming message. It means that the strategy that you use to handle events will have a massive impact on the overall maintainability of the codebase.

According to an expert on asp dot net development, Prism is an extensive library for app development purposes in .NET. It has several incredible features that can ease the lives of every C# developer. If you develop mobile apps using .NET, then this topic is for you. Among all the features included in the Prism library, there is one called the EventAggregator. Here you’ll learn a few things about EventAggregator, including why it’s useful and where you should use it. You’ll also learn a bit about how to use Prism EventAggregator.

About Prism EventAggregator

So, what is EventAggregator? An asp dot net development expert explains that it’s Prism’s implementation of the Publisher-Subscriber pattern. Publisher-Subscriber happens to be a messaging pattern designed for asynchronous communication in an application. To be specific, it solves all common issues concerning sending messages between components. Some of these components are often difficult, impractical, or impossible to link.

Prism EventAggregator pattern consists of events published to an event bus, which in turn passes them to one or more subscribers. These subscribers can hand the event the way they want to.

Reasons to use

Many renowned and reputable providers of dot net development services use EventAggregator. Why do they do it? Here are the reasons.

    • It’s decoupled: EventAggregator has a decoupled nature where Publishers and Subscribers don’t know anything about each other.


    • It’s asynchronous: As it’s asynchronous, the Publisher can send a message quickly and continue its own work without waiting for the Subscriber to finish handling the event.


    • Separation of concerns: The Publisher doesn’t need to know what the Subscriber does with the event. Similarly, the Subscriber doesn’t need to know about the origin of the event.


  • It’s scalable: Regardless of the number of Publishers, Subscribers, and events you have, you would only have to refer to one event bus.

Apart from these benefits, EventAggregator has a few more that are particularly useful in providing dot net development services for mobile applications.

features of Prism EventAggregator

    • Preventing memory leaks: EventAggregator will never keep any reference of a discarded Subscriber. Understandably, there’s no need to unsubscribe anything manually.


    • Sending complex objects: With EventAggregator, it gets easier to send complex objects as a parameter when publishing an event to give the Subscriber more context and info while handling the event.


    • Thread flexibility: You get to choose the thread that you want to use to handle incoming events.


  • Filtering events: Finally, Subscribers can choose the events that they want to process and ignore the others.

When to use

Now, a .NET development specialist from an MVC development company already explained that the Publisher-Subscriber pattern helps in establishing communication between components that are difficult or impractical to link. In a Prism project, the best developers often use EventAggregator to send messages between two or more ViewModels, or between services that don’t have any reference to each other. Another use case worth mentioning is when different Subscribers must handle one event. During such situations, it won’t be practical to pass a Publisher reference to all these Subscribers.

In Xamarin.Forms

If you have knowledge in Xamarin.Forms, then you’re probably thinking that it has something like EventAggregator already. The experts of the best MVC development company concur. They know that Xamarin.Forms has its own implementation of Publisher-Subscriber called MessagingCenter. Regardless of this fact, they choose EventAggregator for the following reasons.

    • Memory leaks: MessagingCenter will keep a reference of any Subscriber that you remove. You have to unsubscribe manually to get rid of it permanently.


    • Flexibility: Unlike EventAggregator, MessagingCenter doesn’t have thread flexibility or event filters.


  • Testing ability: MessagingCenter always uses static methods that make writing unit tests much more challenging. Prism, on the other hand, automatically injects an EventAggregator into the constructor. As a result, you can mimic it easily.

A few things to remember

By now, the flexibility and utility powers of EventAggregator should be clear to you. However, as always, there’s a catch. You must keep an eye out for a few things.

While EventAggregator holds weak references to Subscribers online, it’s always possible that it will hold a strong reference if the Publisher passes a parameter and the Subscriber holds a reference to the same. Therefore, you should consider unsubscribing manually whenever you dispose of a Subscriber.

