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The EPC Industry Gaining Productivity with Mobile Apps

EPC is a prominent way of procuring contract agreements in the construction business. With a huge consumer base, the industry is always running a race against time. It needs a digital solution that streamlines the whole process and helps in completion of the task in a timely fashion.

EPC involves various stages:

  • Laying down the designs and plans
  • The various operational tasks
  • Smooth project lifecycle
  • Keeping track of various task related activities

The innovations in the mobile app development industry have aided the EPC industry and the mobile technology is constantly developing disruptive solution that is providing the scalable solutions to the EPC industry.

The mobile technology has been a reliable assistant to the EPC industry let’s find out how:

Collaboration and Decision Making

Collaboration between project stakeholders is a crucial part as it helps in timely completion of an EPC project. Many mobile apps are present in Android as well as iOS market that are termed effective because of their seamless nature of collaborating the stakeholders.

Such apps help in

  • Enhancing the workflow via quick access to real-time information
  • RFI tracking and response
  • PCI and submittal tracking
  • Checklist tracking
  • Document management
  • Submittal tracking
  • Contact management

Employee Management

In many projects the manpower requirement is enormous; even if they all are on the same site the managers will need an apt solution for supervising the employees. Many latest mobile apps help in tracking the time spent by the employees on-field. These apps track the employee activity via GPS giving the manager a precise update of time, employee location and the overall costs.

Bid Management

Some mobile apps enable the contractors in:

  • Creating bids
  • Track the bidding process
  • Ensuring reliability and security

The mobile app helps the contractors, subcontractors and companies offering quick access to crucial project bidding information.

Project Analysis and Management

The mobile apps designed by various Android and iOS app development companies are helping the contractors and EPC industry to gain idea of the market and to grow themselves in the coming future. The mobile apps are their best companions helping them in tracking daily logs, contact directories, submittals, punch lists and other such crucial updates related to the project at hand.

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Some of the features that many of these apps provide to the industry as mentioned here:

  • Project management transformation by providing real-time visibility
  • Control over labor, inventory and equipment
  • Rapid quick start of projects
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Project site automation and integration enabled back office systems
  • Providing real-time control over operations by improving execution quality and safety and preventing cost leakages
  • Site-ready technology kits keeping core construction activities in mind
  • Intelligent decision making which is supported by underlying data and modeling
  • Real-time performance insights, predicting future performance hence enabling timely corrective measures
  • Deploying crucial use case providing maximum ROI

These are just a few ways in which mobile apps have made an impact on the EPC industry and with the technological advancements and adoptions the industry will get heavy benefits from mobility.

Native Apps or Hybrid Apps Which One Should You Go For

As an entrepreneur or a startup,the dilemma is always about which platform to choose for your mobile app development. You want to give the best user experience to your patrons, yet your mind revolves around the budget for the development of that perfect app that will have the desired features.

Let us be your guide and aid you in the selection of mobile or cross-platform app development.

What are native apps?

Addressed as mobile apps, native apps are developed under an optimized standard app development process. These apps are written for the particular operating system. The various functionalities of specific devices are kept in mind while developing such apps.


  • If you are looking to have an app developed that will use the inbuilt features of the devices; both hardware and software, then native app development will top the list.
  • This means the apps can access native APIs of the devices, E.g., camera, flashlight, push notifications and various other features.
  • Native apps are developed in compliance with app store security protocols ensuring safety and performance of the app.


  • For different platforms, separate codes must be written, increasing the overall development time.
  • Because of their particular framework and rules, they require more investment regarding money and time.
  • Developers must spend a separate amount of time for writing independent codes for multiple OS.

What are Hybrid (Cross-Platform) Apps?

The latest trend in mobile app development is developing the cross-platform apps. Such apps combine elements of both native and Web applications.

Technologies such as HTML5 and CSS help in the development of hybrid apps; fusing web app version and native libraries.


  • Single database for all platforms; codes do not have to be re-written.
  • The development cycle is short and swift and doesn’t blow a hole in your development budget.
  • Even if the user is offline they can access device features and the responsiveness web design; comes loaded with native features and web technologies.


  • Needs complex native libraries; affecting the overall app performance.
  • Lacks the support for the latest technologies of various operating systems and devices.
  • Fails to fulfill the platform guidelines for each operating system.

When does the need arise for Native or Cross-Platform Apps?

