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Progressive Web Apps

Native apps have conquered the market as compared to web application. Native apps are faster than web apps. They always reside on the phone and effort to run a search every time like web page is saved. Web apps till now have been dependent on connectivity unlike native apps, where the basic data can be retrieved even offline. These are few of the major reasons in favour of native apps. Taking all the factors in account the Progressive web apps concept was introduced. These web apps possess all advantages of any native app and in fact can beat them in many prospects.

Let us first understand the basics of web app development on PWA. It broadly comprises of two components:

Web App shell Architecture

This architecture or design approach sets the base of Progressive Web Application. In simplest terms, the user interface is kept away or cached differently than the other internal interface. This results in quick loading of the web page which always has been a major challenge. This shell includes the minimal basic HTML, CSS and java script to empower the app with user interface and good performance. The User interface last browsed by any user is loaded into the cache. As the user reopens this app, the pages loaded on cache are immediately recalled and displayed. Later on the app only retrieves the new and necessary data,
Service Worker

Many of us can define it as ‘proxy’

The UI is stored in the cache using this service worker. It is a script that runs in the background and keeps a check on the network requests, notifications, connectivity and other factors. It serves as the main reason behind offline operation of Progressive web apps.

This unique design and architecture describe the Progressive web apps with a whole new set of features. Some of them are:

  • It is installable

Unlike general web apps, it can be installed on home screen.

  • Fast

Since the UI is stored in cache, any selection of app displays UI instantly within seconds.

  • Operable on different form factors

It can be installed and displayed full screen on devices of any form factor. Be it desktop, mobile or tablet.

  • Connectivity Independent

The cache option enables it to work independent of data connectivity. Without internet also the last saved status of the application can be seen.

  • Discoverable

It can be very easily searched on any search engine.

  • Safe

It uses HTTPS protocol which makes it safe from any external tampering.

  • Auto Update Feature

It updated automatically whenever connected online.

  • App-like experience

It is very fast and stable. This gives the user an app like experience.

  • Progressive

It can be used on any device and with any browser. It is created to use the best of available resources on the device.

  • Re-engage able

These are created to engage the customer to the maximum with help of notification and other features. The user will be tempted to re-visit the app.

Progressive Web Apps have reduced the steps in installing any app. No need to go to play store, search the app, download and install now. Any app associated with Progressive web app can be directly downloaded from it. These web apps once installed, appear as an icon on home page just like native apps. Will the efficient use of memory, user interface and quicker updates, they appear as a better replacement to native apps. It is reviving the old look of web pages with new and better user Interface. In times ahead, we are going to deal with only one type of app for any application serving the purpose of ease for the creators as well as consumers. It seems that Progressive Web Apps are the future of all types of apps.

Moon Technolabs 8th Anniversary Celebration

We at Moon Technolabs invite you to join us in the celebration of our 8th Anniversary of successful operations today. From humble beginnings in 2009 when it was founded by Mr Jayanti Katariya, we have grown by leaps and bounds and are now a formidable player in the Indian IT Industry.

Jayanti Katariya - CEOMr Jayanti Katariya – Founder of Moon Technolabs

Excellence personified

Right from inception, Moon Technolabs has always held quality and excellence as its primary focus in servicing the clients, and that is today visible in the vast repertoire of international customers that we have amassed till now. Accolades like the GESIA Award for the Best Mobile App Development Company in India in 2015, and other accreditation from Silicon India and Clutch, bear witness to our enormous growth, since our launch 8 years back.


Let’s have a look some of our excellence team photo:

Our Team

Our Team Department

Tech Expertise

Moon Technolabs is a Top Mobile App Development Company with strengths in Website Design and Development, and Desktop App Development, today we are happy to have successfully served more than 500+ projects to more than 400+ clients from across the globe. Backed by a robust team of tech developers who are well trained and experienced in various cutting-edge technologies, no assignment is too complex for us to design and execute.

Tech Expertise Team

Customer-Centric Focus

At Moon Technolabs, we take pride in being a highly customer-oriented company and have ensured that every single process in geared towards delivering satisfaction to our clients. Right from offering a basket of easy engagement models, transparent tracking and review systems to the most competitive pricing – we ensure that our customers achieve the results they desire most efficiently.

SEO Team

The Years Ahead – Bigger, Better and Bolder!

