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The future of the ‘Open Source’ model is becoming prominent and promising day by day. One of the prime reason it has gained momentum is due to cloud computing. To name a few, cloud services from Google and Amazon which are basically built on open source technologies has paved an immense way for the development by offering solutions to data management or big data applications depending upon the open-source.

A top mobile app development company is constantly involved in bringing new technology and innovation to the surface. Every day marks a new front in open source technologies and due to its nature, it is preferred more over proprietary software. Following listed are few of the trends contributing to the growing use of open source:

1) Free Access

The freedom and ease-of-access of source code lead to two major following benefits:

  • Can adapt to the various and changing requirements of a business
  • Quicker resolution of software defects

2) Cost of License

Keeping the license fee zero open up a few doors of advantages such as:

  • Open source is a free version of software packages offering OS licenses to let an unlimited number of users to use it. On the contrary, proprietary software packages fee increases in high proportion w.r.t increase in the number of end-users
  • Organizations can spend the unutilized resources on productive tasks such as innovation & digital transformation

3) Upper hand of Proprietary Softwares

Proprietary software showcases the limitations to the licensee in the following manner:

  • Does not allow the licensee from making any changes to the software
  • The licensee has to depend upon the support infrastructure provided by the software vendor
  • Developing reliance on new features set & release schedule of the software vendor

4) Moving To Digital Transformation

Open source offers a lot of elements for digital transformation which ensures automation for businesses around the globe to increase productivity & efficiency. Following are few examples of such software components which aren’t permitted with proprietary software vendors are:

  • Software-defined computing infrastructure (SDI)
  • DevOps (Development Operations) as no organization can rely on software packages
  • OpenStack or any other alternative hybrid cloud-based

5) Safety & Reliability

Due to the various developers working on the open-source code makes it more likely to deliver secured solutions. Since developers modify the results to achieve higher quality makes the OS undergo constant evolving cycle in real-time.

6) Custom & Control

Developers are able to edit and customize the open-source software as per their requirement which is impossible to do with proprietary software. There are no restrictions on how many times a user is accessing the software and also on any device.

7) Flexibility

Open-source programs allow more flexibility. Take, for example, Windows, which is closed-source. Hence, users are not able to modify the Windows 7 interface and use it on Windows 8.

8) Better Quality, Collaboration & Efficiency

Due to the open forum and global community support of top mobile app development company and individuals, open-source software solutions are efficient and pocket-friendly to evaluate and implement these solutions. These world-wide communities often introduce new features in a more efficient way rather than internal teams working on proprietary software. The combined force of skilled developers working together from every corner of the world does not only contribute to the rapid development process & troubleshooting but also an overall increase in the pace of innovation.

9) Training

People from non-technical backgrounds prefer open source as it helps them to become better programmers. Most beneficial for students as they keep on learning and growing their skills to develop better software by inviting comments and critique while they work. They can always take help of their superiors by posting a query in the program’s source code.

Concluding Note:

Android, Chrome OS, and Apple’s OS X or iOS are built on open-source code with former on the Linux and other open source software and later on Swift which was also made open-source by Apple.

At Moon Technolabs, we are constantly involved in bringing new innovation to technology through the medium of our mobile and web app development services to provide customized solutions to our clients throughout the world.

Ever wondered what happens when you talk to your Google assistant or Siri for the nearest diner? Of course, you get a list of nice and fancy restaurants in your area. But what goes behind the process is a complex thread of high-end code is generated. This sequence lets your voice assistant understand your query and respond. In other words, machines are now able to comprehend our language which was the other way round previously. Initially, to interact with computers we adopted their language pattern which is understood by them.

This is accomplished by the use of the technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP). This has already picked up the pace to bring some futuristic change in the world of business.

Natural Language Processing is a branch of Artificial Intelligence facilitating computers and machines to understand, interpret and manipulate human language. Drawing multiple disciplines including computer science, computational linguistics and mathematical calculations to bridge the gap between human communication and computer understanding.