Also, there’s a problem with the decoupled structure of EventAggregator. It can complicate things if you overuse it. There could be a separation of concerns between the Subscriber and Publisher, but there shouldn’t be anything of that sort between the events themselves. The situation could obscure communication flow when you handle multiple events.

To conclude

The best thing to do would be to use EventAggregator as and when necessary. Avoid structuring entire projects around it. Just like everything else, maintaining moderation is the solution. Every program has to react to specific events. When X happens, so does Y. Even the most trivial application prints output in response to events. Understandably, if you add too many features to a problem, then they have to respond to button clicks or incoming messages more than usual. An asp dot net development specialist will describe why using Prism EventAggregator would be beneficial in such situations.

Undoubtedly, modern people have several modes of entertainment at their disposal. One can watch TV programs, movies, and series to make even the most boring days and nights interesting. Additionally, modern television sets have an internet connection. It means that you won’t have to watch the same old programs every time. Browsing is also easier on these TV sets. You have to thank the world of the web because it never disappoints anyone, but how can you choose an appropriate service to watch something in HD quality without those irritating advertisements? It’s where video streaming service providers, such as Netflix come into play. Creating such an app with the support of a mobile app development company could prove to be incredibly lucrative.

It’s safe to say that specific words like “binge-watching” could never gain popularity as internet-lingo if platforms, such as Netflix never appeared. It’s a video streaming service that provides ad-free viewing experiences to its paid subscribers in over one hundred and ninety countries. It has an exceptionally rich library of award-winning shows, movies, and documentaries. There are many movies and programs that are only viewable on this platform. If you want to find out what you must do to create something similar, then you should read this.

The global lockdown that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic led to an exponential rise in the demand for media streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. The interesting fact is that this growth has been both in terms of usage as well as sign-ups. Every brand regardless of its geography or content is experiencing a similar surge in both these KPI parameters. It’s possible to attribute this event to the prolonged isolation mandated by the governments of countries all over the world. Understandably, the time is perfect for you to explore a digital streaming platform like Netflix. According to reports generated by researchers, Netflix is currently the most popular video streaming app, and its responsible 8% of all time spent on viewing videos over the web. Very few people would say that they never heard of Netflix. It’s nothing less than a giant in its unique domain. Netflix’s collection includes everything from indie-made disasters to Oscar-winning masterpieces.

The surge in app development

Many organizations are currently in search of a mobile app development company that can develop a Netflix clone app. According to reports, Netflix earned revenue of $15,589 billion in 2018. They claim that it would cross $17,086 billion by 2022 with its growth rate of 2.3%. In today’s day and age, most people enjoy spending their leisure time doing nothing but watching their favorite movies and web series online. While Netflix wears the crown of movie/video streaming services, YouTube holds the scepter of music streaming services. The need for such streaming services is presently mandatory, to say the least. Reports claim that the total worth of all video streaming applications would be more than $10,691 million by the end of 2021.

The business model:

The business model of a video streaming application must include the following.

  • It has to be subscription-based.
  • It should be accessible on multiple devices.
  • There shouldn’t be any form of advertising on the platform.
  • Content has to be native and original.

Functionality and costs:

Netflix offers video streaming services to its customers. Users can watch a massive variety of viewable content. According to the people who work with Netflix, the company hopes to spend $8 billion on new content that would be available to its viewers on its video streaming app. The company follows a subscription-based business model that lets users watch TV shows and movies available on the platform. It has an incredibly large catalog of content, and it proved itself to be the largest video-on-demand platform. If someone pays a monthly subscription fee, he/she gains access to all the content. An individual can download the application and use it for free during the first month as a trial. Make sure that your mobile app development company includes the following features if you want your app to be remotely successful as Netflix.

functionality and cost of Netflix


  • The best collection of content: Using your app, everyone should be able to watch as many shows, movies, and series as they want without any restrictions of any kind.
  • Unlimited accessibility: Users should be able to watch exclusive and original content that isn’t available anywhere else.
  • Multi-device support: Users should be able to switch between devices whenever they want to.
  • Multi-profile access: Users should be able to create up to five separate entities in one app, whether installed on an iOS or Android device.

