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Volume Sanity

Volume Limit App for your iPad or iPhone

Do you have a child who always plays video at full blast? You no longer will have to tell them to turn the volume down or do it for them, because when you set the max volume this app will restrict the volume on your ipad / iphone to the level you set. You also can pin protect the volume control with this app so they can’t change it themselves.

Fantastic App for Autism or Down Syndrome – Many parents of kids with special needs have been extremely happy with the results to what this app has done for the sanity around their homes.

Important things to know due to technical limitations

  • If the app stops working please check other apps that are open. It sometimes will stop working if there is a lot of other apps open at the same time.
  • The App must stay open in the background to work, if your child can close the app he/she can stop it.
  • When your device goes into low power or dies, you may have to ‘wake up’ the app
  • Currently there is no control over bluetooth