Native App:

  • If you are looking to offer rich user experience
  • When you have a free hand over the budget
  • If there is no time for developing apps for multiple platforms

Cross-Platform Apps:

  • Limited budget scenario
  • When there is a need of launching apps on simultaneous platforms
  • If the app requires quick deployment
  • If you want to develop gaming app


Gartner has backed HTML5 and has also confirmed that it will become the favorite app developing tool in the future; the plus point of cross-platform apps is that developers can develop apps for all the three primary operating system.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Hybrid (cross-platform) apps have found their cue, and they have become the answer to the troubles that developers were looking for. In the practical sense of it, all native and web apps have had their bad days, and this has affected organizations drastically.

We hope that this article will help you in selecting the best option and best mobile app development company for your organization that can make you win your target audience leaving a sublime effect on them.

Why Mobile Learning Apps Are the Future of Education

Learning through portable devices such as smartphones and tablets is becoming one of the hottest learning trends in today’s time. As on one hand, you have an app which is cool and admired by the students and on the other hand, you have to study and learn for your cbse exams. The will to learn can be increased if both the above mentioned are combined together.

Learning through an app is overcoming the traditional ways of teaching, as with learning from the application have reduced a major barrier to the advancement of education by attracting students use this particular method as it is beneficial for the candidate in following ways:

1. Everything is available in one device

Learning through virtual modes complement the areas of your studies such classroom/lecture, the child is expected to just start their learning when they feel like any time in the day as the note would be available on the application and the students doesn’t have to wait for next day class/ lecture.

2. Entertaining and Social

The engagement with the child when they are using an application is more as during this time the interaction tendency is enhanced resulting in more interactive engagement between the parents and children. According to studies, entertainment is promoted by mobile apps as learning is active with applications. Applications give the enhanced learning experience for the student as compared to the regular classes and homework. This allows students to take interest in all the subjects- maths, physics and chemistry which they find boring earlier.

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3. Organized Learning

With application learning both smart learning and systematic learning is enabled, as the applications are designed in such a way that it attract not only the craving for learning but in an organized manner.

4. Beneficial For Everyone

It’s a myth that only students are being benefitted by using the learning applications but teachers and parents are also using these applications to educated children either in classrooms or Lectures. As both teachers and parents are using these mobile learning applications to plan out their study plan for better interactive classes.

Apart from the given points, we all can agree upon one thing that learning apps have encouraged self-learning as these are very handy to download and provides a range allowing different learning outside the classrooms.

Believing that the students or anyone using learning application to grow their knowledge will be benefitted as smart learning applications are the future learning.

Guest Post by:

AHSAAS a content writer by profession opted to follow his passion of helping the candidates and student of different streams with all the digital marketing aspects after completing his MBA. Currently exploring digital education at Byju’s- The Learning App, the other interest includes play snooker and listening to world music.

Swift App Development

The last couple of years is witnessing the emergence of Swift, an iOS App programming language, as the most sought after for iOS App development. So much so, that developers and businesses are embracing it with open hands. But, what is Swift? Why do Enterprises prefer their iOS App development in Swift? Let’s know more.

What is Swift?

Coming from the staples of Apple, Swift is a new language for MacOS, iOS, tvOS and Watch OS. It has been built as the next on the lines of C and Objective-C but without the limitations of compatibility. Swift is also a good replacement for C when it comes to embedded programming in the platforms of Apple.

Swift App development for Enterprises

Enterprise App development has been garnering a lot of attention these days due to the booming number of smartphone usage. This brings the most important question – which programming language is more suited to meet the international requirements for parameters of ease, quality, speed, cost, and image. Well, the popular answer for this is Swift App development, the most preferred by iOS App developers.

Why Swift over Objective-C?

Let us understand some of the key reasons as to why Swift is the better option for your Enterprise App development needs

  • Simplicity

The syntax and keywords of Swift are easy to learn and use and are almost similar to the English language. This means a substantial number of people will embrace app development and usage in Swift.

  • Faster Code development

Swift offers in-line code fixing, which means less amount of time in fixing bugs, which is a huge plus for Enterprises. True to its name, coding in Swift takes fewer lines of code in a lesser timeframe, which again mean fewer bugs and lower cost.

  • Better performance

Compared to C and Objective-C, Apps developed using the Swift algorithm perform better and crash less, making them more efficient.

  • Open Source

Apple offering Swift as an Open Source Tech is opening a world of opportunities. With Swift already supporting all the Apple platforms and Linux, the developer community is working on to include Android too.

  • Quick App loading

Enterprise Apps usually take a long time to load. This is avoided with Swift App development, as App Development in Swift uses Dynamic Libraries that are loaded directly to the memory. This leads to reduced size of the App, leading to faster App loading and increased App performance.

  • Swift Playgrounds

Another interesting feature is the Swift playgrounds. This feature helps iOS App developers to test their codes or algorithm instantly, without having to compile big chunks of it or after creating the entire App. Playgrounds help to quickly test and modify as development happens and progresses.

