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Dedicated Developer Vs Freelancer

Many businesses face the question of whether to hire a dedicated mobile app developer or a freelance professional. It is imperative to weigh the pros and cons of both options before making a decision.

Freelance app developers are often hired to complete time-sensitive, short-term projects, while dedicated developers are employed on a full-time basis. Freelancers are expected to work within a stipulated timeframe and may work for multiple clients at a given point of time. Dedicated developers, on the other hand, work on a variety of projects within one organization.

Clearly identifying your development requirements and having an in-depth understanding of business needs, time constraints, and budget will help you make a well-informed decision. Here are four factors to consider when deciding whether to hire a freelancer or a dedicated staff developer.


The level of a expertise is probably the most important factor to consider when hiring a developer. Many freelance developers have worked with multiple clients on a wide variety of projects, which enhances their expertise. An eclectic blend of education and technical expertise can do wonders for a project. On the other hand, developers who have worked full-time within dedicated development environments can bring a level of professionalism that can also benefit your organization.


Even the most professional freelancers can sometimes face deadline challenges if they are managing multiple projects and clients simultaneously, as demands for their services can come at any time and from many directions. Dedicated developers, on the other hand, may be better positioned to focus on projects with tight deadlines. If you are considering hiring a freelancer, be sure to factor in deadlines and other time-sensitive requirements.


Dedicated developers are employed to work on projects as needed, while freelancers’ availability may be more limited. With the increasing demands of high-end Android and iPhone app development, it is important to consider the question of whether your developer will be available to handle last-minute changes or bug fixes quickly and efficiently.


Another major factor to consider is security. Many agencies prefer to hire dedicated app developers in order to more closely monitor and ensure the security of critical data, ideas, and business secrets.


Top Location Based Services

Large portions of our most recent, most effective cell phones and tablets accompany GPS area following, permitting applications to utilize our whereabouts in an assortment of ways. The best area aware applications accomplish more than simply let us know about precisely where we are; they do valuable things taking into account our area. From mobile location based services and keen inquiry to recreations and activity following, here are our most loved area mindful portable applications for Android and iOS gadgets.

1. Foursquare

Foursquare was a pioneer in location based services, advancing ‘checking in’ to areas through your cell phone. Foursquare as of late chose to part its application into two sections; Foursquare proceeded as an area mindful savvy seek instrument concentrating on revelation of close-by areas, occasions, eateries and shops, while Swarm was discharged for those dependent on checking in and area imparting to companions. Clients include their most loved nourishments and exercises, and Foursquare helps them find close-by spots that fit the bill.

2. Swarm

While Foursquare now concentrates on hunt and revelation, Swarm helps you get together with your companions by television your location based apps to your Foursquare/Swarm contacts, letting you rapidly see who’s close-by, and where. Register with a spot, post a status message that you’re hoping to hang out and contact your companions with Swarm. The application has additionally included a huge amount of gamified elements, for example, identifications, indicates for checking in areas, accomplishments and pioneer sheets.

3. Glympse

Obviously, Foursquare/Swarm is no more the main diversion in the piece with regards to area sharing. The application works by sending a “glympse”, a connection that your contacts can open to see your present area, and additionally ETA to an area. Clients can likewise share their areas as a gathering, specifically design their area sharing, and in addition lapse specific glympses to stop area show. Another in addition to be the application needn’t bother with a sign up, working straight off your current telephone contacts.

4. Google Now

Take Google Maps’ area mindfulness and navigational clever and pair it up with Google’s mobile location software and creepily exact learning calculations, and you get the enchantment of Google Now. Google’s portable application lets you effectively find everything that you require, wherever and at whatever point you are. The application helps you to remember logbook arrangements and gives bearings, pulls up activity conditions and drive courses once it’s an ideal opportunity to head home and courses to your most loved home bases exactly when you require them.

5. Strava

Strava Running and Cycling is a first rate running tracker that includes a slick aggressive and gamified turn to the standard social run-tracker. Strava utilizes GPS and your localization services to log your course, remove, voyaged, speed and other information, and after that joins it with such diversion components as pioneer sheets, accomplishments, difficulties and that’s just the beginning. Measurements and following join with an aggressive and social component as you race against your companions.

6. Dark Sky

Kickstarter-supported climate application Dark Sky inspired numerous with its hyper-precise neighborhood climate anticipating, with “down to the moment” rain and location based solutions utilizing radar mapping. Dim Sky’s one Achilles heel was the absence of longer term determining, however that is no more the case with the expansion of information from

7. GasBuddy

Drivers in the U.S. furthermore, Canada stand to spare some genuine change with GasBuddy, Local Services Provider Company that helps clients track down the least expensive adjacent service station in light of their present area. The same number of the costs depends on client reports; GasBuddy rewards clients with focuses for reporting and redesigning a station’s costs. Those focuses make you qualified for general pools of prizes, for example, free gas.

8. Waze

Waze serves as a blend of informal community and group sourced movement map, permitting drivers to report activity conditions and occurrences and offer them in a living guide to the formal of all. However live activity maps, Waze additionally gives steering and turn-by-turn headings, with courses improved in view of current movement information and programmed rerouting taking into account evolving conditions.

We wrap up our gathering of vehicle tracking system; Moon Technolabs hit increased reality diversion in Local Development Company that transforms your general surroundings into a battleground. Fly the banner for the Enlightened or the Resistance in a diversion that urges you to take your cell phone and investigate the world.

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