Most providers of custom mobile app development services would probably charge somewhere between $18,000 and $25,000 for such an application.

The team:

While choosing a provider of custom mobile app development services for your Netflix clone app, make sure that the team comprises of the following members.

  • 1 UX Designer
  • 1-2 Android app developers
  • 1-2 iOS app developers
  • 1 Back-end developer
  • 1 Quality analyst
  • 1 Business analyst
  • 1 Project manager

Some features:

Here are a few features that your app requires.

  • Video sharing: Through the app, you must ensure that you share TV videos, movies, as well as other videos from other possible sources.
  • Social media integration: Don’t forget to integrate social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and others so that you can share content directly through your app.
  • Live-streaming: While live video streaming is enjoyable, it will be a lot more fun when you do it through your own app.
  • Monetize it: There are several ways of monetizing the app, and the best one is to follow a subscription-based business model.
  • Push notifications: Craft push notifications to target the right kind of audience and increase the number of users.
  • Local storage: This system would let users download or save movies or episodes of a web series that they want to watch later.
  • User profile: Let your users create a profile so that they can have everything at their disposal. Whether it’s about the type of content they want to watch or management payment-related matters, everything would be possible through the profile.

Final words

Now that you know what you have to do, you should start searching for app development agencies that can create an app like Netflix.

develop e Learning portal

It is online learning’s defining moment and instruction is going to be redone the same amount of the enterprises that are going to far off work because of the novel COVID-19. 

The COVID-19 has made all of the schools and colleges to be shut down and make students learn from home. This reality has constrained an intense training for online learning plans and innovation for students and personnel. 

In numerous regards, the training business’ transition to far off guidance rhymes with the work-from-home move in endeavors. Video conferencing platforms are being utilized vigorously as are learning the board frameworks like Instructure’s Canvas, Blackboard and Google Classroom. So, it’s not a surprise if businesses are looking to explore and create education app like Udemy these days. Furthermore, there are empowering software, for example, Proctorio, a Google Chrome expansion that screens students taking tests online.

E-Learning is student centered: 

Student centered learning (SCL), likewise alluded to as student centered education, is an advanced learning strategy which intends to place the students in the focal point of center, as opposed to the instructors. The motivation behind why I recorded it as a bit of leeway in E-Learning is that student centered learning goes inseparably with eLearning. online learning is on a very basic level student centered, because of the simple usage of student conversation sheets and companion reviewing frameworks. 

Such an E-Learning approach revolves around the possibility of keeping the student’s demands in mind. Both cooperative E-Learning and coordinated online learning elevate student to-student connection. Having the option to plan and structure completely student centered online learning conditions is perhaps the best bit of leeway that E-Learning has. The estimation of student centeredness must not be downplayed.

eLearning is practical: 

Because of rearranged coordinations and brought down movement costs, among different components, learning foundations who use eLearning can hope to spare half to 70% in general preparing costs. 

For instructive foundations, the cost-viability of E-Learning can likewise be favorable when utilized along with study hall based learning. This is known as mixed learning, and it’s a superb option in contrast to those associations who are not yet prepared to completely move over to eLearning.

Cost-productivity in E-Learning applies not exclusively to instructive institutions, however it likewise also applies to the students. For example, E-Learning diminishes all the expenses related with driving, course books, and childcare. 

Singular learning styles: 

eLearning mulls over the distinctions of individual students, and it permits students to rehearse their own individual learning styles. At the end of the day, students are not generally needed to pass all undesirable courses in an educational plan and they can pick explicit subjects important to them. All students have diverse learning styles and there will never be a one-size-fits-all kind of solution which will coordinate all students immediately. That is the reason individualistic learning strategies are the absolute most prominent preferences of E-Learning. 