Starting from an early age, computing methods have been utilized to examine human language and since then the growth & development in the same field has led to the popularity of this technology. The enhanced computational power led us to handle a huge amount of data that contributed to building complex mathematical models inclusive of thorough learning and adaptation of neural networks.

This has further streamlined the multi-channel data in the form of mobile data, social data which is creating a need for solid technologies to emerge so as to evaluate and access the sentiments of the customer.


The Current Stature Of NLP

Businesses today should quickly change and adapt to the model according to the current market trends and current exposure of techniques to identify customer actions does not suffice in this cutting-edge era of the business world. There is a dire need to understand the user behaviour, preferences & mood and to allow the technology to further application of NLP more user-oriented and will also drive as a roadmap for the future of business.

NLP and business intelligence go hand-in-hand. NLP can change the way we communicate with complex systems including database and datasets. Since  NLP can support to access the business intelligence data which proves to be a way to connect non-technical with data. NLP application can make it easier for a non-technical person to start analysing data on their own and not necessarily wait for IT support. Hence, in a business network, NLP grants all the business personnel to access the information and make informed decisions.


The Future Of NLP

NLP contributes to business intelligence in many ways, especially in text analysis. For one, the business data originates in the unstructured format which NLP presents in a proper pattern that helps to organise and analyze further information.

The basic use of NLP in business intelligence can be obtained by analysing customer sentiments to obtain specific information from a text, this is also regarded as opinion mining. Many big companies and brands have started using it to map the mood of the customer from social media.

NLP further adds to the benefits of business intelligence with increased data access and better quality of data to be productive and efficient in the decision-making process by simplifying complex information into a simple structured format. You can instantly have business meetings and reports data or can even find eligible candidates in no time. Integration of business intelligence will present you with data-driven analytics at any given point of time.


The Final Picture

NLP requires no interface while the processing is carried out in the cloud. With the ongoing advancement in technology, computers will get better in understanding and responding to the query not only in terms of showing only search results. Machines will be able to understand the semantic relations and complexity of queries, it will automatically sort, filter and organize accordingly to produce a relative and significant respond rather than just showing you only the data.    

Natural Language Processing is still in its early days as it can only narrow down common sentiments such as joy, fear, anger, sadness. However, in order for computers to completely comprehend the human language and sentiment analysis so as to understand, correlate and respond accordingly, much more needed to be done in the field of NLP.


Concluding Note:

With close to 10 years of experience in the software industry, we constantly indulge ourselves into new and upcoming technologies including Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Blockchain, Wearable tech and many more…A trustworthy name in the field and received an award for being top mobile app development company, we deliver cutting-edge solutions pertaining to software technologies, mobile app and website design and development services.

Open Source

Pretty much, it’s self-explanatory, the ‘Open Source’. But, there still is so much beneath to understand how it evolved to what the future holds? Soon we are going to learn about that but before that let’s understand how and why it is critically important to mobile app developers and mobile app development companies.

Open source is a means of software language or framework available to the developers or users easily at no cost. Of course, for it to be an open source language or framework, needs to follow certain guidelines and protocol. Moreover, it still remains highly beneficial for developers as they are able to inspect, modify and enhance the code and spread their own program version as they please. It is a forum where users can contribute and collaboratively use the entire or part of the code that is necessary as per their requirement.

Neither there is a licensing fee nor any restrictions which allows the mobile app developers to work with transparency and use the program as they want. They can also make the desired number of copies of the original program to circulate. Constantly evolving technology in the programming language front led many from the software industry and top mobile app development company to believe in the huge potential which later evolved as open-source languages and frameworks. However, any software framework or language needs to abide by certain criteria such as:

1) No-Cost Distribution

The license allows any user to sell or share a part of software declaring it as a constituent of a whole software distribution including various programs from different sources. Additionally, the license should not incur a royalty or any other such fee.

2) Source Code

The program must contain the source code with distribution properties mostly in the form convenient for the programmer to further modify it. Purposefully putting a deceptive form of source code is not allowed.

