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Mobile App Developers

Millions of mobile apps are available on the app store and play store. Of course, it goes without saying that there is a huge competition. In such a scenario, it becomes very important for mobile app developers to create or build mobile apps that are unique and stand out from the competition.

While Android and iOS are majorly dominating the worldwide smartphone OS market, it also utmost necessary to focus on the challenges faced by mobile app developers to make their apps successful.

Identifying 7 Major Challenges in Mobile App Development

1) Software Disintegration

Because of the constant development in the mobile operating system, there are several enhancements and new version launched every year. However, implementation and adoption rate of these new versions remain slow while evaluating its presence in the current market scenario. For e.g, Android 8.0 Oreo has lower market share than Android 7.0 Nougat and so on and so forth. Hence, mobile app developers find it challenging to make their app provide the features with the old as well as new version of the operating system.

2) Device Fragmentation

Since Android is open source, many device manufacturing companies using the Android operating system may differ in supporting certain hardware features. To deliver high-end user experience, mobile app developers need to inculcate many authentications to interlock with hardware features of the devices. Hence, it becomes a challenge for developers to build a mobile app that can leverage the device’s feature. This can be understood from the fingerprint sensor feature which is only supported in certain devices from selected device manufacturing companies.

3) Standardization Issue

Again, when it comes to the Android operating system, a device manufacturer can customize it according to the specific needs. They can also custom design the user interface because of the absence of the standard user interface for the Android operating system from Google. Differing UIs makes it difficult for developers to build an app that is compatible with every device.

4) Programming Language

As of now, Android mobile app developers are limited to two programming languages i.e, Java and Kotlin. Kotlin, unlike Java, comes with the added advantage of features that can ease Android app development and app code maintenance.

However, still, the majority of the current Android app development tools and framework still do not support Kotlin. On the other hand, both the programming languages support Android 8.0 Oreo and Android Studio 3.0, which makes it hard for mobile app developers to pick the right programming language.

5) Security Threat

Security patches released by Google from time to time are not able to address the threats imposed from changes made by hardware manufacturers to stock Android. Hence, such security issues go unnoticed which makes it necessary for developers to come up with reliable security features and enhanced encryption mechanisms to shield app and user data. This is also a challenging task for mobile app developers to surpass the ongoing Android security flaws.

6) App Visibility

As there are millions of apps, one can only imagine finding a pool of apps in the same category. For shopping, entertainment, sports, and every other industry sectors, users have a lot of options. This makes it imperative for app developers to build apps and implement ASO (App Store Optimization) strategies so that the app visibility increases resulting in more downloads. Keeping the right app name, unique and attractive icon, high-quality pictures and videos, adding appropriate app description with rich keywords, etc they all play a major role in the app’s visibility and overall success.

But, as we have seen that the competition is fierce with too many players in the market and their respective apps in the store, it is hard for mobile app developers to come up with mobile apps that are unique and stand out in the crowd.


During the mobile app development cycle, the app developer has to address and find solutions to a number of obstacles to make the app successful. Moreover, each mobile app has its own set of challenges and developers have to implement few custom strategy to identify and overcome those issues in mobile app development. This also always keeps top mobile app development company to look for mobile app developers who have got immense skills and technical knowledge to tackle any issue and build alluring mobile apps.

iPhone Application Development Company

The users using Apple products were already huge in number but what keeps one on the toes is the popularity which is ever-growing with iPhones and iPad users. Of course, there have to be some profounding reasons behind it which we are going to see further in this blog post.

The primary reason is obvious with Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007 and Android with a year later in 2008. Of course, Apple products were already in the lead in terms of timing. This paved the way for iPhone and iPad app development companies to be involved in the upcoming technology that is surrounding the smartphone industry.

There are more than 1.2 billion iPhones sold in the market and the number is still increasing. As a mobile app development company, the success of the apps lies in the sheer number and hence, one should pay utmost importance to the iOS when it comes to developing or advertising mobile app. With iPhones, there was also a substantial rise in the iPad app development.

By 2015, Apple grab holds a major share of the mobile consumer industry. HTC, Samsung and much other competition also picked up the pace with Android OS and its app development. This made Apple lower its profits but still holding the major share of around 60% of profits in the smartphone industry. So, if you are thinking of building a business app then make sure that the idea revolves around iPhones and iPads.

The biggest revenue generating market for iPhones is still US and Canada with an estimation of about 55% of users from this region. It is believed that the iPhone users spend reasonably on apps that are useful and worth even while most of the mobile apps are free in this era. Because iPhone users spend on average $30 to $35 and hence presents a good opportunity to develop apps and target it to iPhone users.