  • Make a Swift Choice

From the above, it is apparent that Swift has a plethora of advantages to offer compared to other programming languages for Enterprise App development. App development in Swift is faster, cheaper, easier, secure, better performance, and bug-free.

Swift offers the enormous benefit of being able to run on all iOS platforms. Swift also has its presence strongly felt in Embedded programming for wearables App development.

Being open source and backed by an active community of an increasing number of developers, it is pretty clear that Swift is here to stay. All these make Swift App development the ideal and most preferred choice for Enterprise App development.

If you want to opt for Swift App Development, get in touch with our team at Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading App Development Company in India. Give us a call at +1(951)801 5251 or a drop a mail at sales@moontechnolabs.com, today!

Key Features of Laravel that Makes it Developers First Choice in 2017

To meet the project’s requirements, developers have to decide upon a framework which will help them to code better and faster. Laravel tops the list of PHP frameworks that enables code re-use and is preferable by almost all Web development companies.

Let’s have a bird eye view at some of its fascinating features:

  1. Testing: Every release of Laravel is thoroughly tested to ensure that application does not break.
  2. Authentication Technique: Authentication techniques can be implemented in a very lucid way.
  3. Blade: Blade enabled views are compiled into basic PHP code and cached before modification. This practice essentially adds negligible overhead to application being developed. Developers get benefit of making use of Sections and template inheritance in their code.
  4. Laravel Routing: Routing becomes an easy task with Laravel accepting a URI and Closure.
  5. Pagination: In integration with Eloquent ORM and query builder Laravel’s paginator provides very convenient and easy to use pagination of database. The HTML generated after pagination process is simpatico with Bootstrap CSS Framework.
  6. Dependency Injection: Performing dependency injection and managing class dependencies becomes easy with Laravel service container.
  7. Documentation: Free training services are provided on Laravel by Laracasts which includes free and paid videos.
  8. Learning: Laravel is easy to comprehend and to be used by novice programmers. Lots of detailed documentation is available, which makes it easy to be learned and implement.
  9. Application Logic: Use of route declarations or controllers helps in integrating application logic which gives flexibility to developers for creating applications of any size.
  10. Web Services: Object oriented libraries with auto complete feature are included in Laravel web services.
  11. Exception Handling: Handling exceptions is easy with detailed stack trace.
  12. HTTP Handlers: Restful routing controllers / HTTP middleware, enable control of logic behind HTTP GET and POST requests.
  13. DB Handling: Laravel has built in database version control and query builder functionalities. In addition to this Laravel database migration makes it extremely easy for the developers to sync between application and database.
  14. Application’s third party packages can effectively managed by Laravel.
  15. MVC: Laravel supports MVC architecture like Symfony which improves application performance along with multiple built in functionalities.
  16. Artisan Console: Artisan is a build in tool for command line provided by Laravel. It helps eliminate redundant tasks and is thus used by Laravel developers extensively.
  17. Security: Bcrypt hashing algorithm used by Laravel and usage of salted and hashed passwords rather than plain texts makes its application more secure than general PHP development. In addition to this, use of prepared SQL statements makes injection attacks a distant dream for hackers.
  18. Caching: Different API’s are provided for various caching systems in Laravel.



With all its amazing features, Laravel has outshined most of the popular PHP frameworks and is clearly the winner in 2017. Also, Lumen, a micro PHP framework, introduced by Laravel community recently helps developers in rapid application development.

Tizen vs Android

Linux Foundation has started a new project by name of Tizen, which is regulated by Technical Steering Group (TSG). Samsung took charge to formally plan, design, develop and distribute this operating system. As its Bada project was merged, first smart camera featuring Tizen OS was released in October 2013. Although most of tech gigs boast that Tizen is simply a copy of Android but there are few differences that cannot be overlooked.

Have a look at our comparison on Tizen vs Android:

