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Swift is an object-oriented language, which was released by Apple in 2014 and major benefit of it is that you can avoid using Objective c to develop iOS apps. Swift supports inference and types do not have to be specified while declaring a value or variable. There are many benefits of using Swift like:-

Apple is a Master of Swift !!

Benefits of Swift
  • Interoperability and Compatibility:- An interface between Objective C and Swift that helps make the best designs and programming practices. Developers can use codes written in Objective C in Swift and vice versa. Swift apps are compatible with latest iOS versions, OS X Yosemite and OS X Mavericks.
  • Swift is Speedier:- App developers enjoy writing Swift apps as they are easier. Apple is focused on improving the speed at which Swift can run logic. Programming is faster as they do not have to import references for setting up the main function. Libraries handle most of the OSX and iOS user references, resulting in agile app development. According to Apple, programs written in Swift will run 73% faster as compared to those written in Objective C.
  • Swift is Easier to Read:- Swift isn’t built on C, it can unify all the keywords and remove the numerous @ symbols in front of every Objective-C type or object-related keyword. Thus, you no longer need semicolons to end lines or parentheses to surround conditional expressions inside if/else statements. Swift code more closely resembles natural English, in addition to other modern popular programming languages. This readability makes it easier for existing programmers from JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, and C++ to adopt Swift.
  • Swift is Safe:- Swift is a strongly typed language and this default setting is always in place preventing false coding due to faulty input.Swift generates a compiler error AS you write a bad code.Moreover it reduces the resources spent on bug fixing. What happens is that Swift prompts a run-time crash that provides consistent behaviour forcing the developer to fix the issue immediately. Type inference makes Swift type safe. This feature reduces code length.
  • Less Code and Quick Development:- Swift differentiates itself by reducing the amount of coding required for repetitive statements and string management. It has adopted features that are seen in modern day programming languages for example two strings can simply be added together with a “+” operator. Combining two pieces of information is quite a tedious task in Objective C as there are many steps to be taken.
  • Faster Release and Quicker Updates:- The lengthy bug fixes and development processes are eliminated, for an App development company Swift saves time and man hours. The simpler the code, the smoother the reuse. Due to codes being simple, programmers spend less time on its reuse and can roll out updates (and new app versions) quite frequently.

Choose Moon Technolabs for iOS App Development using Swift

Our iOS app developers are expert in using swift and developed successful apps in a very short duration. Now everywhere, every company is adapting Swift, but we already are comfortable working with Swift and with no doubt we have maintained our quality level of development.

For iOS app development, we use Swift – because our developers are so smoothly adjusted with the code of Swift. Apple has made it so very safe such that moving from Objective C to Swift is easy for every developer and MOON TECHNOLABS has already begun with Swift. Considering so many benefits of Swift, it is must to use it – Contact us for more info for Swift – iOS development.

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