Apple also launched Apple Pay recently to cater its users with the payment option. The data suggests that more than 30% of the iPhone/iPad owners use Apple Pay service for their online store so as to integrate it with their mobile app. This also helped Apple to remain at the top and retain customer base from competitors.

Another aspect of iPhones is with the number of sessions that it generates per day. A whopping close to 50 billion iPhone sessions. With iPhone fever ongoing and the popularity on the rise, this number is soon going to surpass and create a new record. For the iPhone application development company and iPad app development company, it is imperative to create an app that can be listed among this 50 billion daily sessions. It is very obvious that Apple came to existence little earlier than the others which lead them to be the market leader in the smartphone industry. In such a scenario, mobile app developers are left with no other choice but to follow the industry leader in order to spread their own presence in the mobile app field.

The research, data, and statistics suggest that Apple is still the pioneering force within the smartphone and mobile app industry. Hence, it is quite necessary for you to consider the iOS app development company more in your development arena.

Windows Mobile App

The quality of a successful mobile application does not lie in just one aspect of the mobile app such as simple design, but it is also heavily influenced by its performance, features, and functionalities, user-centric overall design.

Yet, knowing all the above qualities, not every app in app or play store is a successful one. Hence, there is also the high number of a ratio where these apps have failed to deliver what customers needed. The point is, what kinds of strategies to implement and use effective ways to improve the mobile app user experience so as to increase your app retention rate. Because in today’s generation where customers/mobile users have many options which can lead to app deserting and ultimately to a non-promising app. If you want to build a successful mobile app than you need to optimize the following things in your app to reap early and higher profits. If unsure, you can also hire mobile app developers from these top mobile app development company to help you.

How to improve your mobile app user experience?

1) Re-sizing & Using Native Component

The first impression is the last one! Well, when it comes to mobile usage and its friendliness, the line is true. Keeping a long sign-up form will turn-off your user as it is prolonging the service that they require or for the purpose they are on your app. The best thing would be to keep is short and limited to the utmost necessary information to proceed. Remember, you can always ask for more information at a later stage. Also, it is important to keep your mobile app intuitive with easy navigation from one screen to another by using native UI element.

2) Clean Design & Clear To Understand

If your app demands certain permissions in order to perform a function then ensure that it is very simple and clear for the user to understand and comprehend that it is the app’s necessity to such information such as location personal information and even social media account info, etc. The best way is to keep your app’s permissions clear to understand to make a user feel secure. Moreover, clean design will create very less amount of resistance for your user to achieve or complete their desired task. Unwanted features and functionalities will only drive them away.

3) Style & Consistency

It’s all about keeping your user hooked with your mobile app. To do that, it is imperative for your app to get connected with the user and establish a connection. Consistency in design assures user and helps to associate with the brand. IT also provides familiarity with the navigation system that will lead to improving the mobile app user experience.

4) Keep Easy Search & Share

Make it easy for your users to find products and/or services with easy search and filter options. Make the data and useful links available and easy to find for your users. Many successful apps have advanced in-app search options to provide quick and high-end mobile app usability. On the other hand, users are also concerned about their data security. It is quite obvious for any company or business to keep this policy in transition with their mobile app also to provide data security and transparent sharing options. Only this will mount a strong and trustworthy relationship with the user.

5) App Analytics

As much as the efforts you have put in to design your app well, you’ll need to put the same energy in checking the performance of your app and other statistics. You’ll have to analyze quantitative and qualitative data of your app to find the drawback and opportunity points so as to further optimize your app. Visual feature data capturing such as touch heatmaps and user session recording for each login or activity will provide you with insight into your app’s user data and activity to know and pinpoint the bounce back reason or point.

Concluding Note:

Optimizing your mobile app based on the above-mentioned points is definitely going to draw some attention and will increase user experience. Moreover, you can even take professional help by hiring mobile app developers from top mobile apps development company such as Moon Technolabs for all your mobile app design and development needs. No matter if your requirement is to build a successful mobile app for iOS, Android or even in windows app development company, we assure you to deliver a promising app as per your needs.

Mobile App Development

Every startup or enterprise is penetrating into developing a mobile of their business to cater the goods and services to the target audience. However, creating a renowned mobile application requires expertise in a range of skills and different areas of mobile app development.

Moreover, when it comes to the mobile app development process, it is optimally best to process it from an app life-cycle approach. This paves the way in forming a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE) wherein, usually, the CEO plays the part of the mobile visionary and leading the entire team towards the final app creation. Prominently, the structure of a mobile app development team consists of a line of the business manager (LOB), Project Manager, Designers, Developers, QA specialists, Marketing and Sales team and Technical support.