For example, one of the most inventive sorts of E-Learning, versatile E-Learning, can possibly be the most individualistic learning technique at any point made whenever actualized accurately. To recap, versatile E-Learning materials are intended to consequently change and adjust as per the information, aptitudes, and necessities of every individual student. 

Adjustable learning conditions: 

Scientists found that representatives working in conditions without pictures, plants, keepsakes and others were 15% less gainful than those working with said “interruptions”. This additionally applies to the instructive setting – students who don’t have an alluring learning condition will feel its consequences for their learning execution and psychological well-being. 

This is the place the issue emerges – in conventional homerooms, the learning situations are foreordained by the instructive organizations as per their inclinations. At the end of the day, the students infrequently have any state in what their realizing condition resembles. 

Then again, on account of E-Learning, the students have all out control of their learning condition. Those students who feel the advantages of a plant-filled condition can alter their E-Learning condition likewise. What’s more, those students who feel better in a moderate learning condition with no interruptions can receive the rewards of such an E-Learning condition. 

need of e Learning apps

eLearning completely uses analytics: 

Information is the new oil, and E-Learning utilizes student information significantly more adequately than some other type of learning ever. That is a direct result of E-Learning Analytics. E-Learning Analytics is the extraction of important data from online learning the board frameworks, and it’s another of the best advantages of eLearning. 

With student information increased through E-Learning Analytics, instructive organizations can improve their preparation materials and lift learning results in different manners. For instance, in the event that we have information on student dropout rates, we can distinguish expected entanglements in our learning materials and dispose of them. Subsequently, we can assemble new information and examine whether our change was useful to our E-Learning results or not. The estimation of information in education is huge, and its maximum capacity is yet to be figured out. 

Online learning could settle educator shortage: 

In 2019, the EPI (Economic Policy Institute) instructive market analysts wrote in their report that the lack of experienced educators is “genuine, enormous, developing, and more terrible than we suspected”. Additionally, the LPI (Learning Policy Institute) has likewise distinguished the issue of instructor shortage on various events, portraying it as “one of the most problems that need to be addressed confronting policymakers”. 

The issue of instructor deficiency will without a doubt be hard to unravel, yet the advantages of E-Learning in fighting educator shortage could be limitlessly disparaged. To explain, we should make a correlation. Ordinary colleges have a normal of 16.5 students per staff part, while E-Learning courses accumulated by a couple of qualified and experienced instructors can be served to thousands, if not millions, of students. E-Learning might dispense with the requirement for holding the huge 3-million man training workforce utilized in the U.S today. Rather than zeroing in on enlisting more educators, maybe we ought to rather zero in on empowering our best instructors to convey their materials to a more extensive scope of students through E-Learning. 

Better For Environmental Aspect:

All things considered, separation learning courses devour 90% less vitality and discharge 85% less CO2 emanations than conventional college courses. Furthermore, as eLearning is a paperless learning technique, it doesn’t add to a significant number of the ecological issues related with paper creation. For instance, there is no compelling reason to chop down trees for paper or to make paper-cellulose creation industrial facilities which are known to cause climatic contamination in encompassing territories. 

No requirement for course books: 

The absolute estimation of the course book industry is $7-$10 billion, and the normal undergrad spends near $1,200 every year on reading material alone. Numerous students fund their course reading buys from their student credits, and students who graduate with student advances are known to encounter expanded pressure and sorrow. 

One major favorable position of eLearning is that it requires positively no course readings from its students. All the learning materials can be gotten online, without limitation. online learning materials can be retaken and refreshed an interminable measure of times, not at all like course books which should be reissued and re-bought indeed when they become outdated.


In conclusion the need of mobile learning app development for iPhone and android will rise in the following years to come, that’s a given. And the demand for an education mobile app development company to grow your business will multi fold in no time.

mobile apps to boost your business after covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has set off a huge emergency everywhere on over the world. Everybody has been under massive mental trouble because of quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing. In the event that we talk about the corporate world, the world economy has wound up in a real predicament because of rigid lockdowns. Organizations have closed down for an unexpected timeframe. Business like assembling, travel and the travel industry, land, design, sports, diversion, and hyperlocal commercial centers have major financial stuns. While every one of these variables are will-breaking enough, mobile applications have showed up as our friend in a difficult stretch. They have acted the hero as a believed partner while everybody is confined in their homes with almost no social exercises. 

