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Here is 27th November “Black Friday” – A Day to Shop where a big sale takes place, it is a busy shopping day and is a holiday in some states.

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days in USA. A day off from work and a day for shopping. Shopping for christmas, parties or any other reasons. Shop from stores or shop from mobiles. SmartPhone these days have taken place of physical stores.

Mobile shopping apps are being used all across the world. There is a huge offers in stuffs like toys and other goods. Heavy discounts make people go crazy to shop on this day and so there is huge crowd in stores for shopping. People take mobile as a easy option to shop.

  • An Unexpected Surge in Mobile Traffic
  • The Modern Shopping experience
  • Coupons, Deal of the Day, Easy returns, Home Delivery and more and more.

All this makes people use mobile for shopping and a very convenient option for buying goods.

E Commerce sites earning lot these days, all thanks to the great apps that are being developed for their websites. App is an organized option to check out things in an easy & user friendly manner with lots of features.
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Apple Pay, a substitute of Wallet, is it possible

Apple pay is the recent thing that had happen in the market. It is mobile payments service. Apple Pay is designed to allow iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users in the United States and the United Kingdom to make payments for goods and services with their iPhones in retail stores using an NFC chip built into the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch.

To better understand Apple Pay let’s go deep at a glance and it’s features and analyse whether Apple Pay can really replace a wallet.

  • NFC Integration
  • Touch ID for security
  • Tokenization
  • Supported by iPhone 6, iPhone 6S & iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch.

It is accepted at more than a million locations in the US. Also more than 250,000
locations in UK. Available in Canada & Australia through AMEX partnership.

Now the question is even after all this acceptance and usage worldwide of Apple Pay, does apple pay will help people go for mobile payments.

How secure it is?

Consumers trust with Apple is very strong, but if we go in light of Apple’s own iCloud security that leaked nude photos of celebrities which is a matter of security. If such information can be leaked than consumers would think twice handing their confidential data to Apple.

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Apple Pay can’t replace credit cards

Apple does not replace the need for physical credit cards as financial organisations still need to be processed where the interchange of information from the merchant’s bank to the cardholder’s bank still needs authorization process. Common mishaps with these delicate phones occur quite often, ranging from a dead battery to a broken/cracked screen. Apple Pay only works with a charged iPhone with a screen that can read your fingerprint. If the phone is out of charge then Apple Pay no longer works. These limitations force the consumer to still carry their physical card as option.

Drawbacks of Apple Pay

In overall 220,000 merchants are connected with Apple Pay for transactions, but that’s the number of retail spot Apple Pay is ready POS systems. It is still a very small percentage of retail and food joints in US. Only iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can use Apple Pay for in-store purchases. Moreover other iPhone versions like 5C, 5S and 5 users will be able to use Apple watch to enable Apple Pay.

Well, we can say Apple Pay opens the door for new possibilities in the way consumers make a transaction. However, it is not a game changer in the payment industry as that familiar piece of plastic is not going away any time soon.

iBeacon Technology Revolutionizes A New Vision for the Retail Industry

Will Apple’s iBeacon technology will actually bring a revolution to the retail industry? Let’s go in-depth to check out the market trends.

What is iBeacon?
Apple’s iBeacon is a technology that uses bluetooth low-energy(Bluetooth/LE/BLE) connection to communicate with nearby devices. This is a location sensing application connects with these in-store beacons while detecting enabled smartphones to send push notifications.

How iBeacon can change When you shop in Stores?
iBeacon technology is making its presence in the app-centric shopping and retail market.

iBeacon app help guide the shopping experiences and encourage purchases. Major retailers, such as Macy’s and American eagle outfitters, tested iBeacon using shopkick.

Using shopkick, iBeacon’s signal to stores to test special promotions and product recommendations emitted through iBeacon. As customers walked in the store with shop-beacon enabled iPhone, they received these types of messages from the store.

Push notifications tailored to a shopper’s location could potentially transform the entire retail industry if retailers can manipulate consumer value with iBeacon.

iBeacon’s are easy to install and provide cost-effectiveness. iBeacons systems are more widespread about its privacy and relevancy.

iBeacon’s Benefits to Retail Industry
Not only offering coupons to customers, but much more over it with iBeacon.
Check out the 3 major ways how retailers can get benefit with iBeacon.

  • A push notification in the app shooting in mobile to people out there in stores to express their feedback towards the services they receive in the store. All the information can be stored and can be viewed by managers in the form of reports so that they can improve later.
  • when customer willing to purchase a new product, they would like to check out info about the product in that case, they would like to see a video on their phone rather than some user manual or agent explaining features.
  • iBeacon would also make it easy to find your favorite store location to buy some of your choice products.

There would be many other benefits which is not here, but you can read more on iBeacon here. There is a small info, which we would want to share with you about our company Moon technolabs. We have developed an app for windows, where a person comes near the PC and has that app installed in iPhone(4s or above) than iBeacon will recognise and trigger a start call to that windows app and it will start running. When a person moves away, iPhone would trigger a stop call and windows app would stop functioning. (Only needed is iBeacon chip is must to be placed in windows Pc).

If BLE and iBeacon is successfully implemented, expect to see some basic shifts in in-store shopping. This is definitely bring a change in Retail industry.

Should You Upgrade to Mac OS X EI Capitan

Apple announced El Capitan the latest version of its OS X operating system, 10.11, on the 9th September 2015, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California in the United States. A very important question at this moment is Should you upgrade to EI Capitan? As per me i would say yes, you should. But won’t recommend to rush for it. Before you rush to new upgradation, back up your Mac first, because your Mac is well within supported model range and should handle EI Capitan quite well.

Let’s check out the system requirements for EI Capitan. It’s the same one for Yosemite before it. Apple hasn’t substantially changed the hardware system requirements in some time. Macs that have more RAM can run the new upgraded operating systems and apps better. Minimum is 4 and other features like handoff will only work with the version of bluetooth found in newer Macs.


Enhancements with EI Capitan:
  • Split View – which lets you split the screen between two simultaneous windows of different apps.
  • It’s an iOS 9 exclusive for the iPad Air 2 and iPad pro, but it works on the Mac.
Backup Data:

Backing up your Mac with time machine is the fastest and most foolproof way to prep it for an upgrade to EI Capitan. My recommendation would be to perform at least two backups and to test that work. Other way is SuperDuper. Dropbox is also a good option to store data.

Upgrade or Install:

To complete install or upgrade is a personal preference, but clean install approach would allow to ensure that OS X is running at optimal efficiency. Before you go for EI Capitan, one should perform an audit of the software that one can use on their Mac to ensure that is all compatible or not.

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