We are going to discuss in detail about each of the above-said app team positions, descriptions and their role in the mobile app development company. But before that, you need to take utmost care while hiring the team of professionals and skilled team members as every role requires different experience evaluations and skill-sets. It is advisable that the app should be developed using agile development practices and a “scrum manager”, who can manage the entire app project with the team and guide them in the further development stages.

Also, it is recommended to use is an iterative model approach. To accomplish this, you’ll need to have a team comprising of:

  • User researcher
  • Interaction designer
  • Visual designer
  • Content strategist
  • Front-end developer
  • Experience lead

The team that you pick has to carry out various tasks through teamwork and joint efforts in order to create a high-end quality mobile app solution. A top mobile app development company can help you to develop a mobile app starting from ideation to app deployment stages.

App Team, Positions, Description & Role

Project Manager: The said person has to look after throughout the entire project implementation and also the collaboration between different departments. Also, on the contrary keeping the communication channel clear with the partner or client regarding the ongoing development. In short, a project manager has to not only take care of product strategy but also have to provide expertise in user experience, long-term planning, customer service, and even marketing.

Designers: For a quality designed app, you’ll need an excellent designer who can create visually attractive user interface as well as build an intuitive user experience so as to have a seamless complete process. The designing aspect of the app also leads to branding, logo creation, website, and other marketing creatives.

Developers: The important aspect of the mobile application comes with its coding, app’s structure, and app’s technical architecture. The app’s code has to integrate it with external data sources and has to mix with the functionalities as well. Among the entire team, the contribution from the developers comes most even at the later stages. The usual duties involve:

  • Convert designs & wire-frames into high-performance code
  • Design, build and maintain high quality, reusable, and reliable Java code
  • Responsible for intuitive & immersive application
  • Identify and fix bugs
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automation

QA Analysts: It is quite important to test the app and verify its performance via rigorous testing. This is the job responsibility of QA engineers to make sure that the app is functioning as per the initial plan and thought. If the app consists of any bugs or required minor/major fixes with any issues then QA analysts can identify and help in the same regards.

Sales & Marketing: The sales team helps to evaluate and provide an estimation to the client regarding the mobile app development requirement. If the cost of the app building is approved by the client then all the necessary requirements are then passed on the project manager to start with the process. Whereas, the marketing personnel derives a different set of strategies to market the product, create and promote advertising collaterals, etc mixing them up to beat the competition.

Concluding Note:

Hiring an entire team for mobile app development is not an easy task. At Moon Technolabs, a top mobile app development company provides you with great assistance for any of your mobile app development project. We can also help with analytics to monitor app usage and then use that feedback to continually improve existing apps, and better design and build new ones.

There are over millions of apps in the app stores, subjects to the conclusion that businesses over worldwide have recognized the importance of mobile apps. On the contrary, it does present a rising issue among other corporates and businesses to be noticeable in this pool of mobile apps due to competition. To stay ahead in the race, it is necessary to understand what strategies and guidelines make a successful and innovative mobile enterprise applications. Moreover, we have listed a few points that can help Indian app developers to create and build an effective and innovative mobile app for enterprises.

Additionally, reports suggest that time spent on mobile has increased substantially as compared to laptops and computers. Consequently, businesses now have to derive new innovative ways to meet the end-users needs.

As the number of apps is increasing the chances of app discovery lessen and the majority of app installs are generated by the few in the top mobile apps list. An average smartphone user has around 30 apps in the mobile.

Listed below are the few ways an app developer can provide successful enterprise mobile app solution by including following things in the mobile app development:

Mobile Enterprise App

1) App’s Purpose

Every mobile app has a key purpose. Just like every product solves a problem or either performs a function to meet end-users’ need. It is imperative to make sure that your app is either new or is a upbuild as compare to your competitor.

Your app needs to solve a key problem that mobile users may be facing or if providing service than your app needs to meet consumers need. There is no point in building an app which is already provided by your competitor. Keep the focus on the main issues that your app is going to address for users. Conduct research on the key areas that identifies customers problem areas. This way you’ll have insights into your apps diversified key problems solving abilities.

2) Core Feature

Unlike, most of the other apps, do not cluster your app by offering unnecessary features. Apps which are developed with keeping the main focus on the core feature can maximize users’ satisfaction as it easily allows them to accomplish their task.

The most successful enterprise apps are the ones that complete the task in a better form or differently from the competitor’s app. Let the addition of extra features be the part of your mobile business app strategy via future updates.

3) Value Adding App

Your app should actually be adding value to your user’s experience. In other words, your app needs to deliver real value as users are always time constraint and in a hurry to finish the task at hand. This shall increase the loyalty of your app. Smartphone users usually are looking from the app to perform in various situations without any interruption. It is important to check via research whether your app is successfully delivering on the value and services you originally started with.