3) Derived Code

The license shall allow the resultant work or code to be spread under the same terms as the license of the original software.

4) Source Code Integrity

The sub-set of your software derived from the customized source code should also have the distributing attributes from the license. You might also need to consider to label it with name or version that is different from the original software.

5) Equal For All Fields

The license is required not to differentiate between the person from making use of software in a particular field. For e.g, no discrimination should be observed if it is used for business or research work.

6) License Distribution

The elements of the program should be valid for all to whom the program is redistributed. It should not require any additional license or permission by those parties. Neither it should be product specific nor it should bind its distribution with other licensed software.

7) Maintain Balance

The provision of the license is not supposed to be inferred on any individual technology or style.


The future of open-source has just started to flourish. Top mobile app development company such as Moon Technolabs, is constantly involved in understanding the unexplored aspects of open-source languages and framework so as to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients who are in a need of their own business mobile app.

top mobile app development company

Market reports have suggested that revenue generated from mobile apps are going to cross over 200 billion US dollar by 2020. We have categorically stated in this blog about how to and what are the diverse ways to market an app in 2019. To make it easy, we have listed it in the pre-launch, launch and post-launch.

The elements of pre-launch cover the period from the start until you decide to launch it. Launch phase will cover the time frame from the launch till the first few weeks and lastly, post-launch which mostly last till the life cycle of the mobile app. For the same, you can also rely on the services from a top mobile app development company.

Market An App: Pre-launch Phase

Deciding Release Date:

Projection is very important. A part of the strategy is also to make a deadline for distinct aspects of the project. Hence, you need to set a release date for your app to make sure that you work accordingly on each of the parameters.

Market Research:

You’ll need to give proper time in researching the market regarding your app and also few if possible to gauge the target audience for the same.

Competitive Analysis:

It would give you a complete picture of how your competitors are doing in the mobile app market. Through competitive analysis and the latest development via blogs, newsletter, etc. you can make sure to be updated about it.

Market An App: The Launch Phase

App Store Optimization (ASO):

To get your app in the top ranking list in the app store, you’ll need to apply the ASO strategy based on keyword density. You can make sure that the app description, headline, screenshots, videos are optimized for the target keywords.

Choosing App Category:

Avoid making mistake in selecting this, as usually you would be allowed to select more than one category. If you select the wrong the one, your users will not be able to identify and reach the target segment. To get more download, ensure that you have selected the right category.

Promote Everywhere:

The world is running on social media and its assorted channels. Make sure that you give your app the platform of social media to shower its presence everywhere. Good idea to lure users initially with offers and giveaways.

Customer Service:

By not attending to customer queries, can hugely impact your app brand. It is best to provide customers with an effective service to receive positive feedback from all direction. You need to intake all the parameters to avoid all kind of bad or negative publicity.

Market An App: The Post-Launch Phase

Take Feedbacks & Reviews:

Customer engagements are very necessary after the user has downloaded the app to ensure further downloads. Acting upon their feedback and review will not only encourage them to use your app more but also will cater a good and positive image about your app.

Mobile App A/B Testing:

When you think that your app has registered a considerable amount of downloads and registered users, you can perform A/B testing for the app. Once you have analyzed the test results, it will help you in providing the best possible experience.

Updates & Maintenance:

After doing the necessary diligence upon the review and feedbacks, try to inculcate with the suggested changes to keep your app updated with the features in demand with respect to your target audience. When applying changes and doing maintenance of your app will make your users feel that you have taken time to invest in the app and care about their valued suggestion.


Top mobile app development company such as Moon Technolabs, is constantly involved in understanding the unexplored aspects of this technology to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients who are in a need of their own business mobile app.

In an era where technology is constantly evolving and shifting shape, skilled mobile app developers need to come up with different ways for apps to rise and shine uniquely. Of course, much of the task has to be devoted to the entire app development process but there is a lot to consider in making an app successful.