After a 200% growth in the last 5 years and a successful run in India, at Moon Technolabs we are now gearing up to expand our international presence in the upcoming years in an endeavour to get closer to our clients. We look forward to rehashing this success story in the International arena and are ramping our efforts accordingly. We are investing in acquiring skills in all the trending and futuristic technologies to serve our client’s better. The future looks exciting with incredible and unlimited possibilities, and we look forward to reaching the pinnacle of success soon!

In the meantime, let the celebrations go on…Happy Anniversary to us!

Look out our celebration and decoration:

Office main gate decorated

Entrance of Moon Technolabs

Cake of Celebration

Cake Cutting - 8th Year Completion Celebration

Thank You to All of You for Being Part of Moon Technolabs – Your Work & Dedication is the Key of Success for Moon Technolabs

AMP for Search Engine Optimization

In the Wide world of Web browsing, one of the important pressure points is page loading time. This factor is very critical both from a user perspective as well as from a business point of view as it can make the difference between a deal made or a sale lost. This takes on more significance in the case of smartphones, as they are now the most common device used for browsing and shopping all over the world.

Page loading time and MCommerce

According to Mashables, Mobile shopping accounted for around $1 Trillion of more than $2.5 Trillion Online business transactions last year. Now, this is a very huge number, and a lot of it has got to do with the speed of page loading and browsing. It is estimated that one in four people abandon their browsing or shopping if a web page takes anything more than 4 seconds to load. This might not seem much, but with the delay of every other second, Amazon loses more than $1.6 Billion in sales each year. This is where Google’s AMP changes the game.

What exactly is Google AMP?

AMP aka Accelerated Mobile Pages is a smart Open Source solution by Google to make web pages load at lightning speeds. AMPS are an essentially stripped-down version of HTML that is lighter and loads faster. Web pages built using the AMP framework can load 15-85 % rapidly than the ones built on a non-AMP framework, all the while utilising lesser than ten times data. The AMP framework achieves all this thanks to its constituents of AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript, which basically are lighter versions of HTML and JavaScript and AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will store a cached copy of the AMP enabled Web pages in the Google server to ensure a quick retrieval and thereby loading.

How Google AMP can impact your SEO?

Google aims to improve the Search Engine Optimisation and SERP in 2 ways – 1) It will rank those pages that load faster and are more responsive higher on the results page. 2) All those web pages that are AMP enabled will appear above the paid ads section in a carousel format with the symbol of a green lightning bolt.
Benefits of Google’s AMP

Here’s how building your web pages on Google’s AMP framework can be beneficial to your business listing on the web.

  • Enhanced User Experience

AMP enabled web pages load faster and deliver a better user experience to the users. This, in turn, means improved sales and revenue for the business.

  • Web Advertising

As AMP can boost the Search Engine Optimisation of pages built with it, it presents a terrific way to advertise on the ones that are on the top of the search results.

  • Simple Landing Pages

As the AMP uses a strip down versions of HTML and Javascript, it is not possible to build pages with forms or analytics. This could actually give rise to creative, efficient, and simple designs of landing pages. An alternative could be to direct the user from a non-AMP page to an AMP enabled page so that you can capture the required info and still load faster.

  • Mobile Blog Optimization

Right now, with AMP you can build pages with only static content. This is a blessing in disguise as you can now plan your Mobile Blog Optimization in such a way that it links to the Call to Action buttons to the landing pages of your business website. This Mobile Blog Optimization, when combined with the added boost of Search Engine Optimisation, is sure to launch your content right to the top of the Search Engine Result pages.

Get started with AMP

As a business website owner, it is prudent to gear up and get ready to exploit the loads of benefits that AMP offers. Your Search Engine Optimisation efforts are enhanced, and in combination with MBO, it is bound to elevate your site to the very top of SERPs. Moreover, the enormous benefit of faster loading of your web pages will make your users more glued on to your site and will also gently coerce them to make a purchase and become a loyal customer.

Wondering how to achieve this? Get in touch with us at Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., a leading IT Solutions and Services provider in India. With more than 600 projects delivered to more than 400 clients across the world, Moon Technolabs is well poised to be a one-stop solution provider for all your tech needs.

Everything you ever wanted to know about macOS 10.13 High Sierra

You must have heard about the new update announced by Apple to MacOS at the WWDC in June, and are curious to know more? Well, here it is! Giving you a full gist of what this new update is and how it is going to impact MacOS.