4) Keeping It Simple

Keeping app’s user interface simply means that your app is going to satisfy user’s need and enhance user experience. Users require efficiency and thus, make your app easy to use otherwise users often don’t think twice before deleting an app that is hard to use. Make the core action of your app easy and simple.

Simple navigation will allow a user to get quickly done with the said task and hence will result in app success. Your app should try to answer the following questions based on design guidelines.

  • Is your app a problem solver?
  • Is the design flow of the app intuitive?
  • Can the app be used without any help guide?
  • Are the features relevant and will be put to use?
  • Are these additional features making your app more easy or complex to use?

5) Decide OS

As we all aware that the major two operating system that is heavily dominating are iOS and Android. In order for your mobile enterprise app to be successful, the effective way is to implement a cross-platform app development framework. This can help in getting your app ready sooner while reducing the time and costs by avoiding to have an app developed on separate platforms.

6) Function Offline

Majority of the apps works only with an internet connection. Though the internet is frequently accessible everywhere, it would still boost a positive approach if your app works offline or at least provide a few basic features and functionality to work offline.

7) Performance statistics

Performance data is a key factor in determining the mobile app success. Your app’s poor performance could cost you in a number of downloads and in-turn in revenue. Moreover, once the user will uninstall an app, it is highly unlikely for them to come back again and use your app. Thus, it is utmost important for your app to consistently function well and give high performance to enhance user experience. Your mobile app development team should constantly work on solving bugs, errors, and crashes to improve on app performance.

8) App Testing

The more that is being given to this area, will lead to more satisfied customers. Testing of the app should be done rigorously to make sure that the app is working the way you intended. You need to make sure that your app has gone through several testing and re-testing modes before your app is finally ready to deploy.

9) Float It Free

Let your app be downloaded for free as users do not like to pay for the app beforehand and also it takes away their opportunity to test your app. The free app doesn’t guarantee success though it will give your app an initial push of download and trial. If your users enjoy your app in all the ways, then they should be ready to pay for any in-app purchases that you may offer in the later stage.

10) Marketing Strategy

For any product to do well in the market, you definitely need a marketing plan in place. Do not wait until the app is developed and ready to be deployed. A well-planned marketing strategy will help you get more installs by targeting a relevant audience.

A successful mobile enterprise apps marketing plan is well defined in advance. Usually, a marketing plan is categorized into pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases. One also has to ensure to take different mediums to the market app such as via app store optimization (ASO), etc.

11) App Personalization

Users like when the app intuitively presents and increase user experience with personalized choices. Personalization helps in creating unique app experiences for a particular customer based on the usage, preference, and location. Overall, app personalization helps to bring customer engagement with the brand and ultimately showing loyalty for the app. Gathering these insights from user history and profile information allows to craft a niche experience for your app users by delivering personalized content to the users.

12) Continue Engagement Process

Once the mobile app is launched with a proper marketing strategy, it is also equally important to keep your customers in continued engagement with your brand. Build your user engagement practices on techniques such as push notifications, email or in-app messaging.

Consumers want business to understand their needs and customize and build their experience around it. Through many app analytics tools available, you can pinpoint to specify the content that user is most engaging and then use it to further enhance engagement with the users.

13) Take Feedback

To and fro communication channel is mandatory as a part of in-app communication strategy. Customer service to not only send one-way communication but to also receive ratings, review, and feedback from users will improve the user experience. Implementing all those and working on negative user experience will ultimately boost app retention.

14) Use In-app Analytics

Using these analytics tools will only help you to understand user behavior. Further, this data can be used to measure the success of your app, provide data insights and a weak area of the app to improve on. There are many other things such as downloads, retentions, engagement ratio and much other important analytics can be drawn from using in-app analytics tools.

15) Regular Updates

A top mobile app development company needs to ensure to get adapted to users needs may it be by learning, measuring and quickly following to users’ needs. Moreover, to bring upon such changes in the app can be done with regular updates in the app. For successful enterprise mobile app, mobile app development companies need to keep updating the app with ongoing development. Also, need to make sure to work on app updates, bug fixes and overall performance to keep users bounded with the app.

Mobile App Development

Believe it or not, but the mobile app and related technology activities have become an intrinsic factor in powering the economy. One can imagine the competition that is striving across the global tech market and to survive and make your app successful in it is a tough task.

Hence, the immense focus must be on the user experience for your target audience. In order to provide great User Experience (UX), you need to know few do’s and don’ts for either Android or iOS mobile application development. Here we have listed certain of them for you to design an amazing mobile application.