It has been observed that no matter when you build a promising app, it might not get enough footfalls or your expected number of downloads by the users. This raises the bar for any top mobile app development company to look into and research about the points that could be implemented before developing an app so that it quickly starts generating profits.


Without waiting for further ado, let’s take a look at a few strategies that can be implemented to ensure that your app succeeds.


1) Blueprint

You need to conceptualize it before you actually begin the app building process. The most important question you need to ask is whether your app is providing a solution to an existing problem that users are experiencing. You’ll also need to research whether your idea is already been taken and implemented in developing an app. If it is then probably it wouldn’t be a good idea to invest your resources in but on the contrary, if you are sure to deliver it in a more better way in some aspects, it’s your call.


2) Target Audience

Knowing your target audience does play a significant role in the success of your app. Moreover, it also helps app developers to keenly craft the design pertaining to the needs of the market and especially users. To begin with, try bringing in more ideas to market your app within a set group of a targeted network of people. This will also further help you to customize the design and functionalities of the app.


3) Design

It all comes down to ‘Design’, which can be the basis of your success. The way your app’s user-interface is going to behave matters the most for e.g if it is with multiple inputs filed than it will confuse users and will not be preferred. Try to keep design simple and yet effective to deliver prominently. Try to minimalise the distractions by removing the unnecessary elements from it.


4) Security

‘Security’ is a vital factor in the success of your app. Mobiles and other smart devices are known to our digital home for many of our day to day personal things such as from passwords, account details to passcodes as well. Data protection is of utmost importance to any user and hence, you need to make sure that the security protocols of your app are in place otherwise, it could harm the reputation and will result in failure of the app.


5) Database

Maintaining the systematic approach to the architecture of the database is going to be the sole factor in the performance of your app. Glitches or app crashing in the middle of any task or function is only going to encourage the user to uninstall the app. A speedy database can cater to the growing needs of the users with high performance. Several aspects need to be taken into consideration before finalising on a database such as data structure, speed, scalability, data size, accessibility of data while keeping optimum safety and security of data.


6) Online Payments

It is only fair to ask to provide a complete and end-to-end service to users. If you are developing an e-commerce application, hiring skilled mobile app developers can make sure to include online paying options and methods. These payment gateways are in direct correlation to the sales generated by your business.


7) Learning Code

You could have an amazing idea, operational and management skills and even market the app but when it comes to the core of developing a successful and seamless app there are only 2 options: one is either you could learn to code yourself by taking up courses which will take a huge amount of time or you could rely on a professional mobile app development company.    



Moon Technolabs is one such top mobile app development company. With more than a decade of experience in building a futuristic app with cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our apps have mostly benefited from startup entrepreneurs to small/mid and large businesses.


We bring you the best mobile app development services for your project with an amazing team of designers and developers that would present you with unique solutions. Moreover, we also look after for all the other digital aspects such as digital marketing including SEO, ASO and web development, wearable app and many more.

Mobile App

With mobile app store flooding with apps getting submitted in hundreds and thousands every day, less to mention that businesses have realized the potential of the growing market of application and related technology to adopt in their respective operation. More or less, if you have come to awakening that it is the right time for your business to get its own app then you are not alone.

You can always rely on the helm of a top mobile app development company to help you build an extensive mobile app for your business. On the contrary, you also need to ensure that the quality of your app is at an epic level. Moreover, there are varying benefits to developing a mobile app such as staying in the competition, offering customers a solution, retaining customer data for conversion and enhancing business visibility by adhering to customer appreciation programs. A general survey revealed that customers tend to uninstall the mobile app within 3 months of installing it if doesn’t find that the said app is generating value-based content. However, to deliver that value, you don’t need to be an expert coder or developer. Below-mentioned is few ways with which your business can benefit by building & launching an app that your customers will use and retain.

1) Buildfire

This platform offers an amazing opportunity to businesses who have got a complete and clear picture of the module of their want-to-be-app. Either one can hire its in-house team of developers to build an app for you or can utilize its full range of plug-ins to customize the functionality that suits the business needs. Businesses can personalize for their customers so that they can associate with the app brand in the most relatable way.