During this pandemic, there are sure mobile applications that have made our carries on with a lot simpler under house capture. On demand applications, basic food product applications, entertainment applications, and advanced payment applications have soared during the emergency as individuals are not permitted to leave their homes. The sheer knowledge of these mobile app developers are helping us cope big time. Actually, this pandemic is an eye-opener for organizations that considered mobile applications to be discretionary. In this blog, we will discuss how certain mobile apps will boost your business during a period of the pandemic and how it will help pave the way for a custom mobile app development company to rise. 

COVID 19 – A List of Popular App Categories That Empowered People to Stay Strong 

Medical care Apps 

A solid Healthcare space goes about as the foundation of an economy. During COVID-19, the medical services part assumed a central job in teaching and sparing the lives of thousands of individuals. Medtech new companies are teaming up with medical services associations and maturing appreneurs to use advanced stages so as to assist individuals with enduring the tempest of COVID-19 interruption. From online wellness applications to medication delivery applications, and on demand specialists applications are dealing with individuals’ physical, mental, and enthusiastic wellbeing in this frenzy circumstance. From online classes to live meetings and recorded recordings, medical services experts are helping individuals to battle antagonism, tension, and despondency. on demand medication delivery applications give on-time delivery at the doorstep to engage lockdown and backing individuals who are terrified of incidentally coming in contact with the infection. And the mobile app development cost of this is less. 

Educational Apps 

The training business is no special case to the results of COVID-19. While each college and organization is closed down for a questionable timeframe, understudies have hit hard as their instruction is upset after all training is the establishment of their profession. COVID-19 has redone the whole training segment as most of the understudies are from Gen Z who have experienced childhood in a globalized and digitalized world. Foundations the whole way across the world are turning to advanced stages and settling on computerized channels to enable understudies to learn, develop, and succeed. Because of the flare-up, e-Learning applications have seen heavenly downloads in the USA, revealed Statista. While EdTech new businesses are blasting, the Learning Management System (LMS) and isolation learning solutions have gotten a great deal of foothold among understudies to pick up information whenever, anyplace. Aside from video conferencing applications like Zoom, the fame of top eLearning applications like Coursera, Google Classroom, LinkedIn Learning, Duolingo, edX, Alison, Harvard University mobile application, and so on, have taken off high as they are helping understudies to get continuous and consistent training with maintaining the mobile app development cost to minimum. 

Entertainment Apps 

One of the demonstrated techniques to get us all far from getting overpowered with pointless pressure is only entertainment. Nobody could consider a day without marathon watching Netflix or gorging on your preferred online media applications particularly when you are a sequential tweeter and Instagrammer. During the pandemic, use of diversion applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, HBO Now, Spotify, Google Play Music, Snapchat, IMDb, Scrabble GO, and so on. entertainment applications have become a critical aspect of our careers with that to go through a day without these applications appears to be close to inconceivable. While we are genuinely inaccessible to our nearby ones, web-based media unites us, at any rate practically. The continually changing calculations of these web-based media applications ensure that COVID-19 data from important sources like the World Health Organization (WHO) and wellbeing services of each nation shows up on the head of the feed to teach individuals. 

With such types of mobile apps will be here long, these are the advantages businesses will get.

Utilization of Push Notifications 

The staggering number of enterprises offering these services has delivered customers confused on the finished result and services. That is the reason you will discover online guests forsaking the services/products sooner or later. Notwithstanding, you can stay away from this by utilizing message pop-up. 

benefits of push notification

In the event that you have your own mobile application, at that point you can have the option to send pop-up messages to your foundation. What do the pop-up messages do? Indeed, they are intended to remind customers to make an acquisition of new products and services. That is not everything you can advise your clients regarding new products and services given. That’s another reason why mobile app developers are boon for this technological world. 