Maintain Consistency

Top professional app development companies do believe that content is King. It carries the power to represent your business loyalty and excellent services to cater to customers. Moreover, keeping content consistency is a must so that the users get associated with the brand. Additionally, keeping images, design flow and usage of phrases also help to engage the audience.

Creatively Platform Oriented

Approximately, with over a couple of millions of apps already in the play store and app store, only those apps could survive and be successful who can find their way to deliver promising user experience. Also, keeping the app simple will create value-based attention from the users. Bringing creative design flow has the power to accelerate the app’s success chance in this competitive market.

Take Care Of All

Today’s generation of mobile, smartphone and tablet users varies across each age group. Hence, make your app easy to understand and handy to apply features & use functionalities in a convenient way to attract a wide range of user base. The basic purpose of the app is to provide value-based user engagement for either customer’s needs, preferences and user behavior pattern. Moreover, it should adhere to delivering the primary needs of the customers.


Cluster With Features

Maintaining app’s simplicity is utmost important as otherwise it can give a bad impression and make user uninstall it. Keeping the app simple can be achieved by the limited but comprehensive set of features so that the app does not look too complicated to use. From time to time put your app on a comparison test against the current or trendiest set of features ongoing so as to remove unnecessary or unwanted features to enhance app feasibility.

Ignore Security

No matter how bright is your app in terms of idea, design or usefulness, it will never be used if there are chances of a security breach. No user wants to take the risk of losing personal and confidential data. For obvious reasons such as broken, loss or theft, etc…user’s prefer to have an app in which their data is safe and secured. A more secure app is directly proportional to the increased user base.

Forget Branding

Let your app be intuitive and responsive. The moment your user is immersed in the app design or usability, then you have a loyal user who can associate with the brand in a unique way. Due to high competition, mobile app developers need to focus on branding and encompassing the app in a neat & nice design package to maintain the grip on the customer base.
Concluding Note:

Even in such a competitive market, it is not impossible to have such an app that can cater services in a unique way. Mobile app development is flourishing with the opportunities and in such a moment, all you need to find a way that makes your app stand apart from the rest.

A top mobile app development company like us can help you with your mobile app project starting from ideation to post app deployment strategy and assistance.

The amount of apps in today’s generations throws lots of statistics if you have got knack to catch. First of all, the number of apps existing suggest that not only we have apps for everything but also we are flooded with hundreds of new apps every day. This also leads to thinking that new ideas and concepts are always making their way into the tech world with people who want to cater a niche segment of consumers or users with their mobile app idea.

Not every mobile apps out of the lot attain the height of being successful while others might even not where to being or what to expect from top mobile app development companies. Finding the right software development agency is critical for the success of your app but it is also important to understand the process involved and majorly for startups and small business owners lot of time is consumed in meetings and collaborating with developers regarding your requirements.

It is one thing to have an idea and another to flourish it into a successful app. With the proper selection and guidance of a top mobile app development company, the mobile app idea can be worked upon. The most important thing to understand is that these app development companies can help any potential business with ideation or conception to the post-launch strategy of the mobile app.

It is imperative for you to really understand how these mobile app development companies operate? As whichever the mobile application agency you partner with is going to play a major role in getting your return on investment on time and help you build your digital brand. These software development agencies inculcate different methodologies and strategies during the course of app development & process involved and it is important for you to be entirely aware of it so as to be on the same page as with them.

Here is what you should expect from the mobile app development company while offering them the responsibility to develop your app idea or for your business.

1) Project Layout Map

Many companies also refer it as project roadmap or project outline to give an initial end-to-end idea of how the app would look like and function. Though this contributes to merely 5% of the development process but also projects a sound picture of the app to both customer and developers. This stage will let know about the basic steps of development and models decided upon which the app will be built on the later stages.

2) Budget Allocation

Without funds, your amazing app idea cannot take off. Development model, hiring a team of developers, marketing strategies and every other aspect of mobile app creation is somehow related to the app funds. You need to ensure that your amazing app receives the best coders and developers possible in your range. Still, it doesn’t guarantee that your app will be successful but to avoid this, make sure that you partner with right and best mobile app development company.

3) Project Timeline

Setting a time frame for the project is an important factor. A good and reputed mobile app development company will adhere to the timeline and other project necessities agreed as per SLA. As a business owner, you will have a certain plan and strategy behind launching your app in a specific timeline and hence, it is crucial for a software development firm to make a project timeline to benefit both.

4) Features & Functionalities

This is the core factor in the development process where most of the work is carried out and it is majorly done while keeping the basic app idea in mind, your user or target customers ability to adapt and use the app and also the capabilities of the mobile app development company. This step involves the most creative work and all the decided specific features will be implemented in this stage.