Importantly, once your app is ready, then Build fire will submit to Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. In terms of perfecting the app, Build fire allows you to try and test different options to drag and drop until you achieve the look and feel of the app as per your wish. This is the utmost desirable option to create your app without working on a single line of code and its internal emulator also allows you to try it out on different mobile devices.

2) Firebase

Firebase is a complete back-end mobile development platform providing a solution from Google. It makes the server side programming obsolete for anyone who wants to have their own app. Though you will still need to work upon the front-end of your mobile app. Moreover, it empowers your app to work on different operating systems such as iOS, Android and Web.

For business owners who are a novice in coding, Firebase is a less favorable option than Buildfire. However, it does provide some robust back-end functionality with a powerful database as long as your front-end is all set and ready to go.

3) All By Yourself

With do it yourself approach, you’ll a challenging road to travel only if you are not frightened to learn and code by yourself. Though building a mobile app of your business from the basics seems to a daunting task but also provides an immense opportunity for learning. There are certain drawbacks such as it will be time-consuming and it might not be as intuitive or responsive as Build fire or Firebase.

However, on the contrary, it does allows you to develop the app with meticulous attention to details about features and functionalities as per your wish. Not only you can make improvements from the basic and customize your app but also can implement feedback gathered from the users. At any time you can hire mobile app developers if faced with difficulty or can even refer to the online tutorials available from the freelancers.


Take your time in finding and hiring the service from a mobile app developer or a company. So, do not rush things and take a decision wisely after carefully analyzing every little detail. You need to ensure that you are getting the best in terms of being pocket-friendly app yet a robust and having power-packed performance with latest tools, features, and functionalities. Still, have a few inquiries at the top of the priority list, Moon Technolabs have answers for every one of them.

PHP is an open source and preferred mostly by the developers as the scripting language due to its simplicity. In other words, PHP framework facilitates a structure of a basic platform to develop seamless web applications for businesses and entrepreneurs. This framework allows the developers to use pre-built modules and avoids the need to produce repetitive code that saves a lot of time and enables faster development cycle ultimately leading to building applications rapidly (RAD).

PHP framework includes top-notch coding practice and standard procedure for development which organize the process as well as secure the product. PHP offers amazing development through a various latest framework such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend.

A developer may choose to master one or all from the above frameworks mentioned but most importantly to keep in mind is the one that is current as per the market trends and in demand amongst all. Let’s see the all-around aspects of selecting CodeIgniter development services for Web Application Development.

MVC Architecture:

CodeIgniter follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) based framework approach for website design development. MVC is a web design pattern or architecture used during the website development process. As the name suggests, the design framework gets organized into 3 sections leading to implementing customization without any hindrances.

  • Model –  Model is responsible for maintaining the data and forms the base layer.
  • View –  In this, the data is then forwarded to the user.
  • Controller – The task of the controller is to keep the above levels linked and on the same page.

Form Validations:

Form validation feature plays a vital role in web application development. It empowers to collect and file data in the correct format. Moreover, it makes the job of developers much more easy and effortless. With the CodeIgniter framework, custom validation is simple besides, it offers various figures of inbuilt form validations which presents it non-reliable on scripts.

Inbuilt Security Tools:

A widespread acceptance in PHP CodeIgniter development services is to exclude slashes while recovering data from the database. Due to inbuilt security tools, these patches are viewed in default settings. When a query is a feed into, these default settings resolves the database issue by turning off the magic quotes runtime directives. With such productive features, CodeIgniter developers find it easy and simple to continue with the web application development process.

Error Handling:

It is easier to access error reports in the developing phase for developers using CodeIgniter development framework for web applications. Although, the feature of the framework also supports to save the debugging messages as text files by rendering instructions to the error-logging class. This feature of the framework presents an amazing benefit for the developers.