Freemium Apps 

This is apparently one of the best approaches to improve money related incentives for an application. You should simply furnish some free highlights however with restricted usefulness. When the client has enjoyed the component then the person in question will pay to get the additional highlights.

Incorporation of ASO Updates 

Building an application alone isn’t sufficient to gather income to maintain the business to a more elevated level. That said you should be mobile to the alterations made by stages, for example, Google and Bing. This will help your application be more obvious while offering answers for end clients. 

Utilization of Social Media 

As per keen bits of knowledge, the quantity of online media clients hit 3.19 billion clients by 2018. That is the reason you can’t stand to neglect this number particularly when you wish your business to succeed. One of the manners in which you can profit by this is by having a mobile application. Basically, you find the opportunity to share your application and connect to clients on the social stage. 

Furthermore, you get the chance to utilize online media to draw in more guests to your products and services. That is not all, sharing the connection makes it simple for clients to share your connection and pull in more customers. 

Competitive Benchmarking

At this time of time, you can’t bear to be sluggish given the firm rivalry in the application market. Indeed, you have to have an ideal opportunity to explore your opposition and the services or products advertised. From here, you will be relied upon to be innovative. In the event that you are fastidious with this angle, at that point you get the opportunity to draw in more clients to your enterprises. 

Accordingly, you find the opportunity to embrace ideal investigation to get the chance to enhance these services. You ought not overlook that this field isn’t static. That is the reason you have to do your absolute best with regards to the income age for your application

How Moon Technolabs Can Come To Your Rescue Amidst This Time

We have understood in the blog how significant it is for business people to change over a business thought into an undeniable mobile application to help business development and withstand worldwide emergencies. Mobile applications assist you with enhancing your advanced nearness as well as give a consistent encounter to your clients and customers. Moon Technolabs is a mobile application development company that helps different organizations in creating highlight stacked and flawlessly structured applications. We hold significant involvement with delivering Android application development, iOS application development, Hybrid application development, React Native development services., etc.

benefits of telemedicine app

Telemedicine services are being received generally by healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep offering types of assistance and stay away from infection rate. Strategy hindrances around utilization of telemedicine were additionally immediately lifted, increasing its adoption. Telemedicine is relied upon to stay an indispensable aspect of health visits long after the COVID-19 has passed, leaving an ideal healthcare app development company to shine bright in these situations. 

The COVID-19 pandemic keeps on spreading quickly and overpower health systems around the globe. To adapt to this uncommon use of medicinal services assets, progressively novel solutions are being brought into the conflict by delivering on demand medical healthcare app solutions.  Telemedicine apps have been pushed into the spotlight in the battle against COVID-19 and are being utilized from numerous points of view to all the more likely tackle the difficulties. Telemedicine will probably have a more perpetual spot in customary medicinal services conveyance long after COVID-19 is over as clients and providers perceive its utility. 

Healthcare professionals who are in the cutting edge reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic are at the most noteworthy danger of disease. Henceforth, embracing telemedicine apps can help limit this danger by diminishing the quantity of individual communications. 

Telemedicine apps offer the chance of increasing the grace of doctors and help beat geographic limitations, and henceforth the productivity of healthcare systems can be boosted by using the capability of the isolated doctors for virtual consideration. 

With the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has at long last picked up energy. Telemedicine providers revealed a short-term increment in demand, acknowledgment among doctors, paramedics, and buyers. Nonetheless, the essential focal point of telemedicine in the beginning of the general health Covid emergency was to screen COVID-19 patients who could be treated at home. 

Strengthening The Demand For On Demand Medical Healthcare App Solution

Telemedicine apps can directly affect straightening the interest bend for health systems the nation over, easing back its spread and transmission over an all-inclusive period. Practically all telemedicine providers have encountered an interest wave that can best be portrayed as a worldwide pilot in an ongoing circumstance. 