As not everyone is tech-savvy and primarily the very basic reason to hire an app development company, make sure that the software agency makes you familiar with what technologies would be useful and improve the quality of the app and will make it stand out from the competition.

5) App Deployment

Before launching the app to the respective stores, there are certain rules and policies that must be followed for your app not to get rejected by the app store. Hence, there is no point in having a great app which can’t be deployed due to not adhering to the submission standards. Thus, check with the app development agency about their expertise in the app submission process. Ensure that the app complies with all the possible requirements laid by the respective app store.

Mobile App Development

Smartphones or any new app or a new tech gadget or tech; all of these have a become the talk of our day. This is what connects us in this digital age. And the mobile application development companies working round the clock to create something extravagant with mobile apps are certainly ruled by the new tech trends.

These tech trends and its implementation is going to help or optimize the work or service every industry segment in some or the other way. Starting from fitness or sports to music, emails & project, reading, gaming and for everything, we have mobile apps. More than 2 billion people worldwide own a smartphone.

Let’s discuss to understand briefly about these mobile app development trends and their involvement with industries such as live music streaming apps, wearable music & fitness tech, AR and VR in the gaming and entertainment industry and many more.

1) Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

With over a year old now, Google AMP has stupendously taken off with an upcoming separate search index for the mobile web. A Boon from the SEO & Web app perspective as the web apps will be quickly launched on mobile and smartphone devices. Thus giving a sense of confidence to publishers for improved visibility to attract more users. This makes AMP as one of the upcoming years mobile app development trends.

2) Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

We have been using Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) apps more than a couple of years now. Remember PokemonGo or for car enthusiast iOnRoad, Sky Siege, SatNav, etc…all of these using augmented reality tech to provide amazing user assistance or give them a great experience. Whereas, VR devices such as Samsung VR Gear/headsets, Google Cardboard & Oculus Rift lets the user experience auditory and visual feedback within a simulated environment. This immersive environment can be similar to the real-world-like.

3) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Have you ever asked Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc…to play your favorite music or just to know about history? Well, these are all based on Artificial Intelligence and its related features. The investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be more than double as compared to 2017. Creating machine intelligence using analytics, a cognitive interface and driving them into machine learning systems. Hence, this is going to be in great demand in the list of mobile app tech trends powering the businesses to new heights.

4) Cloud-based Mobile Apps

Cloud computing tech finally brought relief to mobile phone users in terms of occupying phone internal memory. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive are such examples of cloud-driven mobile apps. Moreover, it is more secure to store data in cloud storage than on the physical device for the obvious reasons.

5) Enterprise Apps & Micro-Apps

Enterprise mobile apps which primely focus on improving & enhancing business process activities to get the optimum result out of it. This can be useful for e.g to a team to share details about the project and work on it from their mobile devices. Whereas, micro-apps are tended to limited functions and mostly focus on single task or purpose.

6) Security In Apps

A study result found out that more than 70% of the apps would not clear the basic security tests. The top concern which was noted is insecure storage, privacy violation, system information leak, identity theft and insecure deployment. Hackers are tent to violate these security check gaps and tend to exploit by stealing sensitive and confidential information. Thus, security in a mobile application is also going to be a major app development trend to rule.

7) Wearable Devices

One of the promising tech trend that could be beneficial to each and every industry segment i.e, ‘Wearable Devices’ like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Xiaomi Mi Band and many more…These smart wearables can provide information to the users in the least possible distraction to their ongoing activities. In many cases, they are the main source of information powering such activities. For e.g, a fitness band can provide an athlete with his exercise and fitness data, with just a flick you can dismiss the call while driving rather than having to take mobile out of the pocked risking your life.

8) M-Commerce

Nowadays, the usage of debit and credit cards is reducing as more and more customers are getting familiarized with mobile payment system through Google Wallet, Apple Pay, PayPal. This is making m-commerce to rise drastically recently. Today’s generation is preferring to carry out every transaction via mobile for any booking tickets, shopping, etc.

9) Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has tremendously been on the rise due to our instant adoption to cloud-based apps and since then IoT has not looked back. Businesses and industries are prompted with this mobile app trend as the IoT devices which is usually controlled by smartphones for e.g, to turn up/down the thermostat or switch on/off music or lights, etc. which smartly let you connect your mobile phone to these systems to operate in a go.

10) Beacons & Location-based Service

Apple’s iBeacon and Google’s Beacon are popular among integrated location-based service apps. It is most beneficial to but no longer limited to hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and in the healthcare industry or business segments. This gives rise to custom and personalized app marketing chance to provide to a user via their smartphone by receiving a beacon signal.