Database Caching Class:

Following are the simple steps in which cache is explained. To reduce the database load, cache the queries as text files.

  • Create a writable directory on the server where cached files are saved and stored
  • The route to the cache folder, a path is set in the application/config/database.php file
  • You can enable the caching feature either globally or manually by opting in application/config/database.php file

Businesses around the globe can benefit from cutting-edge web applications developed using CodeIgniter as it comes with a simple integration feature which makes it the most favorable web framework for the developers.

In a Nutshell:

Moon Technolabs, is one of the cutting-edge software and development solution providing a company with offices in India and the US. Our 9+ years of experience has led to exploring in all direction and in every aspect of web and mobile application development, especially in Custom PHP Web Application Development.

That led us to explore various industry sectors creating respective web and mobile apps by delivering future-ready solutions of application in GPS, Augmented Reality, Enterprise, Finance, Entertainment, Game, and many such areas. You get the benefit of our expert team and support via our different business model to hire PHP developers for your project. The team is well adept in using the latest tools, technologies, frameworks, and components who have so far successfully delivered many projects.

Responsive web design has provided the flowering seeds to blossom in the field of websites and mobile app development in the last few years. The combination of this technology and technique allows a business to have a universal website that can operate on any device. Prior to this, developers and testers around the globe had to code sites separately according to a different set of devices and operating system. Time has changed to be productive and efficient.

Consumer behavior played a major role in the dramatic growth of responsive web design & mobile app development. There were many trends observed by top mobile app development companies. Let’s see them:

How User Experience Transformed?

A tech journal stated in an article on statistics about UX design which has shocking findings such as,

  • 35-40% will disconnect from the web page if it has improper formatting while just over 70% would gladly approve for exceptional seamless design over satisfactory performance.
  • A higher portion of smartphone traffic was noticed on the web in recent years
  • Mobile web usage has increased within users by almost two-thirds and by one-third on desktops

These figures clearly indicate the developers and testers have to pay close attention to mobile user experience management. With no sign of this trend going down, a need for more innovative design and development is rather much needed in mobile approach rather than for the desktop.

The Wrong Idea About UX Design

It has been noted that mobile-first strategies are not the same as responsive web design. The understanding suggested that almost nine out of 10 businesses are looking to profit from responsive web design. Mobile apps simply do not hold the capacity to outreach to potential audience members as opposed to websites. As long as those websites do provide the user with an ‘app-like’ experience on the website. This can actually be perfected and achieved with a more sophisticated approach to responsive web design to derive a more robust mobile experience irrespective of the way any user utilizes the content.

Responsive Web Vs Mobile Apps

Responsive web and mobile apps both have their own salient features. Nowadays, it’s irrelevant to pick between your app strategy and responsive web program as in either of them, developers have to pay meticulous attention to user demands. Moreover, it would be more beneficial if the preferences and pattern are understood beforehand about whether to go for native apps or responsive web will be the best for a project so that not only it reaches the potential target audience, generates higher ROI with the available resources. If you are looking to develop an app or want to make a responsive web design then you can hire the services from a top mobile app development company.

Businesses with an innovative perspective of capturing a wider range of target audience need to focus on both rather than one and also have to create a striking balance between responsive web and mobile app development. Whether it is Android, iPhone or iPad app development, companies need to analyze lots of customer usage data to come to conclusion. As the consumer behavior trends are changing, they expect consistency in their experience irrespective of platforms.

Concluding Note:

Moon Technolabs, is one of the cutting-edge software and development solution providing a company with offices in India and USA. Our 9+ years of experience has led to exploring in all direction and in every aspect of mobile application development, especially in iPad App Development.

That led us to explore various industry sectors creating respective iPhone and Mac apps by delivering future-ready solutions of application in GPS, Augmented Reality, Enterprise, Finance, Entertainment, Game, and many such areas. You get the benefit of our expert team and support via our different business model to hire iPad app developers for your project. The team is well adept in using the latest tools, technologies, frameworks, and components who have so far successfully delivered many projects.

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