  • Easy and Convenient Navigation: Scrolling and navigation becomes smooth with Tizen
  • Fast and Lightweight: Tizen Operating System is easy to operate and fast as compared to Google’s Android Wear
  • Visual Effects: Tizen extends 3D visual effects of various gaming apps installed on the device
  • UI: TouchWiz UI
  • Resizable boxes: One of the amazing features of Tizen is its ability to dynamically resize the icons on screen to display more information or less
  • Enhanced Processors: Tizen 3.0 will bring 64 bit processors with it, compatible with x86 processors and 64 bit RAM, which Google is also anticipating with its update.
  • Tizen vs. Android Gaming Platform: Tizen 3.0 will be able to make use of Vulkan API’s and will prove to be a good gaming platform unlike Android.
  • Supporting Devices: Tizen is being used in smart TV’s, refrigerators, smart watches, smart phones, washing machines, light bulbs, vacuum cleaners while Android is visible only in smart phones, computers or smart watches.
  • IoT Devices: Tizen 3.0 is compatible with Artik cloud which will extend cloud services for IoT devices.
  • Battery Consumption: Samsung’s devices with Tizen OS consume less power than Android devices according to mobile experts.
  • Pricing: Devices with Tizen support will be made available at various price points but focus will be on lower end markets. Unlike Android, that has its presence in both upper as well as lower end markets.
  • Tizen based phones fear getting swiped by Android based phones manufactured by Chinese companies as their overall cost comes out to be far less than other manufacturers. People who would love to own a smart device just for $35 would obviously deter from spending $700 for a similar one.
  • Samsung’s handsets with Tizen support will be a low cost alternative to users. Android users have facility to preserve their data and download if they wish to change their device. Lower end Android devices like Moto E, Xiomi and ZTE etc provide similar experience as Tizen.

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  • Support for IOS Features: Tizen powered gear supports many IOS features which Android Wear does not provide. Very soon Samsung pay will be enabled on Tizen powered devices which will enable users to make payments right from their smart watch.
  • Nonetheless, introduction of Tizen is going to weaken Samsung’s Android market and is going to cost them more than expected, according to technical experts. To cater to low end markets, few Android App Development Companies have made a shift towards Tizen App Development and Samsung is doing its bit to encourage more people to get involved into Tizen App Development by introducing incentive programs.


Samsung’s migration from Android to Tizen could save its drowning smart devices market. Approximately 25% of US Android market and a slightly higher percentage of Asian market would be directly hit by this. It would be more economic to create and work out with devices based on in-house OS rather than fighting it out with Android and IOS markets. It seems difficult to convince an already established customer base who would mind topping up Samsung Tizen App Store with all the apps and services people love would be herculean. So why move to Tizen when you are an existing Android user?

How much Does it Cost to Build an Educational App for Kids

These days nearly all mobile app development services like Cross Platform Development, Android App Development and IOS App Development bring advantages like 100% transparency, highly responsive, better quality and business value with them. These have recreated the way how technology can be helpful for people of all age, including kids. These have defined a new way to provide education to current and future generations. It’s a mix of learning with fun and reduces the dependency on books.

Factors that Affect Cost of a Product

Children learn and believe upon the things that they see. Therefore the purpose of development of app must be determined before the designing and development work starts. An educational app thus needs to be informative in addition to graphics, animation and fun element. It must contribute to a child’s analytical, logical, cognitive and creative skills. If not all of them, at least the app must at-least be able to suffice a few of these criteria. Often a need arises to consult a child psychologist or a child interaction specialist who can guide through the various stages of child’s development. Here an expert creative / graphic designer is also be required who can depict the information effectively.

Important Features of a Good Educational App

Some of the basic and critically essential features required to be a part of educational apps, specially for kids are:

  • They must be free of advertisements, unnecessary links and pop ups etc.
  • Simplicity is the very first criteria as children are our primary audience
  • Locked menu settings and level changes must be controlled by adults
  • There must be option to mute the music
  • Language used must be simple
  • Only necessary buttons must be placed to avoid complexity
  • Feedback for wrong answers and encouragement for correct ones must be there

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Mobile App development cost hardly differs from Web App development cost.

The amount of time, effort and research required to build a software application determines its cost.

Standard utility applications without flashy graphics and animations cost around $1k – $10k.

Interactive design with customization features and cloud storage makes the price of the app to go up to $2k – $25k.

More features that are essential to be considered and which play important roles in determining the cost of the application are:

  • The operating platform on which it will function, such as windows, IOS, Android etc
  • Appropriate Mobile App Development Company and corresponding developers must be chosen to accomplish the task properly. They must understand basic requirement correctly and must have decent knowledge of technology and domain to be worked upon
  • Geographical location of the developer or the development company which will be creating the app also matters a lot. Hourly rate of app development in almost all countries of Asia or Middle-East range from $10-$20 per hour while the same app will cost $120-$160 in European companies or USA. Cost of freelance developers lies somewhere between $5-$15 / hour in Asia or Middle East while the same cost at $150 / hour in Europe or USA. Diversity of talent, cheap labor cost, currency flow and exchange rates also ascertain the software development cost.


App development cost for an app with basic functionality and features is around $12,000 in Asia and around $40,000 in USA. This is subject to change with increase in complexity.

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