11) Swift Is More Robust

Recently with the launch of Swift 2, which is offering more cutting-edge developer-friendly features, it has become more robust now and iOS developers confirm being more easier than Objective-C. This new programming language has certainly marked its name in the list of top mobile app development related tech trends of 2019.


Mobile app technologies are constantly bringing something new to the tech industry table. Due to which, skilled software developers cannot rely on outdated tools and trends to be at the top. Top mobile app development company play a major role in bringing some insights into the latest mobile app development trends.

Mobile Application Development

Smartphones have turned out to be your digital mini-computer for all your needs and their usage has increased. Smartphones have just become more than the means of only communication. With top applications, features and functionalities we can complete most of our daily tasks. Have you ever wonder about the apps that rank high in popularity? Also, do you know how many times an average person looks at their phone in a day? Read more to find out about these answers and many more such interesting and fun facts about the mobile app and its development.

Download Facts

1) The year-round projection for 2018 for downloading mobile apps was spotted at 269 Billion. In other words, approximately 30 apps for every person on Earth.

2) Facebook stands at the top of popularity with a maximum number of downloads until now. This shows the dominance of social media apps and its relative significance in the marketing field. Recently, gaming apps have picked up the pace and games like ‘Clash of Clans’, ‘Clash Royale’ and ‘PUBG’ is trending more in the number of downloads.

3) For a long time, Youtube and Google Maps remained the top most downloaded app which belongs to Google. Each of these apps had over a billion downloads.

4) Between the two most famous mobile app stores, Android Play Store has the highest number of applications with 2.8 million apps.

5) With higher and strict coding standards, Apple App Store offers a total of 2.2 million apps to download in all categories.

6) The sheer number of app downloads are higher in Android Play store as compared to Apple because of the reason that there is a higher number of Android device users than iPhone.

Financial Facts

7) There is almost a massive surge in the revenue generated by the mobile applications. It raised from $18.56 billion in 2012 to over $77 billion by the end of 2017.

8) Major earning source for mobile app developers is from app development and app stores. Figures suggest that Apple has paid over $50 billion to app developers since 2008. Top mobile app development company are also investing hugely in this.

9) The most profitable app is, of course, belong to the gaming industry. ‘Clash of Clans’ by Supercell, since it’s launch in 2012 has generated over $5 billion. Other gaming apps such as ‘Clash Royale’ and ‘PUBG’ are also in the boom at the moment.

10) A study shows that by 2024, around 42% of all sales in the UK will be derived from mobile applications. This suggests that mobile app development will contribute to the substantial factor in driving sales.

11) In-app sales through advertisements are also going to contribute to the biggest revenue generation source. By the end of 2018, it is expected to hit a figure of approximately $16.9 billion.

12) An app named ‘I Am Rich’ was priced at $999.99 and the only thing that the app does is to display a shiny gem with a positive affirmation. Eventually, the app was pulled off by the App store moderators but still, 8 people downloaded it.

13) With a higher number of apps in the store, the average price of an app had come down to $0.99. App owners are now earning a higher share from the increased sales figures rather than higher profit margin.

14) More than 50% of apps in Apple’s App store have never been downloaded.

General Facts

15) App developers charges vary in the different regions of the world. The cost of app developers in India starts from $15/hour and it ranges to as high as $225 for app developers in North America.

16) India remains the second largest app market for mobile users after the USA. Almost 70% of the WhatsApp users are from India, proving India to be one of the strongest and emerging market for the mobile app industry.

17) Social Media apps are the king. Over 65% of mobile users spend the majority of their time on social media apps.

18) Text & communication apps have shown great potential in the US, with an average of 1/5th of the day spends on the said apps.

19) Users spend a lot of on gaming apps while merely 1% of the usage is inclined towards lifestyle apps, i.e, health and fitness apps.

20) Another interesting fact about an average smartphone user is that they unlock the phones over 80 times a day which is contributing to around 3,000 strokes/swipes per day.

21) There is a major shift towards app culture for everything. There are apps for smartwatches, TV and other related shows.

22) With the introduction of AR (Augmented Reality) technology in apps, Pokemon Go was the first one to set trend for users as well as app developers.

23) iPhone users spend typically more time on apps than they do so on iPads.

24) Desktop and website culture is slowly diminishing as the same information can be accessed via smartphone and apps. Moreover, it is more convenient as it can be used anywhere, anytime even while you are on the go.

25) Because of the huge and increasing competition, most apps are becoming free to download with in-app purchase options. Such kind of apps is becoming more popular nowadays.

App Development Company

The increased take towards mobile has accelerated the push for companies and businesses to cater their clients and customers through enterprise apps. Gone are the days when mobile apps were considered as the secondary source to increase sales, grow customer base, etc. Nowadays, every business venture is taking up the opportunity from a very early stage to provide service via mobile apps and hence, makes it necessary for them to begin the app development journey.