A portion of the COVID-19 telemedicine quiet use cases incorporate self-disconnected/isolated patients at far off areas (self-checking and distant observing), patients with gentle cases (far off checking and treatment), post-release patients (for subsequent meet-ups). 

health laborers, paramedics, and doctors with mellow manifestations can keep on working with patients, resigned clinicians, offer second input for serious cases, cross-fringe experience sharing, teleradiology, and web based preparation for health laborers distantly. Telemedicine apps can likewise be utilized as an instrument to help the emotional wellness of patients and health laborers. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult test for all the current answers to demonstrate their unwavering quality, versatility, and deftness under the new conditions. The capacity to repopulate, update, and overhaul the information base of patients, paramedics, and patients as quickly as time permits is likewise one of the significant difficulties and that’s why the idea of a healthcare application development company is in trend. 

With so numerous new clients locally available, telemedicine solutions should be very simple to utilize and work and ought to have the option to work cross-stages and devices.

Telemedicine – The Solution for Healthcare Industries

Telemedicine solutions should give far reaching and important bits of knowledge. The dashboards ought to have the option to be planned and coordinated into the current electronic schedules, which could be incredibly valuable in overseeing timesheets of doctors and patients to enhance the HR and clinical foundation. Different nations will settle on their choice in the coming time to incorporate telemedicine as a Standard Operating system (SOP) for the counteraction and treatment of COVID-19. We’ll keep on observing more instances of the utilization and reconciliation of telemedicine solutions with different advances. Consequently, there is no uncertainty that it’s as of now high an ideal opportunity to perceive telemedicine as a compulsory innovation for reacting to the current pandemic. 

telemedicine - solution for healthcare industries

Telemedicine likewise assumes a critical job in empowering progression of routine consideration for patients in this period where trivial visits to doctors and clinics ought to be disheartened. Some outpatient center visits, for example, routine follow-up for ceaseless maladies, for example, diabetes, hypertension and other follow-up visits can be directed for all intents and purposes, making it more secure for those in the network. While telemedicine seems helpful for the network and patients, it is likewise good from the provider’s perspective. Restricting contact with patients who can in any case be overseen for all intents and purposes assists with lessening danger of transmission. Additionally, this eliminates the physical necessity for the doctor to be at a particular spot and subsequently may consider better service of assets particularly with regards to a huge healthcare system spread over an enormous geological territory. Patients set in a virtual line system can see a doctor who is accessible essentially regardless of whether the doctor happens to be in another city. 

It isn’t incomprehensible that medicinal services assets in numerous nations perhaps overpowered as the COVID-19 pandemic declines. There may basically not be sufficient clinic beds to house all patients who test positive for the infection. Rather, the patients who are well, with gentle side effects, might be overseen at their own home in disengagement with doctors checking in by means of video calls giving exhortation and reviewing them to clinic just if indications compound or in the event that they require more intense consideration. 

Telemedicine After Lockdown

Unmistakably telemedicine is the eventual fate of the healthcare industry. It is just a short time till individuals begin adjusting this conduct change. This change is useful to both the patients just as specialists. Thus most would agree that the use of telemedicine and related innovations will improve the manner in which social insurance administrations are conveyed and help in accomplishing a coordinated and consistent healthcare understanding.

Key exercises removed by all overview members from the COVID-19 pandemic, beside expanded utilization of media communications, include more planning and adaptability with regards to loading individual defensive hardware, just as guaranteeing a more secure and sterile condition. They likewise noticed the significance handling persistent apprehensions through empathy and correspondence.

Wrapping Up

The rising demand of telemedicine will continue to shine long after the COVID-19 has passed, it’s a given. And the businesses will more likely to grab this opportunity in the near future to get the best out of it and make sure with their on demand medical healthcare app solutions, they make out to the best healthcare app development company out there. But to make sure you follow that path, it is advisable to get in touch with a company who knows in & out on this subject, we’re here for you.

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