What exactly is MacOS 10 High Sierra?

macOS 10 High Sierra is Apple’s latest version and update of its MacOS desktop OS. Though it may seem like a minor update, Apple has reiterated the important changes it brings to the fundamental feature of its OS, like video, data management and graphics, upon which the future functionalities can be created.

The new features are APFS, HEVC support, VR support, advanced graphics and some impressive improvements to it Apps. Let’s understand more about them.


The current Filing System followed by Apple namely HFS (Hierarchical File System) is pretty old. In its place, we get the new APFS or Apple File System. Under this system, you will be able to access and load your files faster, better security and encryption, rapid file duplication and fewer chances of crashing due to a feature called Metadata copying.

HEVC Support

Otherwise known as High-Efficiency Video Coding or H.265, this is the new standard for Video compression that compresses videos 40% better than the current standard of H.264. 4K videos are compressed in a much efficient manner with improved bit streaming. This enables streaming of high-quality videos even when the internet speed is lower as it uses less bandwidth. The video files are much smaller and occupy less storage space in your Mac.

VR Support

The new Metal 2 framework enables developers to create VR games, and macOS High Sierra supports playing VR games a reality on a Mac. However, you may need a 5K iMac or an iMac Pro along with an added GPU attached via Thunderbolt 3. Epic Games has announced an early access support for VR games on macOS High Sierra for all those who want a peek of the fun to come.

Enhanced Graphics

This Metal 2 framework adds other functionalities like Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and external GPU support so as to better experience various Apps and games. According to Apple, this GPU support over CPU will make loading and processing of files more than 10 times faster.

App Updates

With High Sierra updates, Apple has made some exciting improvements to its Safari, Photos and Mail Apps, apart from enhancements to FaceTime, Siri, Notes and iCloud.

  • Safari – Apple says that Safari has now become the fastest desktop browser in the world, overtaking Google’s Chrome and other browsers. It comes with new features like Autoplay blocking and Intelligent Tracking Prevention. While the former ensures that websites do not play video without your permission, the later stops cookies from tracking your browsing from one site to another.
  • Photos – New Pro Level Filters and editing tools, improved Facial recognition, Integration with third party app services, looping live photos, and DSLR-like effects are some of the new features and changes that come with this OS update.
  • Mail – The search option in Mail has been fine tuned in this version with the Top Hits feature. Relevant results will come as Top Hits when you do a search in Mail. You can also use Full-Screen Split View mode while composing emails. The improvements in the storage mean that mail messages will take lesser storage space of about 35%.
  • FaceTime – With macOS High Sierra, it will be possible to take Live Photos during a FaceTime call, and this will get automatically saved to the Photos App.
  • Siri – In High Sierra, Siri gets a more expressive and realistic voice. Siri also can learn your music preferences each time you listen to Apple Music and suggest recommendations.
  • Notes – In macOS High Sierra you can pin the notes you use the most to the very top of your list so that it is easy to locate it the next time you need it.
  • iCloud – In macOS High Sierra, all your messages, conversations, and attachments will get automatically stored in iCloud, so that they are readily available to you when you log into a new device. Moreover, with iCloud Family Sharing feature, you can invite your family members to share your storage instead of creating separate accounts.

So, when is this available for regular use?

Right now macOS High Sierra is available to the registered developers and the public in a beta1 testing mode. The full release is slated to happen sometime in September-October. And it is going to be free!

Upgrading to macOS High Sierra

Apple has always ensured upgrading to the latest versions to be very easy. On those lines, macOS High Sierra will be compatible with all the Macs that currently run on Sierra, unless and until your Mac was built before 2012.

The Bottom-line

While macOS High Sierra might not seem to be a drastic improvement on the surface, it does come loaded with a lot of under-the-hood changes as Apple loves to call it. With terrific updates to the core functionalities, it is just a matter of time before you can get your hands on the free and full version.

MacOS App Development

So, for all the companies who are looking to harness the incredible features of macOS High Sierra with a MacOS App Development, get in touch with our macOS experts at Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.

Moon Technolabs is one of the best Mac App Development Company in India and has an unrivalled experience and expertise in developing projects in MacOS to clients all over the world.

For all your MacOS App Development needs, drop a line or give a call to us at Moon Technolabs at +1(951)801 5251 or a drop a mail at sales@moontechnolabs.com, today!

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