Mobile apps have become a mandatory requirement for most of the businesses. There is a huge shift in the usage of mobile apps from desktop sites and computers. Figures suggest that not only there is an increase in the time spent on mobile apps but also more and more businesses are looking for the best mobile app development company to build their apps.

Additionally, you’ll have to look for an app development company that understand the nature of your business and services so as to provide you with an enterprise-grade mobile application which is rich in features, functionalities and user-friendly. Following are the key factors to consider when searching for a professional & trustworthy software development company & team for your project. Let’s have a look:

1) Portfolio

It is imperative for you to check the portfolio of the company to ensure their expertise, skills, SLA and project delivery timeline. Try to check their apps in the same industry sector such as yours to get a closer look at the feel and functionalities of the developed apps. Be cautious of the companies who do not have proven track record of building apps or apps in the app store and portfolio.

Is the mobile app development company taking active participation in the discussion and also providing valuable inputs with regards to your project? Do they keep communication and development channel clear while the project is ongoing? Are they able to add creative and uniqueness to your app? This is an important factor in deciding the app development company for your project.

2) Expertise

Expert mobile app development companies enable their clients’ app feature and functionalities requirements into an actual working prototype. From time to time, they also suggest an additional feature with suitable frameworks that can be implemented. It is also vital to see that the software can be integrated with other systems and workflows.

3) App Development Cost

Do not let the price be the deciding factor as going with the low-quality app development will not reap you enough benefits in generating revenue nor will withstand against the other better quality apps. It is crucial to have a clear and flexible budget for your project. A recent survey by Clutch reveals that an app development cost could vary from $30,000 to $700,000 which principally tells you how important is the pricing factor while choosing an app development company. There is some business who would rather prefer an app development platform than to opt for full custom development as it will be costlier.

It is essential that before giving the contract to develop an app, one must understand and agree with all the payment terms and methods offered by the software development company. Some companies also offer to hire your own selected team of app developers to work on your project.

4) Platform

It will of great significance to decide from the beginning about the platform you want to develop your app for i.e, native or hybrid app development. You could specifically base your app platform for major operating system i.e, iOS or Android or one can even ask the app development company to build a cross-platform app. The fundamentals to keep in mind is to choose a company that can accommodate your requests and has a deep working knowledge of these platforms and adheres to the app development guidelines.

5) Involvement

Nobody knows your project as you do, hence, it is of utmost importance that your involvement in the project is substantial. Make sure that the company takes enough input and feedback for the app development and presents you with the wireframes and prototypes of the same. Understand the project clarity from the company about the number of iterations, therefore your involvement is crucial for app development.

6) Communication

Effective communication between clients and app developers is the key driving point in the success of a project. Regarding the communication, you will need to ask the company about the ways they keep the communication and collaboration with the clients. Also, the frequency of updating or providing the progress of project development. Is the company following the agile methodology? What are the project tracking tools they use? Which are the project management tools they implement? A Dedicated project manager should be able to provide clients with updates via such collaboration tools and ensure that the project is on-time.

7) Timeline

An app development company needs to establish a project timeline and needs to make sure to adhere to it. As most of the app development companies are working on multiple projects at a given time hence, it is important for lasting relationships and to maintain reputation, they should deliver the project on time. One way to ensure that is by allocating skilled, experienced and dedicated team for the project.

8) Design

Two deciding factors of any mobile application are its coding and design. The company you choose has to be well adept with the functional design aspect of the app while keeping user interface and user experience in mind. What are the design principles induced in the app development? Few mobile app development companies even provide with the design mockup and prototype during the proposal phase. This state should allow you with the opportunity

9) Release

It is pertinent to know the app submission guidelines and the policy of the company. Professional mobile app development company will either guide you or walk you through the process or even submit the app for you. A trusted app development company stays with their clients throughout the app development cycle, unlike many other companies who leave once the initial development is completed.

10) Maintenance

Once the app is released, from time to time, you’ll have to release updates, fix errors and bugs or even might need to add more trending features and/or functionalities. Thus, it is in the best interest to understand the policy of app maintenance and support. You can check whether the app maintenance fee is charged on an hourly or monthly basis for the continued support.


You’ll have plenty of options available for app development in the mobile market. Hence, it is extremely important to do a thorough research about the company you plan to do business and give your project. To build an enterprise-grade app, you’ll need to find a top mobile app development company that has technical expertise, good communication skills, proven track record, energetic team to help you build a successful mobile app. At Moon Technolabs, we understand your need for a successful mobile app and so we implement design and development strategies to build an app just like you want.

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